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(FW) Candy Watermelon

By: Flavor West (FW)
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I wanted something else besides another candy for some sweetness. This is no doubt the stringy bubble gum we used to chew playing baseball as a kid!

strawberry watermelon syrupy slush with cooling and the slightest touch of mint.

Created by Myself, Nevans.

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I don't see a FA spearmint so I put FE whatever that is - OKAY this is for the Flavor-Pro The Year of Mixing Challenge http://flavor-pro.com/the-year-of-mixing/ -The only melons I have are watermelon and watermelon candy so naturally I went with them LOL. I am adding Jackfruit to back up the sweetness and pomegranate to back up the sourness - then meringue and whipped cream to round it out. - then spearmint and koolada to create the kooler part - we'll see how she performs hmm?? :)

Challenging finding a good free photo - anyway... looking here for chewy and cherry and sweet - so using angel cake to back up the churro and I love cherry crush - using the candy watermelon to back that up and add a sweetness plus super sweet cuz this one is supposed to be sweet hmm???!!!! We'll see LOL

One of my first go to vendors was MBV. I always ordered their Thug Juice. I wanted to take a trip back to the roots of my vaping journey. This is a remix of my first ADV - Thug Juice.
OOO grape is the only grape i currently have in stock. I am quite sure that there are other grapes that may work in its place. If so, please let me know! :)


Ok guys so this is a sideways twist on my world famous Spank my monkey bubblegum thought I would twist this one up alil bit and out some strawberry and watermelon in this one seeing that spring is close

I'm terrible at coming up with names for these things. I just wanted something I could shake and vape that had both fruit and tobacco and so this is what I came up with.


after vaping Aqua "Pure" at the vape shop today the first notes I got from it was a candy watermelon with a apple hit with a very light hint of strawberry which makes for a refreshing vape for the summertime


welcome too the early spring candy flavors I hope that spring comes early for Us Wisconsinites enjoy


Well its been a while since I dropped a recipe. I've been working on a watermelon kiwi candy lately and I'm pretty happy where this is at. On the front you get a watermelon with kiwi accents and the sugar that comes with all candies. This recipe has been my ADV for the last week. It's simple and yet offers enough to keep coming back for more.

I've use FW candy watermelon and FW kiwi as these pair up really well. I've found FW seems to do candies very well. I've used watermelon at 4% and kiwi at 2.5% because I wanted the watermelon candy present throughout the vape and kiwi on the tail end.

TFA Marshmallow is so great and when picking which marshmallow to go with I needed something to fluff up the mix and make it taste sticky. Marshmallow at 2% is enough to not give off any marshmallow flavour.

Now as for cotton candy and CAP super sweet. They are perfect for a candy recipe and I tried using just tfa sweetener, but the water content really does kill the mix. You can sub CAP super sweet with FW sweetener at 1%.

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