(FW) Caramel (salted)

By: Flavor West (FW)
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This recipe to me taste like a strawberry dipped into a nice rich vanilla butterscotch cream with a nice balanced body. This is a perfect dessert for all those that love a nice rich creamy sweet strawberry with creams.

SHISHA STRAWBERRY: To me one of my favorite strawberry’s when making a dessert. This Strawberry adds a nice natural Strawberry Taste, while enhancing the creaminess and adding a bit of smooth ripe strawberry flavor the the recipe.

SHISHA VANILLA: This Vanilla is so versatile and can be used in many recipes, it works exceptionally well with creams, adds a nice light vanilla flavor, some sweetness, and a bit of body to recipe.

BUTTERSCOTH RIPPLE: Sweet and Creamy and plays so well with most caramels to give that real authentic buuterscotch note.

SALTED CARAMEL: This caramel pairs well with the Ripple to add a nice buttery, rich, soft caramel and really make that butterscotch standout.

VANILLA SWIRL: at 2% this works wells to add almost a sweet vanilla pudding flavor that is thick and buttery.

TFA BAVARIAN CREAM: This Flavor gives it more body, thickness, vanilla and adds a nice dairy note and is not too heavy at 1%.

PURILIUM MARSHMELLOW: This is used to strictly add Sweetness to the mix. Works very well here. ( you can sub your favorite Sweetener).

This recipe taste good off the shake, but for all the flavors to meld together give it a 3-5 day Steep. Mixed at 65/35PG.
Enjoy. Feedback is Appreciated.


Reminiscent? To me yes. FLV Tatanka Tobacco what can I say..... At first I was hesitant because I had a bad experience on a tobacco vape early on in my vaping adventure. Sad that I waited years to revisit. I cracked open this concentrate and it was instant remembrance of my pipe and chewing tobacco (redman) days. I paused for a minute to reminisce. Flavorah's website states this and sure as shit its spot on, "Tatanka Tobacco flavoring concentrate formulated from the ground up for vape manufacturing and creating DIY ejuice recipes. Bold and strong like an American Buffalo, Tantanka is the Native Siox word for buffalo. FLV Tatanka is a tobacco with strong caramel, sweet dough, and rich tobacco notes. Low ash, and low on the musty moisture scale, tatanka is like a fresh opened bag of redman chew. Blends well with other tobaccos, or stand alone. " Wow this concentrate is so good to me I can vape as a stand a lone at 1. To keep this simple and keep the greatness of this flavor, it is accented with FW Salted Carmel and FW butter pecan. The salted carmel adds richess to the all ready carmel notes coupled with the butter pecan to bring out the ash. Yummy !!! Great job Flavorah Don't let the percentages fool you!! This is a bold full flavor vape. Enjoy!!!!


This is a nice Butterscotch Pecan Icecream Mixer...Inspired by Culvers Icecream...

At a 3 week steep, Seems to be pretty nice.

Just got in WS23, So I will start trying to make this COLD


A grape cigarillo

I stole the base of this recipe from 25 Bucks by @ConcreteRiver, swapped the raspberry for the best grape for the job, cut the Burley back for less of a rich nutty tobacco, and loaded it up with Cured for more of a generic little cigar flavor. If you're looking for something like a Swisher Sweet, this base will make a great start. Just swap the grape for a different fruit or other flavor or your choice and rebalance it as needed.


I like salted caramel custard its thick and creamy with alil saltiness in it so I thought that I would try and make it into a custard and the vc v1 is gonna have too steep atleast a week or 2 so the custard can bloom nicely


This is a remix of Bonzai Vapors Milk Plus
Profile is a Creamy Salted Caramel Drenched in Milk
Check out the video here -> http://bit.ly/2yuBKLL


Tobacco with rich caramel and somehow creamy-buttery taste.easy all day vape for those who like this tobacco profile.needs steeping for the flavors to come in place.enjoy!


The Hook:
Oh You Tart! She used to be a dinner lady then she became a tart, "Devine" intervention helped her to become one of the most popular tarts of 2017. She not only brings all the boys to the yard but is also the envy of the other ladies and has won the title of being "the ultimate tart! "

The Description:
This is a remix of a remix of a remix and now is truly (IMO) the ultimate lemon tart! One of the most interesting and fun things to experience in mixing is being able find a recipe you like and learn from how all the flavors work together then tweek it to something that you like better. This is exactly what I have set out to do here. The Remix of the Original called "Dinner Lady A Lemon Tart Remix" by DAZCOLE has been one of the most popular ever remixes in DIY history and so much so companies including "Chef's UK" now stock the popular concentrate under the "Devine" brand of concentrates. So how can I make this better? I think I can make the lemon notes smoother and more rounded on the edges and bring some more mouthfeel and cream to this profile that suit the way I like to enjoy my vape. Will it be better/worse or different from the "Devine" remix? You be the judge! Enjoy :) #RemixMonth

This my 3rd attempt to create a very rich caramel filling that you might mind in pastries. This recipe doesn't include any pastry/cake notes to me, it's mostly a rich filling. definetly very creamy and rich. Might be too rich for an ADV but I love it.
My notes are these:
FW caramel salted is the star of the recipe, and definetly the strongest flavor, I really enjoy it but I think it needs support
FLV cupcake batter I think it gives the body to the3 salted caramel adding mouthfeel and general sweetness
FA torrone and tosted almond this is my attempt to give some nutty note but avoid the dryness of general nuts, I think torrone and toasted almond do a god job in this
Fa meringue... I put this awsome ingredient in a lot of recipes and I love it, I think it enhanches the almond aspect without muting and adding mouthfeel
CAP butter cream is in here because I'm trying to make a very creamy caramel, very vey rich, and not a too dark caramel
Fw butterscoth ripple in my head acts as an opposite to the lighter tones of the caramel enhancing the deeper sugar notes
TPA vanilla custard is there because I'm a big fan of custard and I didn't want it too hevay as CAP VC v1 but still present. This might be changed with vanilla swirl for a lighter version
Sweetener is there manily because I like it personally in this kind of recipes.
This is a work in progress and what I just wrote might be complete rubbish for most experienced mixers, any suggestion is highly appreciated. I'm a nobody and this is my first recipe published here so don't be too cruel!

A Salted Caramel Apple RY4 recipe that has a nice soft and subtle apple flavor followed by a salted caramel and graham cracker finish
Made for FlavorBook entry "FW Salted Caramel"
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/12/04/fw-salted-caramel/

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