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(FW) Cinnamon Churro

By: Flavor West (FW)
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This is my take on a deep fried Cinnamon sugar dusted churro with vanilla ice cream finished with a caramel drizzle, it’s a recipe I’ve been toying with for a couple of weeks and finally feel it’s exactly where I want it. It delivers on all aspects of the profile and is extremely satisfying and even more so moorish! If your a fan of doughnut/ice cream/desert profiles then don’t sleep on this one as the feed back I’ve had from my customers have been excellent so far. Give it a mix and if you enjoy my work please be so kind to leave a short review and rating for all to see. Happy mixing guys and gals and stay safe. 💙

I am very proud of this recipe I think it turned out great. This is an Apple cinnamon Danish with a gooey Apple center and icing on top. This recipe is good immediately but gets better and better every day after I would say it is at its best after around 6 days but it is definitely vapable after a good shake. Let me know what you think.

Cinnamon Churro with a nice apple blend. Age time 1 or 2 weeks. Add 1% CAP super sweet if preferred. Mixed at 80/20.

So, I had some help from a buddy of mine when I first started mixing to create this recipie. And I was only mixing for a few months before I came up with this. When I released it on all the flavors a while back its just how I created it back then.

I mixed it a couple weeks ago and it was terrible. Not as in gross but just way to much of everything. I messed around with it and cut the percentagesame way down. So try if you like.

If you get just a dry soilish flavor add TFA sweetener at 1% or CAP Super Sweet at 1 drop per 10 ml.

The only reports of that I've gotten are from people who are used to shelf e-liquid, once sweetness is added they liked it alot more.

But yeah. This was my very first recipe and I'm glad I could cut it back to make it enjoyable again.

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