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(FW) Caramel Candy

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, caramel what more could you ask for...a very decadent ice cream flavour.


I like salted caramel custard its thick and creamy with alil saltiness in it so I thought that I would try and make it into a custard and the vc v1 is gonna have too steep atleast a week or 2 so the custard can bloom nicely

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In all seriousness, this is a sweet apple pie, topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup. A delicious rich vape that will have your sweet tooth quivering. Enjoy!


This's the discontinued Commodore Pearry recipe that Charlie Noble posted on their blog. Haven't mixed this one up yet, but looks fairly tasty.

The blog post didn't give any sort of steeping time. I'd recommend a week, just to be safe.

Reddit thread;

Original blog post here;


Give this one 2 week min, and it really starts to take shape. Caramel fades slightly and almond comes out more. And of course custard just gets better with time. After a full month it's really good. I was aiming for something different, and hit the mark!

Your ADV getting boring? If so try Sancho! Don't know what Sancho is?! Sancho is the extra fun VWB (vape with benefits) that gets your taste buds begging for more! You will Forget all about your all day vape with every hit of Sancho, but no worries... Sancho is worth it, it's fruit nachos! On the inhale sweet strawberries, fuji apples, and peaches finely chopped. On the exhale the fruit medley in a perfect caramel & honey glaze with crispy cinnamon tortillas!

  • Strawberry Ripe, Fuji, and Honey peach adds a brightly balanced fruit blend that doesn't get old.

  • Caramel Candy and honey (from the Honey Peach) gives a beautiful light glaze for the fruit to mingle with and adds sweetness to the mix without the need of sweeteners.

  • CDS and Cookie mimics the taste of baked cinnamon tortillas for the fruits to sit on.

  • Sancho is good after 24 hours, but a week steep is preferred to let the flavors meld together and soften any soft edges.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

1 month steep.
Good shake and Vape but lacks complexity.
Blooms nicely after one week.

I adore rice crispy treats.
My mom would make them with caramel ice cream syrup.

FW crispy rice is a great rice crispy.
It is our base in this recipe. I played with several versions of this recipe and found 6% to be the sweet spot. It's a weaker flavor, so under 3.5 % it's almost unnoticeable. At 7+ it's too dry to be enjoyable to me.
0.5% AP adds the grain we're missing from the flavor.

Our marshmallow base is 4 ingredient deep.
First, the main flavor cap new marshmallow. This is a fantastic jet puffed marshmallow flavor.
It's however a tad flat in complexity. A small percent of meringue helps with that. Adding that dry marshmallow texture/flavor. It's hard to describe. Cap new marshmallow is great, like marshmallow cream. But it's missing that corn starchy flavor on the outside. Go lick a jet puffed marshmallow and you'll understand what I'm talking about.
Next is the cap vanilla custard & golden butter. This is the melted butter base. The custard adds a wonderful mouth feel and fullness to mix
The butter is obligatory for our flavor to work.
Next is fw caramel candy.
This is my favorite caramel. It's well rounded and flavorful.
At 1% it's just enough to "drizzle" the top.

Sucralose I feel is 100% necessary for this mix to work.
I have not tried it with erythritol as of yet and pyure/other stevia do NOT complement this recipe.
If using cap super sweet, drop the percentage to 1.

This is the 4th revision of my apple pie recipe, it's morphed into an apple Danish/fritter over a pie with this revision.
The Jf fuji shines and is delicious, A Bit different Than Fa.
The cinnamon Danish swirl with CAP apple pie is the base of the pie and adds just enough pastry to balance the mix.
The addition of almond is thank'd to the returnity apple fritter recipe.

Shake And Vape!
If the cinnamon is too strong give it 3 days or so and it mellows out.
Sweetener at 1% if needed, I prefer super sweet over stevia in this recipe

Caramel Drizzled Pumpkin Spiced Cannoli

Great after a week or more steep. Pumpkin spice is very subtle in this mix, if you love spices double the pumpkin spice.

Biscuit/Crunch Cereal/Joy - adds the crunchy shell.

Vanilla Custard/cheesecake - make up the rich filling.

Caramel Candy - adds a light syrupy drizzle and sweetness.

Pumpkin Spice/Cinnamon Ceylon - adds a touch of fall spices sprinkled on top.

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