(FW) Butterscotch

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Profile: Butterscotch Pudding

Inhale: Butterscotch Exhale: Rich/Creamy/buttery pudding

So I have never ever in my life had this kind of dessert, and to be honest I do not think I ever will because my poor teeth cannot handle it anymore. The butterscotch is the main profile, obviously, with the coconut cream pie and the coconut itself to back each other up which is kind of mutes in a small way. The cheesecake graham crust is there alongside the coconut cream pie. The creams are made up of Dx Bavarian Cream and meringue and they work very well.
This recipe still needs some improvement, but in the meanwhile enjoy it and leave some feedback.

Traditional Vanilla and caramel custard with hints of cookie bits that have been soaked into the custard pudding

Delicious layered dessert with ooey gooey butterscotch, nilla wafers, and a thick rich cream for this week's episode of Mixin Vixens:
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Creamy nutty delicious cheesecake ice cream. Needs 5 to 10 day steep it’s very thick and creamy. Came out better than I expected with several noticeable layers of flavor.

This recipe is a very sweet, buttery, and creamy recipe.
Loranns Bavarian cream :when I smell this flavor I just want to eat it. (Can Sub TFA Bavarian cream)
Vanilla swirl it pairs so well with Bavarian cream as a great base for that Desert cream
FW Butterscotch what can I say it’s Butterscotch for sure and is just great.
Butterscotch Ripple it’s a very deep and rich version of butterscotch that take this recipe to a new level into the abyss.
Cereal 27 - adds a nice Grain texture without overpowering the mix.
This is Beyond the Wonderland a world of Sweet and happy thoughts where we go to fulfill our innermost desires .This recipe takes me there and Beyond . If you want to add sweetener you can I feel it needs none.

The Banana Cream is doing a great job as the main profile with a mouth full of creamy banana and the Yogurt by FW is helping the creaminess out tremendously. Both Butterscotch and Butterscotch Ripple are present altogether along side the Banana Cream and Yogurt.
I have let this sit to the side for about a month and it already reminds me of a banana butterscotch sort of yogurt which is exactly what I was aiming for! I am loving it so far but it could be better as always.

Profile: Butterscotch Custard/Ice Cream Hybrid

Inhale: Butterscotch into Cream Exhale: Cream into Toffe/Custard Finish.

Work in progress, your classic butterscotch custard with a toffee infusion. twist

Cream with butterscotch and cookie layers. Minimal steep needed. Check out Mixin Vixens on YT, Sundays at 6pm EST

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