(FW) Cookies And Cream

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake Bars: crushed oreos, strawberry frosting, and cheesecake base...

Luscious and thick vanilla pudding with a bit of chocolate cookie on the bottom.

This is a Boston Banana Cream donut.

The Donut : to create the donut we use Capellas donut combo in conjunction with fw cookies and cream to help it out with the doughnut and to push up and balance the chocolate part of the vape.

The filling: simple we use tpa banana cream and Fa meringue to create the impression of a sweet banana filling.

And last one sweetener for me if you're going to try to recreate a sweet profile the most effective way to make it is to use sweetener, (if you want to make a real sweet lemonade, you squeeze the lemons put it in a glass ad water and a spoon of sugar, you surely can use honey and other ingredients to make it sweet but for me a spoon of sugar works great IMO), I use tpa because is easy to use cap super sweet is great but is really sweet and for the amounts that I mix is pretty hard to nail the perfect sweet in a recipe, so I give up, and use tpa is more forgiven .

Keep mixing!


This is a Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino recipe modeled by the extremely sweet and fattening drink from Starbucks that I can't get enough of.

A Remix of Vaping Rabbit's: Milky O's for #REMIXMONTH
Made for FW COOKIES AND CREAM FlavorBook Entry
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A sweet Cookies and Cream Gelato that produces thick rich clouds of milk chocolate and vannila on the inhale and a slightly bitter dark chocolate on the exhale. Needs at least 3 weeks of steeping for the Cookie to mellow out and the Creamy Gelato to come forward.

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