(FW) Cake (yellow)

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Yes it's Old school...Yes it's sweet ...Yes it's delicious especially with my morning coffee....substitute (JF) yellow cake if you're not into vaping sugar...

made for the MIXERS HELPING MIXERS Live Show...PreGame Super Mix Party


The is a Bread Pudding recipe that is very very similar to an old favorite of mine called Southern Bread Pudding by Turncoat Industries.
If you re longing for a blast from the past whip it up and try it. It is good off the shake but at around day 3 or 4 the flavors settle in and it is magical. I hope you enjoy it.

Substitutions: we all know the old adage, if you change ingredients its not the same recipe. here we are trying to attain a flavor we once knew and loved. iIf you dont have something, then by all means, get creative. My advice is to get these flavors and step lightly when subbing.....

UPDATE: I mixed this on a friday evening about 8PM, it is now the following Tuesday evening at 7PM. Vaping this now I get alot of the notes I remember and love from the Turncoat Industries' -- SBP ...(Southern Bread Pudding). So Officially the steep time is 4 days. I know that as the time goes on this gets richer and richer as well. I hope you mix and find this an enjoyable throwback southern bread pudding as much as I do.... Cheers Gordo

Here's my favourite glazed donuts recipe .. full of rich and intense feeling of every flavour on it, try it in a small amount and tell me your feedback on it ..

mix it on 70/30 vg/pg
It's worth the wait ..

NOVEMBER RAIN ... a rich cinnamon roll for all cinammon lovers

If you not a cinnamon fan you can remove the cinamon roll from FW and make tye cinammon danish swirl up to 5%

Mix it with 70/30 vg/pg


A nicely layered thick and creamy vanilla custard.
Inw custard bring in the eggy notes and the custard like body with ooo vanilla custard cheesecake adding some vanilla and mouthfeel.
Ssa ice cream vanilla is a great creamy vanilla that helps this mix stand out out with flv vanilla bean helping to lift a nice sweet vanilla and fw yellow cake giving this that extra push through the creams.
Sweetener is optional

After speaking to some other mixers i was oblivious to any simularaties between this and another popular recipe, appologies for any confusion or misunderstandings. I want to make it clear that Golden Shower is my own work and in good faith have added the link below for another great custard recipe 👊👊👊



my first corn bread pudding recipe is definitely good and taste very similar to the real one after a good steep but the new 2.0 is A bit more spot on i feel they definitely aren’t using OOO corn bread even tho it is a very good ingredient to use . and I also felt that they were using a lot of cheesecake graham crust . So 3.5% seemed right and with a little vanilla pudding to thicken it up . I stayed away from the custard this time as Wayne said the custard are used to last time seemed a little oily . i put 1% AP this time instead of 0.75% since I’m not using OOO corn bread this time to give it a bit more “corn” flavor and using kettle corn at 3% with that makes a perfect corn taste . i’m also using TPA Maple syrup instead of FA this time just to switch it up i’m not sure which one they’re actually using to be honest . you can use FA as a sub witch is in my original clone . And last but not least i’m using Flavor west yellow cake to give it some bready-ness . And at 1.5% it seemed just right . You can use super sweet all the way up to 1% , I like mine any where from 0.5% to 0.75% . I am planning on posting my blueberry version also in this form too . i will also be making a strawberry one for both clones 1.0 and 2.0.

Rearrangement of not Charles manson’s Strawberry Shortcake bar. I wanted something with blueberry and cake so I used the recipe I loved so much and tweaked it a bit.
Vanilla bean gelato is actually Flavor Art- Gelato Vaniglia (Vanilla Gelato) Feel free you sub TFA Vanilla Swirl at the same %

Rich, dense, and almondy pound cake with a sweet cream cheese icing for this week's episode on The Mixin Vixens:

If you like what we do and want to support us in a fun, tasty way, check out our one shots at flavor jungle:


Got Cap CDS, wf angel cake and fw yellow cake as my base for this delectable dessert. Cap cds at 3% was just SLIGHTLY unbalanced and cinnamon foward over coffee so i dropped it just a smidge. You can bump it back to 3% if you want though and it tastes amaazing! I changed my mind 3% is perfect.

My coffee layer here is wf roasted pecans and cream, and at 3% for that flavor it bring a really good roasted coffee note, bolstered by wf smooth cappuccino cream (both are very dark flavors, this juice isn't light by any means)

And for my creamy cheesy layer we combined fa custard premium at 1.5% with wf mascarpone 1% and that just wasnt shinning through so we bump em up each a bit and we landed where we are at time of public release.

If you like what i do please mix and review!!!
Love yall

always sweeten subjectively

this IS a cotton killer after about a day lol but worth it

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