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(FW) Candy Cane

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 84 recipes at an average of 4.603%.


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this is a very creamy white chocolate fudge with some candy canes broken up into little pieces on top great for this time of yr mix it at 70% vg and enjoy

I mixed this on a whim for a friend who loves cool cinnaminty vapes. Its surprisingly addictive. The mix of peppermints creates a nice minty base and cinnamon red hots blends it all together. You can use Arctic winter, polar blast, WS-23 or Koolada as the cooling agent, adjust the percentage accordingly. I opted to use two to get the perfect cooling effect without overpowering everything else. Hope you enjoy as much as she does!

Yes this recipe looks like an abomination and the percentages high, but it keeps a relative from smoking menthols. The FW and Capellas are fairly weak anyway.

I worked with her over about 4 months (through the mail) to get her a recipe that she loved and then tweaked it to her own personal perfection.

This recipe gives her the throat hit, cooling, and mint that mimics a menthol cigarette yet tastes like a really good candy cane.

I know this recipe isn't for everyone. I'm posting it in hopes that it may help others stay away from the menthol cigarettes. It's meant for those just stopping smoking menthols using a MTL tank with out of the box coils.


Nice cooling menthol shake and vape. Good on a hot summer day.

A Caramel Mint Cappuccino...

HIC's public recipe of Halo's "Twisted Java". Halo no longer produces this juice, I know this because i recently contacted them to purchase some. Twisted Java was one of my very first e liquids, and brings back that era of vaping... when I contacted Halo about why they dropped this flavor from their line they said that it wasn't a big seller... So I asked them for their recipe and they said that they wouldn't give it out, getting kind of rude about me asking them... So here it is! For the whole free world to have! Thanx again to HIC! This is spot on!

FW Candy Cane: This is the backbone of this flavor...A twisted candy for a twisted java...

TPA Caramel Cappuccino: A nice sweet caramelly coffee for the java aspect

FW Hazelnut: HIC recommends this for the authenticity of the profile... Also adds that it's not a necessity other than for authenticity....

I sincerely hope anyone looking for this lost jem enjoys mixing it up and taking a trip to the past! 😤💨💪

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