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(FW) Cinnamon Roll

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 457 recipes at an average of 3.953%.


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This is my clone for Cuttwood's Sugar Bear or Sugar Drizzle... Mix it up and drop your opinion! Thanks, CloudyMotherChucker

This ones taste really good may need a bit more cinnamon but good the way it is

A delicious cookie with rich cream and light cinnamon.It could be a snv,but it is better after a week steeping

Berry Cinnamon Roll with a hint of lemon.

I paired FW Blueberry & CAP Harvest Berry for the berry note in the mix. I really FW Blueberry but it needs a little help to shine through so I threw in some Harvest berry.

I paired FW Cinnamon Roll & FA Pandoro to make the pastry. Cinnamon Roll taste like the inside of a cinnamon roll to me & needs a little help in texture. So i put some Pandoro with it. Which taste similar to a Lemon Cake & has some decent body.

Italian Cream Is used for the icing on top & FLV Rich cinnamon is used to boost the cinnamon in the FW Cin Roll.

I am not the biggest fan of really sweet juices. So feel free to add your favorite sweetener if you don't find it sweet enough.

Needs around 7 days to steep.


My purpose was to create a mix,mostly focused on the bakery side of an apple pie and that's the reason i use 2 apple pie flavours,taking the best out of each(according to my taste of course).Despite the use of tpa's dx bavarian cream,this recipe is practically a snv(2-3 days for the flavours to settle).That is quite strange for me,because i usually get off notes from unsteeped dx flavours.I can only guess that this happens because of vta's flavours,but i can't really explain it.

A simple cinnamon roll i made based on the description of a famous e-liquid

still in beta testing.
needs 2-day steep.
not quite authentic apple jacks just yet, but getting close.

be very challenging week. Borrowing a trick from sad lad for that granulated sugar coating. I have been under the weather this week and can't taste anything so I'm not sure if I pulled it off. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to participate in the Year of Mixing find the Flavor-Pro group and join us for our weekly challenge - all mixers welcome - and there will be some prizes. You can find more information here http://flavor-pro.com/the-year-of-mixing/

I have anosmia - no sense of smell. This recipe is a very strong, simple cinnamon roll that can be tasted without olfaction.

It’s basically a higher percentage Mt Baker Cinnamon Roll, with a little Super Sweet to enhance the tongue flavour and Marshmallow to moisten the dry cinnamon.

You can sub marshmallow for TFA whipped cream or TFA meringue, or use FA marshmallow at 0.5%.

Harsh but serviceable as a shake n vape, but the doughy roll flavor replaces the burn around day 3.

I mix at max vg but 80%+ will be fine.

Belgian waffle from liquid barn is a great all around waffle. Not as good as inawera but that flavor is dead. So I'm making this for the people that don't have it. I used the flavor west cinnamon roll to really make the waffle pop add more flavor and texture.
The kettle corn is for more of the butter affect but also loans some crispness to the vape. The maple syrup and sweet cream really moisten things up and just bring together all the ingredients. This is a great waffle recipe. I would let this sit for five to seven days at least so everything can meld together.

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