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(FW) Butter Pecan

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Droping this 4 the mixaton ya by... hope you like not realy finished yet

Simple pecan custard for the DIYorDIE charity mixathon




Rich French Vanilla Ice Cream with Butter Pecans
Made for article "Creating a Better Butter Pecan"
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/07/24/creating-a-better-butter-pecan/


Peek-in Pie, my take on a home-made pecan pie! Who doesn't love that thick, sugary, syrup-like center of a freshly baked, toasted pecan pie with a moist sugary crust? Well, that's what I've tried to recreate.
INW Biscuit and CAP Sugar Cookie. These percentages are my goto for a dense sugary, almost, graham cracker-like crust without using graham cracker.
FW Butter Pecan and FLV Milk & Honey pair well together as the silky sweet center of the pecan pie. FW Butter Pecan has a slight nut shell bitterness and the FLV Milk & Honey tones this down a bit and adds a touch of balance to the mix.
CAP Super Sweet is there to give it an extra boost of sweetness. You can mix this without it but, I have a massive sweet tooth and I enjoy it this way.
This recipe represents the type of recipes I enjoy. I love creating recipes that simulate real-life recipes we all enjoy. I also try to use as few flavorings as I can. I've learned the more flavorings you use, the more muted the recipe becomes. And also, I try to use flavorings that most mixers have in their inventories so they don't have to purchase more flavorings they may not use very much; "Recipes for the Masses".
Steep time is around 5 days but can be a shake and vape if you just can't wait. Please checkout DIY MIXERS CREW on facebook
Visit Freedom To Mix on Discord https://discord.gg/SmSc8Ef
Visit Freedom To Mix on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/groups/415341418920740/

Please mix, comment, and or rate, it makes us all better mixers. Enjoy :)

This one was made for my girlfriend but it turned out amazing and super addicting. Based off Special K Cinnamon pecan cereal.

CAP Cereal 27/FLV Cinnamon crunch/FLV Crunch cereal
These 3 create the cereal base. A lot of people dislike FLV crunch cereal, and I understand why. If you use it high it taste funky as hell, but at .75% WITH the cereal 27 it bends the flavor away from the standard corn cereal taking it more into a wheat grain cereal, and the cinnamon crunch brings some cinnamon sugar coated grain flavor to it to bring the base.

FW Butter pecan/FA Nut mix
Being a pecan flavored cereal FW butter pecan was a pretty obvious choice, but I didn't want it to go to far into a candied nut flavor, so using FA nut mix in a small % adds a vague nut flavor without being to obviously any single nut in order to bolster the pecan flavor.

FA cream fresh/TFA Van swirl/FA meringue/TPA toasted Marshmallow/FW Hazelnut
A very basic creamy milk base. Adding the TPA toasted marshmallow to it brings some brown sugar type sweetness to the mix emulating the sugar mixing with the milk in the bottom of the bowl.

If you want a slightly drier texture to it .25-.5% of AP will help with that. It's good without and depending on how you prefer the cereal would decided if and how much you'd use.

Well over 40 different batches trying to clone Kings Crest Duchess and I never got it. But what I did get was this recipe...formerly Duchess version 21. It still isn't Kings Crest Duchess but in some ways it's better. It is a very buttery butterscotch and I have vaped liters over the past 8 months. I know percentages are high and if that bothers you then don't mix it...or dilute it if you like. Its very rich and probably not very good for you but well worth it as a treat. Enjoy and leave feedback if you like. Best after 2 weeks for it to settle properly.


I remember my grandfather's pipe and how good it would smell every time he would light up that Prince Albert soft vanilla. It was this sweet tobacco that left a nutty vanilla scent just lingering in the air. It wasn't offensive like a cigarette, it was a smell I really enjoyed. It's one of those nostalgia scents, and when I smell it to this day it reminds me of him sitting on the porch just puffing away enjoying life. Prince Albert is a Burley tobacco, and until I tested FLV Red Burley, no other Burley flavors brought me back to that place in time, they all missed the mark of what Burley really was. So now that I found it, I give you...Prince Albert's ​Gold!

This is my best try at GWAR Jizmoglobin by Mt. Baker Vapor , The flavor profile is "A creamy blueberry blend with notes of nut and custard."

A smooth Starbucks coffee with cream and nuts.
Starbucks coffee is a little on the bitter side, I was able to replicate this with WF smooth cappuccino cream and balance it out with osdiy lotta latte and fa tiramisu.
I used FW Bavarian cream for sweetness and FA cream fresh for its ability to round everything out. Topped it off with some delicious nut flavorings to create that flavored syrup.
This is an amazing all day Vape coffe lovers will be mixing very large bottles at a time


this is my go to juice, and it's delicious. it's my 3rd and final version.

the butter pecan is definitely the base note. it's buttery. it's nutty. what more can you want. fw has this flavor on lock for sure. i put it in a lot of stuff, but it's best when it's the star. contrary to popular belief it does NOT need 5 million years steep time. 3 days, it's great. after 7 days that's about the best it'll ever get. i've worked with 3 different batches of this recipe over the course of 6 weeks, and vaped it almost daily, i'm confident.

i used both tpa and cap vbic because sometimes tpa's gives me weird off notes over 2%, but i like it's vanilla more than caps. i've tried it with all of either one and it was fine, really quite good- even with all tfa the butter pecan tends to cover over the off notes for me- but this version is the best in my opinion. bavarian cream is meant to give a little more body, and i've used both jf and fw's, and i prefer jf's. the holy vanilla boosts the ice cream, as does the butterscotch ripple. i'll thank kocanada for that trick. butt rip goes in almost all my ice cream recipes now thanks to him.

the soho inclusion is hard for me to explain or even describe- soho is sweet and feels like heavy caramel to me. it's like a better, rounder ry4 to me, and maybe that's weird or wrong, but i love it. it has a light tobacco touch, that to me is reminiscent of fresh pack of camels- not current camels- camels about 12 years ago. is it just me or did they use to smell and taste a lot better? anyway like i said, this recipe reaches it's peak after 7 days but it's vapable and damn enjoyable at 3.

edit one thing i forgot to include, because i never included it in my percentages, is 2-3 drops Acetyl Pyrazine per 30 ml. it's crucial to the nutty aspect. an option add in is 2 drops CAP Super Sweet- that's up to you.

sweet home, alabama- we sure do love some blue bell ice cream down here and butter pecan is my favorite. we are also 4% higher in smokers than the national median here. what can i say, it's a struggle living in the bible belt. enjoy, yall!

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 2.0% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 50 / 100

Rich butter with a hint of cream, and a great pecan aftertaste.

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