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(FW) Caramel (salted)

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Last minute entry still in the development stage great vape as of now waiting on steep 🙄. Notes coming soon!!

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Mixed this up for the DIY Mixers crew Salted Carmel Chocolate Custard challenge.

The custard base is made from INW custard, TPA vanilla custard, and crembrulee. I wanted a heavy yet creamy base for the other flavors to blend into. This combo works great. The crembrulee adds to the caramel. The FW Salted caramel and flv butterscotch make a nice bright carmel and even gives the hint of the salted note. I used flv milk chocolate because it blends well with the custard and does not have an over powering chocolate with no off notes. The sweet coconut low works to enhance everything and give a nice sweetness.

The caramel apple from our challenge episode of SaturDiy'ing with fresh03 and friends.


A co work with @Trandism and @Voodootroll. There is not much more to say!!! This is a spot-on Nutt Brittle. Thank you guys!!!

if ya want it more salty up the saline @ 0.50%
if you want it more more peanuty up Peanut (FA) @ 2.00%


Sweet, fluffy with a nice cookie flavor. Let steep for a week at least


A raspberry swisher-type tobacco vape. Sweet, smoky, and just a bit faded.


My take on a classic.
AP 5% gives a bit of a toasted note and boosts the RY4
FA vanilla bourbon because why not? Its a good vanilla with a lil bite
Hs RY4 because its a nice ry4
FW salted caramel is a great caramel and the salted part of it pairs up well in this mix
Cap Vanilla custard to thicken it up and meld all this together.


This is a great cookie recipe. Perfect for desert. It has the perfect amount of sweetness. Good off the Shake. Great after 5 days.

This is a nice Carmel dessert type desert vape. This is great with coffee or when your in a mood for something sweet. Taste good on the Shake. Give it a full 5 days for absolute greatness.

This banana butterscotch recipe was made on a whim and could probably use some some serious editing when time allows. As it stands today, I find the recipe quite delicious and have a few friends that regularly request a bottle. Give it 7 days minimum for the many many flavors to meld.

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