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(FW) Cake (White)

By: Flavor West (FW) - Buy Direct

Used in 139 recipes at an average of 2.638%.


13 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

White frosted cake with lime and blackcurrant accents. Tastes a little "fruit loopy", probably because of the lime but I'm not mad at it

A strawberry Swiss roll that taste amazing enjoy. Let me know what u think

White cupcake with cherry buttercream frosting. If you want more frosting note (or to be sweetener) increase the VTA buttercream frosting up to 0.50%.

Buttery, sweet and moist coffee cake.

Used Angel Cake for a more fluffy cake and added FW White Cake so an added cake note. ( I can't use Angel cake too high due to off note)
Paired Smooth Vanilla with the angel cake because I heard they go well together.
Cinnamon sugar and Sugar cookie for the crumble on top.
Dulce de leche is used to sub for a brown sugar note and add to the goey layer.

This is a french cake croissant. The angel cake and whitw cake blend to make a wonderful white cake and the flv cup cake batter give it that inner moist cake flavor. The cake is surrounded by layers of flaky delicious croissant crust. Sugar orchid gives the cake a wonderful pop of deliciousness! Of course the flakey cake needs a drizzle of powdered sugar frosting.

I have been searching cakes for the past col years and this one is by far my favorite so far! Give it a try you'll love it! It turned out absolutely delicious!! Not too light not too dense but just right! I cant put it down its so good!

Tres tropical= a kiwi and pineapple laced Tres Leches cake. I don't really think the ingredients need much explanation it's kind of obvious why I used what I did but here is short explanation. The tres Leches cake is the white cake and tres Leches fw. A tres Leches cake is a cream cake of sorts so my frosting mixture actually helps with the cream cake profile. My frosting is made with a combination of cream cheese icing, meringue, and vanilla whipped cream. It's a nice light frosting perfect for the profile. So the most obvious part is my fruit toppings I used a combination of kiwi, and pineapple flv and golden pineapple by cap. If you don't have pineapple flv just leave it out and boost the golden pineapple. Other than that I love this mix it's a delicious vape. A great fruity bakery for the summer time fun.. Enjoy!!

I used .35 flavorah sweetness. You can use or don't use whatever sweetener you prefer but this is what I used.

For all the cake lovers. Here's a delicious 😋 fluffy cake with pudding in the layers and a little frosting on top.

Okay I want to use a floral to good effect ya know?? So I'm attempting a delicate cake with complex flavor profile of apple for both sweetness and juiciness then black current as a hint, honey (I'm conflicted as to whether this is a good place for this), elderflower, and lavender as the ingredients that make this a "ladies' luncheon cake" if you know what I mean?? The cookie is added because I am not so sure how good or not good white cake is. This is the first run of this recipe!!


This is based on a simple dessert recipe of basically consists of angel food cake cut into 1 inch squares and then stirred and layered in with cool whip and toffee chunks. Once its layered and stirred together you take it and smooth it out in a baking dish and then sprinkle toffee chunks on as stopping kind of and then stick the dish in the freezer for a couple hour. When your ready pull it out cut into squares and serve.

What I did and why I did it:
Overall this is a simple mix that is delicious in my opinion. The angel food cake was achieved using fw white cake. I feel that fw white cakeis an exact Angel food cake now it misses the profile for white cake because its obviously an angel food cake. Its kind of spooky how much it emulates an angel food cake in flavor and in texture. Now my toffee and cool whip layers get interesting. Ifeel like whipped marshmallow by capella gives me that cool whip type texture and even a slight vanilla creaminess with a little extra help in the cream department I feel whipped marshmallow becomes a perfect cool whip layer. For my extra help in the cream department I used a brand new purchase in the toffee ice cream by vape train. Toffee ice cream by vape train is a great really thick buttery cream
The ice part is a matter of suggestion and the toffee is very slight and I think it . could easily be masked with a little vanilla and creams to create a thick buttery ice cream but that's not what I am doing here. But I will be trying that next I almost think fruits could be added to toffee ice cream but again that's to be continued I just really
Like its thick buttery style of ice cream its what I look for in a ice cream Vape and I think this is a great way to get that buttery thick ice cream that I love. Back to my recipe the cream from toffee ice cream turns the whipped marshmallow all the way into cool whip and the slight toffee notes and butteriness help the toffee chunk layer. The last part to this delicious dessert is the buttered toffee chunks. I used Flavorah toffee at a low .50% that mixed with the toffee and the butteriness from the toffee ice cream creates a perfect buttered toffee layer.

Sweeten don't sweeten its totally your call??? This recipe is sweet without sweetener but I still used .25% Flavorah sweetness but feel free to use a sweetener of your choice.

In spirit of presidents day!!! This is my Red White and Blue Trifle.

Red= strawberry layer

White= the cake and whipped cream layer

Blue= blueberry layer


This recipe tastes amazing definitely worth a mix!!! I mixed 240ml today after tasting this after a short steep!!!

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