(FW) Ginger Ale

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 14 recipes at an average of 1.3%.


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A soda-type, cold mandarin drink with some more citrus notes.
Perfect for hot days. Enjoy.

Steep: SnV (1 or 2 days)

PS. WS-23 can be used in our own taste, I prefer use it @ 0.5% in this mix.

A spot on fanta lemon. A soft drink most of people loved since childhood.

In the United States, some non-alcoholic carbonated juices are sold as spritzers. The same type of carbonated juice (actually made with juice and carbonated mineral water) is known in Germany as Saftschorle or Fruchtschorle. (Both short for rarely used Fruchtsaftschorle.) Particularly Apfelschorle (apple juice spritzer) is one of the most popular soft drinks in Germany. In Austria Apfelschorle is called Apfelsaft g'spritzt. ... g'spritzt can be combined with every juice, e.g. Orangensaft g'spritzt or Pago/Cappy g'spritzt (producers of juices).


This recipe, is an Energy drink mixed with exotic fruits.
Ginger Ale and Polar Blast, added to give the Icy "Soda Type" Drink feeling.
As always use the Polar Blast or Koolada or any other Coolness additive at your own taste. I found my sweet spot of coolness @ 0.5%.

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