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(FW) Cinnamon Roll

By: Flavor West (FW)
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A cinnamon doughnut drenched in glazed icing...

The base for my recipe is FW Cinnamon Roll. It's got all the elements to build a foundation for a great cinnamon doughnut, Paired with WF Angel Cake, it gives the recipe that yellow cake-like body. WF Glazed Donut is amazing! A greasy fried doughnut with a glaze of icing and a very nice pastry feel to it. The exhale is smooth and sugary with this flavor. The glazed part of the doughnut needed a little help so I used FW Cake Batter Dip. When paired with WF Glazed Donut, It's a wonderfully crafted Icing packed with creaminess and body.

Please enjoy and share your feedback!

This is my take on a Coconut Horchata. I paired CAP Horchata with TFA Horchata Smooth. Together they build a nice body, creaminess and foundation. Considering Horchata already has a hint of cinnamon, I'm only adding 2.5% of FW Cinnamon Roll. I also didn't want cinnamon to stand out too much in the recipe. For the Coconut I'm using TFA Coconut Candy. By far this is my favorite of all the other coconut flavors. It really stands out. My go to milk base is always VT Milk Base. IMO it's the most authentic milk flavor. I've tried the recipe as a shake n vape and it's quite good but I would give it 3 days so all the creaminess can settle in. Try it and give me your feedback..... Enjoy!!

A delicious, rich custard donut dusted with cinnamon sugar topping

A nice cinnamon roll with extra frosting. An extra creamy flavor adding on a great cinnamon roll.

Smooth awsome egg nog cinnamon roll this one is very good give it a try please rate and comment

If you love Cinnabon, THIS is the recipe for you, !!! 🤤🤯

This is my clone for Cuttwood's Sugar Bear or Sugar Drizzle... Mix it up and drop your opinion! Thanks, CloudyMotherChucker

This ones taste really good may need a bit more cinnamon but good the way it is

A delicious cookie with rich cream and light cinnamon.It could be a snv,but it is better after a week steeping

Berry Cinnamon Roll with a hint of lemon.

I paired FW Blueberry & CAP Harvest Berry for the berry note in the mix. I really FW Blueberry but it needs a little help to shine through so I threw in some Harvest berry.

I paired FW Cinnamon Roll & FA Pandoro to make the pastry. Cinnamon Roll taste like the inside of a cinnamon roll to me & needs a little help in texture. So i put some Pandoro with it. Which taste similar to a Lemon Cake & has some decent body.

Italian Cream Is used for the icing on top & FLV Rich cinnamon is used to boost the cinnamon in the FW Cin Roll.

I am not the biggest fan of really sweet juices. So feel free to add your favorite sweetener if you don't find it sweet enough.

Needs around 7 days to steep.


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