(FW) Dulce De Leche

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Smooth and silky with an Attitude.
Kinda like a wet dream about Daisy Duke.


After some trial and error with this recipe I think I have nailed the right percentages.. I love Creme Brulee and Ducle de Leche in a dessert and I figured I would try it in a vape and after the 1 week steep is will round out just perfectly..

Deep fried ice cream balls covered in a crispy batter

This is my recipe for killer waffles.

We start with the top
I decided to follow the direction of blueberry and raspberries.

The waffles.
For the body I use Cap sugar cookie, Fw yellow cake, Tpa Belgian waffle and Cap Vc to complete the waffle combo.

I decided to leave the syrup as an accent note and not take it to the front for that Cap caramel and Fw Dulce de Leche.

Thats it a killers waffles.


Pastéis de Nata AKA Portuguese Custard Tarts.

This recipe came about after seeing Grimm Green review a juice called 'Taruto', it sounded delicious but being from Australia, I wasn't able to find it without paying exorbitant shipping costs; thus I decided to try and make my own take on the profile.


This is the base for the butter pastry cup. They all mix together well to create a nice flaky, all butter, decadent pastry for the custard to sit on.

This is obviously the custard filling, the vanilla custard, dulce de leche and cookie dough create a nice dense custard with caramel notes, having the vanilla custard at such a high percentage means the eggy notes are pretty obvious and up there which is what I wanted, however adds a lot to the steep time. The Dulce de Leche adds more of a sweetened milkiness to the custard, it adds a brightness and really boosts it into something delicious and unique. The Cinnamon Danish swirl is there to add the cinnamon, is also adds a bit of fluffiness to the pastry base. I would have just gone with FLV Rich Cinnamon instead of CDS, however I don't have it, give it a try?

This works with the cookie dough and toasted marshmallow to create a caramelized and 'burnt sugar' taste to the custard, like it's fresh out of the oven. The toasted marshmallow was also added to fluff everything out and provide the nice mouth feel you get from the recipe.

Give this bad boy at least a 10 day steep to let the custard really come together.

As always, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Some donut type of flavor, just experimenting around with stuff.


This is basically my V4... So everyone seems to be after this recipe and I was inspired by the last live mixing where we all talked about what to put in the new recipe with Wayne. So my base is completely different but the inspired parts are the FW - Graham cracker (Which could be halfed) and FW - Butter Pecan and to me they seal the deal.. a few tweaks and to me this is spot on the OG Duchess.. I left it unsweetened to see what the body does, but if you want to vape it a little now its gonna need cap ss at 0.5-1%

peanut butter pudding. covered in caramelized apples topped with cinnamon and sugar crumbs.
MIX @ 30PG/70VG
I use 1.5mg Nicotine

the combination of the fw yogurt and tfa peanut butter created the sense of a pudding. the lightness of the yogurt without a strong sour note mixed with the heavy peanut butter evens itself out to a smooth pudding like essence.

fuji apple and strawberry ripe combined with each other as the apple is more prominent. the combo brings a beautiful gel flavor but does not take away from crisp and wholeness of the apple chunks.

fw dulce de leche offers a caramelized flavor to the combo of strawberry ripe and fuji apple. i feel this is the best additive to give a true caramelized flavor to the mix. i tried many caramels or butterscotches and the fw version of dulce de leche gave this the perfect flavor.

of course without a cinnamon crumb topping mixed with white sugar and cinnamon. The sweetener and cinnamon danish swirl v1 was the perfect ingredient to top off the mix.

it seems i did a big flavor bend with strawberry ripe @ 5% it gave many notes and assisted the entire mix without identifying itself as a predominant flavor note. that 1 ingredient i feel assists the creaminess of the pudding, then added to the apple to help complete this original profile.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did since its creation it has been a ADV for me. I only use drippers and it has been a beautiful mix to enjoy the past weeks.

this can be used as a shake and vape but i found after the 4th day the peanut butter stands out more and more. After 2 weeks i have found no more flavor note changes to my personal taste

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