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(FW) Fruity Flakes

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Frosted strawberry jelly filled doughnut with pebbles cereal sprinkled on top. I had one recently at a new local doughnut shop and had to immediately turn this into a ADV. this has been My morning vape for the past couple weeks.

Shake and vape taste like strawberry mixed pebbles cereal. After a few days steep, the donut and frosting add to the exhale.

Zepolla and Wow together make a nice light airy donut, with a jelly filled center.

Shisha and Strawberry Sweet together bring a flavorful candy/jammy strawberry to reinforce the jelly filling Wow provides.

Fruity flakes and Cream Cheese Icing together make the cereal topped frosting.

Vanilla custard melds everything together and adds moisture and thickens mouthfeel.

No sweeteners are needed, the CCI brings more than plenty.

This is my second attempt at a loops recipe. Im very happy with it, tastes like left over fruit loops milk. Could still probably be refined, percentages might be to high for some peoples taste. So feedback always appreciated. I went all out on trying to go for that cereal milk taste with the HAZELNUT ALMOND MERINGUE and CREAM FRESH. Not sure how necessary the BERRY CRUNCH is, was trying to get a bit more dry crunch but don't know how much effect it had over all. I actually used FRUITY RINGS but couldn't find it in the drop down menu. FRUITY RINGS is a great flavor, at high percentages it's super grainy or you can turn it down and put it behind a bunch of cereal milk to really enhance it's unique cream profile.

Thanks :)


The single best froot loops you'll vape.

2 week steep minimum.

Who doesn't love fruit loops?

First we start with our loop base.
Using Fw flakes/loops and tfa circles make for a great sugary base.
You can omit the Fw flakes if you're scared of the sugar syrup.
AP adds a touch of grainy flavor, you can sub 2% tpa or Fw rice crispy type in place of AP.

Cap lemon meringue pie finishes our loop base and starts our creamy milk.

Holy vanilla is our secret weapon for our milk base. At this low of a percentage it has a fantastic milky flavor and is lightly sweet.
Sweet cream deepens out the milk flavor.
Vienna cream is a necessity of this recipe, it blends fantastic with HV And whipped cream creating a wonderfully unique and balanced cream/milk flavor.

Oba Oba is the secret ingredient of this recipe. Honestly, I won't tell you what it does. You'll have to taste that yourself.

The Bavarian cream is here to complement the milk base and add more sweetness to the mix. The light caramel notes you'll taste create that sugar coating on the loops/flakes.

Looking for a great mixing group on Facebook? Join me over at https://www.facebook.com/groups/eatsleepmixrepeat/

Great group with fun thing going on.


A nice refreshing Pebbles in milk similar to Teleos' The Milk. Great as a S&V, but does improve with age.


+++I added 2 drops CAPS SUPER SWEET per 30ml bottle to bring out more sweetness.

+-+-+If you don't have Super Sweet, use TFAs Sweetener(Sucralose) at 3-4 drops per 30ml

+++FW Fruit Flakes contains sugars..

+-+-+GREAT as a shake + vape, but improves greatly by the 9th day. Sorry I forgot to post this one back up!


A creamy vanilla milkshake with Fruity Pebbles whizzed in, topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Tasty enough as a shake-n-vape, but gets much better after a week when the Fruity Flakes calm down and the Hazelnut, VBIC & Vanilla Swirl blossom into more of a malted vanilla milkshake.

Willy hears ya' about the sugars in FW Fruity Flakes. Willy don't care.

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