(FW) Creamy Hazelnut

By: Flavor West (FW)
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A creamier,smoother version of my cigarillo doce recipe https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/74961#cigarillo_doce_by_nks. This mild version is still pretty tobaccoish but less "in your face" than the original

Inawera's Burley is nowhere near FA's,although they share some common characteristics.FA's Burley is stronger,more concentrated,has some spicy notes and is more cigarette like in taste.Inawera's Burley is smoother,has a better balance between salt and sweet,it can be used as main aroma in a tobacco mix and i think it could be the only tobacco from inawera that can be used in higher percentages.
Tobacco symphony and the combination of pyrazine-beer nuts -creamy hazelnut add a nutty,yet not too salty note.Caramel and Miss cream make the mix just a little sweeter,smoother and somewhere in the background you might notice a slight chocolate note(depending on hardware,set up and wattage).
I really enjoy this in relatively low wattage(0,7ohms around 20watts)in mtl device.
It really needs a good 14 days steeping and is completely ready 20 days
Be patient and enjoy!

All I can say here if you love butterscotch and HS ry4 then u must try this out! I made this for my son because he asked for this profile. He normally buys commercial but he loves this one so much hes been vaping it like crazy!! He can't get enough!!!

Theres no need for sweetener in this one at all. Please remember to rate it.

Week 9 - The Year of Mixing Challenge on Flavor-Pro's FB Group

This tribute recipe is for no other than Addy Tuney. A nice soft dessert tobacco, with warm leather and woody undertones, nestled under layers of graham cracker and toasted marshmallow, with a smooth layer of creamy hazelnut made even more creamy by the Milky Undertones, with a soft spiced fig note floating near the top.

This recipe doesn't need much more in the way of sweetener, but if you're adding any I'd stick to the 0.25% to 0.75% amount just to accent the sweetness of this recipe.

Initially mixed for mtl devices and it is tested only in Ares rta and taifun gt3.it is a strong tobacco mix and the creams are there just to make it smoother and add body and texture to the final result .i really hope you mix and enjoy this one!

I am a big fan of dark chocolate and that's the reason i use more cocoa than chocolate in this recipe.i guess that someone can adjust it to personal taste.this is a smooth chocolate and cream vape.light but yet tasty.enjoy

EDIT- I totally revamped this recipe after trying an initial tester after forgetting about it... It hits more of the sweet boozy cream notes and less of the nutty ones yet still has the bite from the RY4.

Creamy, thick, eggy, with a subtle boozy and nutty back note. I mixed this up as kind of a play off of PRY4U and Castle Long Reserve but it is really it's own animal entirely.

Let me say this... I feel this is my best work to date. I really hope some of you mix it up!!!!
ENJOY... I have missed being an active part of the community. Much Love

VCV1- Obviously the backbone of this operation offering thickness and vanilla to the body.

RY4D- This blends in with the VCV1 adding caramel and earthiness.

Kentucky Bourbon- This one spices up the joint and adds complexity to the cream.

Creamy Hazelnut- This adds the nuttiness which lends itself well to the RY4D.

Graham Cracker Clear- I scrapped the CAP Graham Cracker V2 because there was too much cinnamon still. 2% graham clear to me, adds the perfect amount of bakery to balance within this recipe.

Super sweet- I feel it needed a touch of sweetness to pull out the caramel but, by all means, adjust according to taste. i dont like many sweet liquids but i like this one very sweet.

For me this is vapable after a day because i like the taste of the Bourbon and I always have a VCV1 bas premixed and steeped but everything seems to settle at the week point. The custard pops, the RY4 caramel shines, the bourbon settles, and the bakery note climbs in. You can try it after a few days but give it at least 7-10 before really giving it a go. Thanks Guys!

I have been working on a version with a tiny coconut note as well but haven't gotten it sorted yet. I may ned to order a few new flavorings as my FLV Coconut/FA Coconut combo didn't impress me.

This has become one of my must must have's to take with me out and about. I could write a bunch of ballshit about how this compliments that and how this flavour bends this one. But honestly this was a mistake. One that I didn't much enjoy when I first vape it. BUT....... Couldn't stop vaping it. It's become a replacement for a real cigarette. She doesn't taste like one but hits the spot like a smoke dose. There is something about the wild/ outdoorsy/ ruggedness of it. The taste is.... Well enjoyable once you aquire a taste for it. But I cant be without it now.

You will see what I mean.

Simple bananas, ice cream with a light dusting of crushed hazelnuts.

This is my idea of the Holy Grail of custard. The custard base is dense, buttery and eggy.

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