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This is a recreation of the popular apocalypse treat, the TWINKIE!

Made on Live Mixing

Mixin Vixens almond cake was a delight to make. Almond and cake are two of my favorite things to mix together

A recipe attempt at Golden Grams. Mix this up and let me know how it is
Made on Live Mixing:


Banana Pancakes smothered with Butter and Maple Syrup.

There's not yet a great single pancake flavoring available that I've tried to make a great pancake profile. So, I've tried to build one that has everything you expect from that profile.

The Pancake:
When you eat pancakes, there's not that much flavor from them except maybe a slight "bready" note. On their own, they're not that appetizing. However, you do get texture and that's what I was going for. The main component is VT Pudding base, which is not a pudding at all. It's more of a "Bready" note. And though you do get a slight bread note, it's lacking in that "golden" pan-fried texture you expect in a pancake. That's where the INW Biscuit comes in to play. At 1% it adds a very slight "brownness" to the bread, like it's been pan-fried. While the VT Pudding Base works pretty well as the bready part of the pancake, it was still lacking the "sweet cakey" part that you expect. So, by adding FW Creamy Sponge Cake, it helps sell that soft, moist cake to the mix.

The Maple Syrup:
If you're not a fan of Maple, this might not be the recipe for you, because it is very Maple forward, ...it has to be. That's what really sells the profile as pancakes. As I mentioned above, while eating pancakes, you really don't get much flavor from the pancakes itself, but rather you get the texture from them. By contrast, you do get a lot of flavor from the maple. So, how to build the maple syrup? I really like FA Maple Syrup, however, it is just seems to be more of a "Maple Flavor" rather that a syrup. So, by adding FW Maple Pecan at only 0.5%, it flips the FA Maple Syrup flavor into a sticky, slightly nutty, syrup.

The Banana:
Bananas are so hard to work with. Most are either too candied or too green. TPA Banana Cream is still a bit candied, but it is also smooth and soft, like if you were to mash some bananas and mix them with a heavy cream. For this profile, it works beautifully, especially since we're using it in combination with a "caramel-like" syrup(bananas and caramels work so well together). It also adds a bit of cream, making the pancake and the butter a bit softer.

The Butter:
You can't have pancakes without butter. VT Butter base is so good! If you don't have it, pick it up. It is the kind of butter flavor you get in something that is baked with butter, rather than just butter that's on top of something. Does that make sense? It's a "Baked-in Butter".

The Sweetener:
Last but not least; the sweetener. On one version, I tried this with CAP Super Sweet at 0.5%. And while it was nice and sweet, it seemed to make the Maple Syrup just a bit too "sharp". The FW Maple Pecan is very sweet and was enough accentuate the syrup. So, I decided to use FW Sweetener as a less sharp sweetener to make it a bit smoother.

This mix is best when you let it steep for 10 - 14 days.

Is this a perfect Banana Pancake? No. But it has all the notes you might expect in the real thing.

I hope you will mix, comment, and or rate, it make us all better mixers. :)

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butterscotch and butter cream icing covering a fluffy white cake that was infused with sweet creamy Bailys style Irish cream injected through the cake. You can pick out some cookie pieces as you vape this blend but the dominant flavor is butterscotch Irish cream cake.

Made live on fresh03 saturday show....final fantasy inspired recipes.....who knows I took aneasy one her last name is almost raspberry...LMAO

growing up we would stop in the general store and get a banana flip and a chocolate soldier...…... banana flip is a dense banana flavored sponge cake folded over with a banana cream on the inside I think I come close with creamy sponge cake angel cake and yellow cake as the cake and meringue marshmallow and whipped cream as the filling I can taste all 3 parts in this vape the banana the cake and the cream all feed back is welcomed

made live on mix party show...interesting off the shake will revisit after the steep...hmmmm...wood spice??

A strawberry Swiss roll that taste amazing enjoy. Let me know what u think

Lumi dared me to Fair'ify a strawberries and cream with 21 flavors, so here ya go! Love you Winstead!

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