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(FW) Graham Cracker

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: bakery dessert

Used in 1034 recipes at an average of 1.646%.


85 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Good old apple tart heavy crust apple filling and a nice buttery smooth finish

The RF-Oats & Cream Cookie combined with the FW-Graham Cracker and JF-Biscuit form my cookie cup base for the tart. FLV-Apple Filling and INW-Two Apples are intertwined with FW-Brown Sugar, LA-Butter Rum, FLV-Eggnog and a hint of VT-Bakery Spice to make my apple filling and add savory spices for the tart. I am really happy with how this turned out. If you do not have the WF-Oatmeal Cookie you can trade it for CAP-Sugar Cookie and have a very similar recipe. The VT-Bakery Spice is optional but it is a really nice addition if you have it. You are welcome to add some sweetener if you prefer sweeter vapes but I did not feel that this one needed any.

A yummy blend of custard pie that’s baked until it has a lightly caramelized top crust over its creamy center.

This is my attempt at creating the biscoff cookies in vape form. they are buttery graham cracker type cookies with a bit of gingerbread and molasses.

Here's my attempt at a remix of one of my favorite commercial juices; Dragon Grahams. The profile is Dragonfruit cream on a graham cracker with brown sugar sprinkle. This is my fourth revision of this recipe and I think I'm getting close to the real juice, but would love feedback or suggestions if anyone wishes to comment.

Ps - the name of this recipe is an ode to the fasttech styled digest from ECR.


I've been delving into tobacco's. So far I have no idea what I'm doing. But, one thing I do know pretty well is desserts. So I figured I would start with the most non intrusive tobacco I could think of. RY4. I eye Holy Grail RY4 by DIYFS every time I re-up on Holy Vanilla or see mentions of Cardinal, and I finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago. Here is my first tobacco recipe that I can say is super tasty.

Holy Grail RY4 as I'm sure most of you know, is thick and creamy. Delicious sweet tones of caramel and vanilla really serve as the backbone for this recipe. It has a touch of tobacco that peaks out every now and again that plays well with others. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed this concentrate, I can see it serving as a main caramel note with out much fuss in tons of other recipes. I will definitely be keeping this stocked!

The Coconuts:

This combo has never steered me wrong. I first saw it used in Leche de Coco. FA Coconut is a nice creamy coconut, much like the meaty part of the fruit, that serves as an accent to our main coconut note. This stuff is super tasty and finds it's way into a lot of my recipes when I want a little nuance and added creaminess. FLV Sweet Coconut is hands down my favorite coconut flavoring. It's an amazing start to any recipe where you want a milky and smooth coconut taste. It almost gives off a coconut candy vibe, but really meshes well with caramel to add some silkiness and vibrance. Coconuts and caramel are a match made in heaven.

Body time. I think I use FW Graham Cracker too much. It's my favorite GC for sure. It's crunchy and buttery. It has some honey. It tastes cookie-like, and after a nice long steep it has some coconut tones. Seemed like a no brainer.

I wanted to keep this recipe simple. It ended up being far more complex taste wise than I anticipated.

It's like a graham cracker dipped in milky, coconut infused caramel. Sometimes I get the tobacco. Sometimes not. Either way it's staying in my rotation, a definite winner in my book. Enjoy!

After feedback and testing I have changed FW Graham Cracker from 2% to 3%.

swapped hs banana for tfa ripe banana

Smooth, sweet, banana milk.

WF Banana Puree - A new banana that I've been experimenting with.
HS - Banana - An old favorite.

INW Custard & HS French Vanilla Ice Cream - Make up the Cream/Milk

FW Graham Cracker & FW Hazelnut - To round it off

Stewart's has a delicious ice cream that I just had the other day called "Crumbs along the Mohawk" it's described as a Graham Cracker ice cream with Graham Cracker pieces and caramel swirl... now this stuff leaves a delicious aftertaste in your mouth and that's why I'm trying to translate it into vape form here...

This is still a WIP... I'm needing the GC pieces to stand out more... Maybe uping the FW 1% and adding .5% AP will help? It's pretty damn close but I need some of y'alls help... Thanks and hope you enjoy... Flavor notes to follow... In the mix is on right now!

Someone on Facebook shared a recipe for Bourbon Graham Cracker Candy, and my interest was piqued.

I decide to try and layer different concentrates to get the bourbon, graham, and pecan parts of the recipe. I adore FW Butter Pecan and Graham Cracker but wanted to see if I could boost them both a bit using OOO Butter Pecan and CAP Graham Cracker (which has a light bakery cinnamon note that plays well with the butter pecan and bourbon) respectively. I did the same with TFA Kentucky Bourbon and VT Bourbon . . . a proven pairing that works.

I used DIYFS Holy Holy Grail to boost the caramelized syrup of the two Butter Pecans (it is, in my opinion, a stellar caramel, and the touch of tobacco brings a nutty, earthy accent to help, both, the graham and the pecan aspects). Having attempted a graham forward recipe in the past, I wanted to round out the edges with a creamy custard, turning to the buttery, smooth FA Custard Premium to achieve that feat.

Mixed it 60vg/40pg and enjoyed it last night with several sips of whiskey . . . it was also an excellent complement to coffee this morning. After a full week with 5th graders, whose minds are still firmly fixed on summer-mode, it was a much needed respite from the chaos. Enjoy!

I've gone through about 40mL of this over the last week or so. Again, I'm just riffing on Fear's Cardinal . . . instead, here I'm trying to build it from similar components (some of which I used because I accidentally ordered 60mL of Digestive Biscuit from Chef's a while back and have been itching to use it something). I tried to create a ramped up RY4 similar to Holy Grail . . .then added some more tobacco. I used JF RY4 Double instead of TFA RY4 Double . . . VT Coffee Milk Froth instead of DIYFS Cafe Napoleon . . . butterscotch instead of caramel . . . threw some extra vanilla, graham crackers, and biscuits at her to round her out.

What I got was a smooth ADV worthy RY4 . . . from that first cup of joe to some late night sips . . . this recipe can carry you through. She's not the Cardinal . . . but she is classy on the outside and downright filthy on the inside. Enjoy!

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