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Warm, Soft, Buttery Pistachio cookies guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

10 ingredient recipes may look laborious to mix, But I assure you it's worth the extra time and elbow sweat if you really dig cookie vapes. :)

FA Vienna Cream
To add richness.

FW Butterscotch
An accent to compliment TFA's Pistachio.

TFA Pistachio
A very creamy and pleasant ingredient that I didn't want drowned out, 3.25% felt right to nestle next to the cookie notes. If you really like this ingredient (I wouldn't blame you) you can bump this one up.

FW Hazelnut
Used as a texture base note for the creams.

TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust
Inherently contains a touch of coconut (which isn't present via taste) that adds to the body of the mix. Softens sharp notes, rich, thick, and creamy

FA Cookie
Deep, Warm, Butter cookie notes.

FA Meringue
Used as a minor sweetener to FA Cookie and the other bakery notes, At 0.5% we avoid the meringue flavor.

FA Cream Fresh
The last revision of this mix lacked a bit of body, Cream Fresh helps fluff it up without deterring from the profile.

FA Vanilla Tahity
Vanilla body, Nearly undetectable notes of almond and marzipan to add intrigue to the recipe.

CAP Super Sweet
Optional, But I like this mix better with a sweeter tone.

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Accidentally made a previous version live, Now updated to the final version. Sorry for the confusion.


Here's my attempt at a Boosted remix. This is a recipe I've been chasing for atleast 3 years now and while it's still not exact, I do feel this is the closest recipe out to the original. After going out and getting a few bottles I actually feel they may have changed the formula, I remember the original being really buttery and creamy. But non the less it's still a great recipe.


A relaxing vanilla tobacco vape with a light butterscotch note and woody bite. Vanilla-forward tobacco.


I've always been a sucker for a good NET and Stixx Mixx makes the best! I use SM Havana Prime here at 5%. TFA Red Oak is added to give it a nice woody kick and a hint of smokiness. FW Butterscotch Natural lends a nice contrast at its' position in the recipe. The butterscotch isn't meant to be in your face in this recipe--it's just there to complement the tobacco.

The vanilla/creamy part of this was formed with LA Cream Cheese Icing(which you can actually drop to 2% if it's too much for your liking), Vanilla Swirl, and a smidgen of CAP Vanilla Custard.

FW Hazelnut of course, provides dairy creaminess and a touch of nuttiness that this recipe needed.

Good as a SNV, but surely begins to pop the longer it will sit.

60/40 ratio recommended

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This is a Pistachio ice cream with caramel swirl. Pistachio is one I enjoy and I love Wayne's Pistachio RY4 so between that and a friend of mine asking if I could do a pistachio ice cream this recipe was born. I hope you enjoy as always any comments or ideas are welcome and like most creams and with the pistachio this recipe will only benefit more from a steep, however I have tried it right after a mix and its pretty tasty, flavor notes are down below.

Pistachio- Its the main profile for this recipe and you cant have pistachio ice cream without pistachio. TFA just does pistachio right in my opinion, you don't necessarily get like a pistachio nut more then you get like a creamy pistachio that just melds so well in mixes.

Caramels-So for this recipe I didn't just want to throw some pistachios and creams together and call it good and caramel goes almost hand in hand
with ice cream and it pairs up so nicely with the pistachio Fa Caramel was used here because its a softer caramel and doesn't give you that
sharp candy like note it just blends so well here that it was a obvious choice. FW butterscotch is here because butterscotch and caramel plays
so nice together and using one at a lower percent and the other higher they just boost each other up so that's what its doing here its boosting
up that caramel and rounding out the edges to refine it.

Ice Cream- so for the ice cream base I went with TFA VBIC and Cap Vanilla Whipped Cream because as nice of a vanilla as TFA is I find it lacking on its
own, it just doesn't have that density or thickness by itself that I was looking for and Cap vanilla whipped cream does a great job of helping
with that it brings a little more vanilla and richness to the ice cream so that the pistachio can lay in a nice thick bed of cream without either
one getting lost but becoming a complete mix instead.

Sweetener- Optional, I know not everyone likes sweetener and that's fine but c'mon its ice cream. The sweetener just helps add more to the ice cream
experience, try and tell me if you eat ice cream you don't get sugar lips.

There you have it my rendition of Pistachio ice cream. Hope you enjoy, tweak it to your liking, build off of it, just have fun.

This is a simple yet delicious Butterscotch Custard.

The Brown sugar really helps to bring out that butterscotch flavour.

Needs about 2 weeks steep time



I started trying this one out January of 2016, a recent forum post reminded me to go back to a bottle that's been steeping a few months.
It's not 100% "duchess reserve" yet but it's on it's way & really damn close.

I added the butter pecan & meringue after a suggestion from Mike Peifer (MrColdOne), so he deserves some of the credit for bringing this recipe even closer to completion.

TFA Vanilla Custard also works well here at 4% instead of the cappella.
This is optional, since people are enjoying the current version, any further changes will be published as a new recipe.

This one really needs a good steep to come together.

Development notes on my blog post here:



Thick, rich and creamy...

The VBIC, NY cheesecake, Sweet Cream, and Creme Brulée all drive this thick decadent base. The butterscotch kind of sits on top for a few days and melts down in the mix after a week and a half and the cinnamon note from the graham fades as well leaving behind a rich buttery thick vape if you are into that sort of thing.

Yeah, yeah I know...FW Yellow Cake is bad. Unfortunately, I've still got a 30 ml bottle on hand and I'm going to use it. Feelfree to sub it with your favorite yellow cake flavor. I've been working on this for awhile...my goal was to create something that shows the versatility of FA Fig. It's a beautifully bright delicate flavor that doesn't get the attention it deserves and works well with Apple. The tartness of Fuji works perfectly here and is the prominent fruit flavor. Pistachio and walnut add a nice touch of nutty buttery goodness. Salted Caramel provides balance and ties everything together. For a change of pace I try V2 with uses FA Caramel as it's also delicious. Anyways, I hope you like...just a little something different that's a departure from my normal strawberry/blueberry vapes

A smokey Applewood on the inhale, followed by a thick Butterscotch on the exhale, with a dry Turkish blend throughout.

FW Butterscotch Natural 5%: Provides a broad sweetness and contributes to the mouth-feel. Most of the butterscotch flavor is on the exhale. Heavy presence in the aroma. NOTE: This mix uses the "Natural" variant or FW's Butterscotch, which is not as sharp and can be used at a higher percentage without imparting an off-taste.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl: 0.5% is just enough to bring a spicy complexity.

FA Desert Ship Blend 1.5%: FA's best Turkish blend. Sits nicely in the background and brings a smokiness to the woody profile.

FA Fuji 3%: In many recipe's, 3% will give you a forward apple. Not here; this mix is dark. After a steep, it's just enough to infuse an apple flavor.

FA Oak Wood: At 1% we get a strong woody flavor. Not a lot of complexity, but other flavors blend into it nicely for some depth.

TFA Strawberry Ripe: 1% is just enough to bring some fruity sweetness. 1.5% also works, but at 2% and higher, I swear it begins to mute everything in mix. Could just be me though.

Steep Notes: As a shake and vape, the Fuji is a little "on top" of the mix, instead of within the woody profile. Also, the butterscotch needs a 2-3 days to blend into the overall background.

I suggest a 1 week steep. After that, things will just continue to smooth out. Since tobacco's tend to continually develop over time, the Fuji might mute a little after a month or two. Try adding 1 drop per 10ml to liven it up, if you so desire. Also, color may slightly darken over time.

Other Notes: Developed at 85vg/15pg (max VG), 3mg nic on a Goon with 28GX2/40G 316L Fused Claptons, 0.3 ohms @ 70 watts.

Butterscotch ice cream local B&M sales a Butterscotch 20$ for 50ml and this was my 5th attempt and I believe this is it add 1% to 2% tfa sweetener and its the one. This would have never been possible for me without DIYORDIE, Begginer Blending, Cloudstate, ATF and this great diy community!

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