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(FW) Cheesecake

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 112 recipes at an average of 2.459%.


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sub 4% cap ny cheesecake or 4% tpa cheesecake graham crust if you don’t have fw
sub 1% tpa graham cracker clear if you do not have fw
fa custard used for the lemon hint it has that can aid with keeping strawberry from getting drowned out from heavier cream type recipes. fw lemon meringue pie also helps to add to the texture and sweetness while assisting the strawberry brightness. I am so glad I discovered tpa organic strawberry. it is so authentic and paired with tpa strawberry ripe you end up with what has become my favorite strawberry combo. strawberry ripe is my favorite standalone strawberry but unfortunately it has a tendency of getting weaker/muted over time if the percentage used isn’t boosted, especially in custards and creams (hence the combo of it with tpa organic strawberry). tpa dragonfruit used to boost strawberry which was the first flavor enhancement tip I got when I started DIY and I continue to swear by its addition with raspberry and strawberry recipes. tpa vanilla custard I use in nearly everything at 1% as its a fantastic sweetener that goes with everything for my tastes. if you do not yet have cap vanilla whipped cream just get it. it has replaced fa whipped cream not only because I think it tastes better but also because it is very readily available. i like whipped cream on any and all desserts and cap whipped cream gives me that dollop of sweet fluffy dairy goodness.

A very bright strawberry with variety of creams to tone down the strawberry as it steeps.

The combo of Strawberries and dragonfruit is my strawberry stone. A well rounded strawberry that stays bright and sweet that is great balance between an authentic and candy strawberry. Initially it is very strawberry forward but after a week or two the creams start to tone down the strawberry.

Cheesecakes used to add thickness and mouth feel and further emphasize the other creams. I made the decision to use creams rather than vbic for the cream note as I wanted to not add vanilla which for my pallete can further mute strawberry as it steeps.

I suppose my creams could also be considered a stone as well.

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