(FW) Extreme Ice

By: Flavor West (FW)
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This one started after a friend of mine wanted a menthol that would 'blow his head off', so I made him one, and it did. Once he recovered he said he loved the taste but it was way too strong, could I calm it down a bit? So I did. Then he asked if I could calm it a bit more and it became this, his ADV for well over a year now.
For me it's a nice menthol vape to clear your pipes, I use it as a reset for my taste buds when my flavours start to lessen.

During the winter I really enjoy menthol and mint flavors. I wanted a fruity icy flavor, my go to fruit vape is definitely blue raspberry. I haven't really developed a public recipe in awhile. The ice in this vape is quite subtle so if you aren't a huge fan of mint and menthol you may still be able to enjoy this. I hope you enjoy please leave a comment if you have any thoughts on how this could be improved!

Due to the specific gravity of LB blue raspberry being wrong on here the actual weight for 7% in a 30ml bottle is 2.43 and not 2.1.

You can mix this at a 30/70 blend but I do 32/68 as it is very cold in new york at the moment and I run a rebuildable tank.
my actual version contains .25% stevia sweetleaf drops from nicotine river and .25% super sweet.


In search of a nice cold minty Candy...Lower the ws23 if it's to high...I'm very high tolerance to the cooling so what is high for most is to low for me..Or just leave it out totally and enjoy just the mint flavors without the ICE

The default in this area is "No Description" and it fits. I cannot describe this flavor and I have not met anyone else who can either. I would not presume to compare this recipe to Grack but it does have some of the the same enigmatic flavor and mouthfeel characteristics as that famous juice. The recipe needs a 3 week steep to be at its finest. When it turns gold it is ready to go. It will also work very well with nic up to 12mg, I have not tried it above 12. Would welcome your thoughts.

A frozen cucumber punching through your sinuses first thing in the morning really perks you up. I was just looking for something super cold with a light touch of flavor. A splash of some lemon or lime could add a little more complexity, if you like.

A sweet cool menthol without the bite. Imagine peppermint candy. Great for the upcoming warmer seasons. Simple to mix, easy to love.

The only required ingredient is extreme ice at 3-5%. Flavorah ice is a sweet and non aggressive menthol, while flavorah’s cool menthol is the real elephant in the room. I also add some super sweet cos I think it makes everything a little better.


Sort of similar to Naked 100 Frostbite. The extreme ice is not too overpowering. Can be used as a shake and vape, but if you let it steep a few days it gets even better. I have been playing with the ingredients and finally found the perfect balance.

Weekend Assignment - Blue
Shake & Vape certified, best after 24hrs to round out

When I think of the color blue, I think of a light, bright blue. So what would blue taste like to me? To put it simple... refreshing! Like a crisp winter sky. Now to emulate that into a flavor...
I used FW Blueberry, but at 3.25% it's not what you are tasting here. It's a thick syrup style blueberry that is giving the HS something to sit on top of and give it some body. HS is a bright, very candied Blueberry and these two combined is very good if candy is what you're after. The jelly candy/marshmallow/Swedish gummy is to give this a chewy candy base, like a soft cloud and the whipped cream helps round the sharpness out. Sweeten it up, drop in some extreme ice, and you have my idea of blue. A cool, sky blue gummy candy that's as refreshing as it is good.
**If you don't want a slight menthol note, sub the extreme ice with 1 drop koolada per 10ml or any other cooling agent...but the Menthol/mint in extreme ice adds an interesting touch.


**Koolada is 1-2 drops per 10ml for the cool sensation on the exhale. Can leave out but will only have cooling on the inhale

A friend vapes V2 menthol as an ADV and asked me to make something similar. This is my version of what a straight up menthol juice should be and they loved it even more than V2.

Spearmint is added for a refreshing flavor, the rest is what builds that cool sensation. The marshmallow adds body and fluffs it up a bit so it's not too thin. Can sub with TFA or FW at the same percentage. If you have to use FA then lower it to .75

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