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(FW) Cinnamon

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 30 recipes at an average of 1.357%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Wanted to make a nice Cinnabon clone and this is as close as it gets! The pie crust, zeppola, and AP work in unison to get you that doughy mix that goes so well with the cinnamon. Cin crunch to dry it out and give it a little more of a bakery note. Fw cinnamon isn’t as strong as some others so I went a little high, after all, it is a cinnamon roll! The butter base and caramel are added to give you that rich caramelized sugar note.

A super nice banana cream pie. I used banana custard because it has an organic banana taste rather than a candy taste. Bavarian cream for the body of the “cream” filling and some caramel and cinnamon to give it that caramelized and cooked banana taste. The pie crust obviously for the bakery and crust note that wraps it all together.

A nice creamy cup of Cappuccino topped off with a slight touch of caramel and a pinch of cinnamon

Just a delicious Churro and Praline chunk ice cream.

VBIC/meringue/Fresh cream/Bavarian/custard are the ice cream base.

The other flavors are self explainitory.

Make sure you steep it at least 2 weeks. Best after 3 weeks.

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