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(FW) CrÈme De Menthe

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 282 recipes at an average of 2.333%.


16 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


Peppermint Snookems is a nice peppermint vape that is not to complicated and can be Vaped right after mixing! This lovely vape should appeal to menthol vapers and non menthol vapersl.The Artic Menthol from (FA) has a light Eucalyptus taste on the exhale at the back of the throat.Just do not want folks freaking out thinking that the menthol would be too strong! The Peppermint is right there not too strong but just right smoothed out by the Cap whipped Cream and the Cap Marshmallow.All in all Peppermint Snookems is a nice smooth easy going Peppermint vape! Enjoy

A white chocolate mocha recipe with hints of creme de menthe on the end to round out the mix

I decided to redo and reevaluate and old Peppermint Milkshake i did last winter and use some different flavors and %'s as my flavor arsenal has expanded.....No long drawn out stories... Just good wholesome fun .....and hopefully happy mouths...lol

If a thin mint Girl Scout cookie mixed itself up with an oatmeal cookie, this would be it IMO. My creation is not meant to be a replication of either of the aforementioned. Rather, it's just a darn good cookie! Inspiration is much better than replication sometimes ;)

Sugar Cookie is what it is. The base of most cookies out there. To bring on oatmeal cookie qualities, ya gotta do something to it lol.

Biscuit- Buttery, and cookie like in it's own profile, it adds to the Sugar Cookie base.

CGC- Adds more buttery notes and a vanilla note to the cookie profiled base.

Brown Sugar- Darkens the cookie profile and adds a depth from the classic vanilla most basic cookies have.

Butterscotch- Butterscotch Natural when mixed at roughly a 5:1 ratio with Butterscotch Ripple has it's place in several other mixes I make, and allows you to make other adds to your mix to work in the appropriate level of sweetness depending on the recipe. It's a perfect combination that allows you to play around with additional sweetener or other flavorings to match what you are going for. Butterscotch is a staple in many oatmeal cookie profiles and recipes.

Creme De Menthe Just a touch here folks, we're not making a mint cookie lol.

Sweet Cream- Used to add to the sweetness of the butterscotch. We could have accomplished this by upping butterscotch ripple a bit more, but that would have changed the butterscotch flavor I was going for. Flavor and sweetness are not the same thing.

Try it shake and vape so you can see what the creme de menthe tastes like right out of the gate. BUT, let it sit for a few hours and come back to it. The next day? The magic has already happened and the effect the creme de menthe gives to this recipe is in full swing.

This creation is meant to be a light cookie recipe at 80% vg, and was made for a dripper. Try it as such. I hope you enjoy it!

Traditional South African dessert, minty biscuit undertones and lots of sweet caramel

perfecf drink,Made of white gin,natural blackcurrant absinthe And lemon

DA TRU MP . ( The true mint peppermint) candy. Or a play off of President Trumps name. Like him or not it fitted the recipie for a good name. I've been working on this for about a month now. After a few variations I've finally found the right one. It taste just like a sweet peppermint candy. Let sit one to two days for the throat hit to smooth out. It's not bad as a shake and vape but is better after the steep.

So... this is a yellow mint cupcake with chocolate & cream cheese mint frosting. I was going to try t release it for St. Patricks Day but I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I came up w/ the idea from a Fred Meyers email I got around that time. Im not much into bakeries but I think this one is pretty good & I hope you enjoy. Best after 2 weeks steep. Positive Feed back & constructive criticism is always welcome, Thanks <3

I've been chasing a Thin Mints flavor ever since I started mixing. Cloud Alchemist's Macer Menta was one of my first favorite juices. Don't be confused - this isn't a clone, or even an attempt at such. It's more an homage to a great idea.

When I smelled White Chocolate Peppermint, I instantly knew it was the piece I had been missing. This is a crunchy cookie, heavy on the mint, with just enough chocolate to round it out. Give it a 3 day steep, longer if you want the mint to calm down more.

Awesomebox hot toddy recipe with my own percentages. It is now vaping like a junior mint or maybe a York peppermint patty.

I'm not a big mint fan but I'm enjoying this mix.

It was good after 3 days. Possibly best after 1 week. Mixed at 60/40

That's all I have for this lazy description.

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