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(FW) Cantaloupe

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 63 recipes at an average of 4.37%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A delicious union of perfectly ripe tropical fruits.

This recipe is a homage to a fantastic blend available from the leading concentrate supplier in my neck of the woods. The owner has been vaping this for years and has never divulged the recipe to a living soul. After numerous requests, he finally released a one shot called Malao for the rest of society to experience this delicious combination. This is my interpretation of a remarkable juice.

TPA Papaya
The king of Papaya's at 3% is our hero in this tropical medley and marries beautifully with the rest of the fusion. It brings a delectable creamy mouth feel with the unmistakable, slightly bitter, true papaya flavour.

Cap Sweet Mango
At 3%, we get none of the over-ripe mango notes often associated with Cap Sweet Mango. Used low, the inherent bitter notes compliment the Papaya perfectly and adds a credible mango profile.

TPA Peach (Juicy)
As the name suggests, this ripe, succulent peach adds sweetness and juiciness to our mix and is a key component to liven up the aforementioned fruits.

FW Cantaloupe
This cantaloupe completes our melange and harmonises the 3 main flavours into a complex tropical masterpiece. I fell in love with this cantaloupe the first time I mixed up Canary Coulis and find it to be more true compared to the other, more popular options.

FA Marshmallow adds a touch of sweetness and amalgamates the fruits to prevent a linear taste experience.

This baby is fabulous off the shake but shines after 3 days.


***I adjusted the % on the Cantaloupe and Honeydew to balance the off notes, inherently present in TPA Honeydew at higher %'s.

A magnificent melon milk celebrating the awesomeness that is Cantaloupe and Honeydew.

The recipe is based on the winning base from Melon Milk by shakenvape007 and the melon combo from Canary Coulis by Charlie Noble.

The milk base is a deceptively simple masterpiece and lays the foundation upon which the fruits can shine.

The LB Honeydew is not the best honeydew around but it acts here as the neutralizer - it adds a green, unripened honeydew element, which helps to counteract the inherent sweetness from the FW Cantaloupe and TPA Honeydew - sort of my acidic balance.

This one does not need a very long rest and will be decent after an overnight sleep, but ideal after 5 days or so.


This's the discontinued Canary Coulis recipe that Charlie Noble posted on their blog. Haven't mixed this one up yet, but looks fairly tasty.

The blog post didn't give any sort of steeping time. I'd recommend a week, just to be safe.

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