(FW) Caramel (salted)

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FINALLY! I have made 8 or 9 different versions of this recipe and this one finally nailed it! This is awesome as a shake and vape. Not sure what time will do to it since I just mixed it about 4 hours ago, but right now it is awesome!

Think of a warm soft pretzel, dipped in butter, and then dipped in cinnamon sugar. That is what I was going for and it is really good.

Let me break it down....................................

The Baked Cinnamon Roll (LB), Rich Cinnamon (FLV), and Pretzel Dough (WF) are the main base for this recipe.

The Toasted Marshmallow (TFA), Caramel (Salted) (FW), and Butter come together to create a sweet butter taste.

The Brown Sugar was added for a hint of dark sweetness as well as a great supporting flavor for the cinnamon.

I only added 0.25% Super Sweet (CAP). However, you may want to add more or less depending on your preference.

PLEASE NOTE: I mixed my Rich Cinnamon at 10% in PG and then used it at 0.50% in this recipe. So the REAL percentage is 0.05%. So if you get Rich Cinnamon I would suggest doing what I did and dilute it down because that stuff is SUPER STRONG!

All together this just works wonderfully. PLEASE PLEASE Comment if you try this. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this treat.

CV :)


If this is the first time you’re looking at one of my recipes thank you so much for checking me out. These recipes are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. All of the flavors in this recipe are from a limited list of 26 ingredients. Check out my YouTube channel for lots more recipes!

Look, I love RY4s. I have been trying for so long to create my own RY4. I've made plenty, some successful, most not, but what I was looking for was just a bear basics, all day RY4. Nothing addition, special, unique or unexpected. Some dirty tobacco, sweet caramel and a little cream. I've been using TFA RY4 Double as a solo flavor at 7% for quite a while. AND. I. LOVE. IT. But still, I wanted to create something of my own. I tried so many tobaccos, combined them with every caramel that exists and I just couldn't get that simple profile perfect, until now.

I was chatting with my friend Mike and he brought up FA Soho. I'd never tried it, at the time, I'd never even heard of it. It's got one of those weird names that doesn't say what it is so why should've I?

I picked it up and I. LOVED. IT. It was exactly what I had been looking for to create my own RY4. The key to unlock such a simple thing.

I used it at 5% and it's a beautiful, delicate and quite dirty tobacco with some warm, sugary sweet, bakery notes. It's the perfect building block for an RY4.

I combined it with syrupy FW Salted Caramel for that caramel finish and 1% WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard to give it some creamy mouthfeel and a hint of cured tobacco.

I love this recipe and I hope you try it out!

Sweeten to Taste.

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This is a Creamy gooey butterscotch / caramel dessert with some moist cake notes and some good thick cream.

A damn delicious gooey pecan ice-cream! *WF coconut custard is very crucial here in this recipe and could not be subbed out a really great addition to the ice-cream, while not a custard to me it's a nice creamy coconut if used at low percentages and 0.5% is perfect here since I didn't want much of it.


Wanted to share my all time favourite custard. Got to try its that good I promise. Let it steep try some along the way Enjoy!

*I added 1.5% (TFA) Cotton Candy

first batch... going to see what it is like.... opinions appreciated....

I was asked for a tobacco pod vape for someone who's just quitting smoking, and while I don't usually like tobaccos or believe people can quit smoking on a tobacco flavor alone, I figured I might as well have one in my arsenal.

It's Fresh's quick custard with the only tobacco flavoring I own, and a nice butterscotch accent to make the RY4 Double shine.

Enjoy, be safe, and vape on!

C. aka Queer Your Vape

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This is an attempt to remix the very popular YOGI Granola Bar. Folkart purchased this e-liquid and had a lot of good things to say about it, although he didn't think it was a true "Granola" flavor. Having said that, he did really like it.

A huge shoutout to groceryboyjr for his inspiration to tackle this profile. Check out his version at https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/206012#granolanutv5bygroceryboy_jr .

DEVELOPED tackled this profile by going by what Folkart tasted in the original e-liquid and describing what he tasted to Nachef and MaxSavage, hence, BLIND REMIX. So, instead of trying to guess what "oat" flavoring might be in the original, the recipe was based on blind taste. This is not a clone, but we think if you like the original, this will satisfy that same craving. Mix it, build upon it, and make it your own! See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/O60DqvTu6Vk .

This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: NaChef, Max Savage, and Folkart.
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Smooth creamy ice cream with toffee chunks. Nice mouthful of cream with the burnt brown sugar taste of the toffee.


This is what caramel bandit should have been. I havnt even steeped this yet really. Tried it on a shake and after i gave it a warm bath once it settled.

Milky caramel fudge is amazing in this paired with VT vanilla ice cream which has caramel notes to it works wonders for both.
This is a buttery caramel milk/shake that is enjoyable as a SNV and i can only imagine it gets better with a steep.

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