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(FW) CrÈme De Menthe

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Mint ice creamish. I was looking for a quick cuprian type flavor without using chocolate (not my bag). I found the addition of cool mint coupled with a touch of milk & honey achieved what I wanted. All credit goes to all who mix and post. Hope you enjoy

I'm bad with words.
Give it at least 7 days steep but it gets better with longer steep.


Mixed this up for the Flavor pro weekly mixers challenge. I wanted a blended minty, creamy, tobacco mix. The creme de menth is the main note and the vanilla bourbon and fresh cream support that and add some extra cream. I did some digging and decided to combine the burley, native, and cured for the tobaaco. The torrone is to add some sweetness to the tobaccos and blend it all together. I'm digging it off the shake, but we will see how it steeps.

I love a good Peppermint vape during the Winter months...

The original version of this recipe became muted and lost its Peppermint flavor after a few weeks. My suspicion was the EM had a lot to do with it, so I set out to make this recipe without any EM and minimal Marshmallow flavoring added

As it stands this is a very refreshing, creamy, smooth, Peppermint forward eLiquid recipe that I can easily vape all day

TPA Peppermint is a much stronger and better tasting Peppermint IMHO - I tried different levels and settled on this as the best, but YMMV
FW Creme De Menthe reinforces and brings longevity to the Peppermint flavor
CAP Simply Vanilla adds a very light vanilla creamy note to the recipe
CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream, FA Meringue, and CAP Sweet Cream produces a very full, creamy, and smooth initial exhale to the vape.
TPA Marshmallow is used for sweetness with little to no Marshmallow flavor

I found steeping this for 5 days minimum works the best to smooth out the peppermint and raise the cream up

So it's Cuprian with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate... yay!!!! I'm awesome and soooo creative! Shit is good though.

So this is an experiment on the back of a challenge set by the You Tube group Called the "DIY MIXERS CREW" to create a Peppermint Mocha profile. I'm like what? You Yanks (American's) are crazy! You actually drink coffee with Peppermint? Then I paused and tried to imagine it. I looked up some cocktails that include this profile style and it appears its along the lines of an Irish style cocktail. So with the luck of the Irish and the Stars and Clouds in my eyes I am attempting to create something that I haven't tasted but just imaging with a little bit of research. I don't want the peppermint to be forward rather a pleasant back note that is surprisingly warm as the smooth sweetness of the coffee profile that has a fluffy vanilla cream feel with some other little complex notes that makes you wonder,"mmm that's lovely how did they do that (assuming you never saw the recipe). Well here goes for this stab in the dark attempt at a profile I have never tried for real but have a some personal and professional mixing experience that hopefully may bring something pleasant to the coffee table. May lady Luck bring me the bucks and lots of luck! lol. (This recipe is currently an experiment and I am expecting it to take around 3-5 days to steep well or the flavors to come together well) I will report back with a follow up ASAP :)
So after the first test the peppermint is fresh and little further forward then I imagined but it is not harsh. It's lovely, It's amazing that this mix actually works. The creaminess with the very enjoyable smooth coffee center seems to balance beautifully. An unlikley recipe but it some how works. Will only get better with steeping. Enjoy :)

A white chocolate mocha recipe with hints of creme de menthe on the end to round out the mix

I decided to redo and reevaluate and old Peppermint Milkshake i did last winter and use some different flavors and %'s as my flavor arsenal has expanded.....No long drawn out stories... Just good wholesome fun .....and hopefully happy mouths...lol

If a thin mint Girl Scout cookie mixed itself up with an oatmeal cookie, this would be it IMO. My creation is not meant to be a replication of either of the aforementioned. Rather, it's just a darn good cookie! Inspiration is much better than replication sometimes ;)

Sugar Cookie is what it is. The base of most cookies out there. To bring on oatmeal cookie qualities, ya gotta do something to it lol.

Biscuit- Buttery, and cookie like in it's own profile, it adds to the Sugar Cookie base.

CGC- Adds more buttery notes and a vanilla note to the cookie profiled base.

Brown Sugar- Darkens the cookie profile and adds a depth from the classic vanilla most basic cookies have.

Butterscotch- Butterscotch Natural when mixed at roughly a 5:1 ratio with Butterscotch Ripple has it's place in several other mixes I make, and allows you to make other adds to your mix to work in the appropriate level of sweetness depending on the recipe. It's a perfect combination that allows you to play around with additional sweetener or other flavorings to match what you are going for. Butterscotch is a staple in many oatmeal cookie profiles and recipes.

Creme De Menthe Just a touch here folks, we're not making a mint cookie lol.

Sweet Cream- Used to add to the sweetness of the butterscotch. We could have accomplished this by upping butterscotch ripple a bit more, but that would have changed the butterscotch flavor I was going for. Flavor and sweetness are not the same thing.

Try it shake and vape so you can see what the creme de menthe tastes like right out of the gate. BUT, let it sit for a few hours and come back to it. The next day? The magic has already happened and the effect the creme de menthe gives to this recipe is in full swing.

This creation is meant to be a light cookie recipe at 80% vg, and was made for a dripper. Try it as such. I hope you enjoy it!

Traditional South African dessert, minty biscuit undertones and lots of sweet caramel

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