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(FW) Butter Cream

By: Flavor West (FW)
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This is a Maple Vanilla, where you have this rich, bright vanilla cream-like body, infused with a deep maple flavor and sweetness. It's fucking delicious.
Also, it reminds me a lot of The Duchess, a popular custard by Kings Crest

Made on "Live Mixing: I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j5Qe4EHdj8


So, you can feel how you want about this, but to my knowledge this is the 100% Unicorn Milk. It started with a friend wanting a “clone” of it, so as most people do, I went and used the recipe of ELR. I’ve read through all the comments on there, blah, blah. I’ve mixed it before, and its good, and fairly accurate to the original, my local shop carries it so I tried side by side. But, just like many pointed out, I found that CAP Butter Cream was not out at the time that this recipe would have come out, so I figured I would try my hand on it.

I started my search making some assumptions. I assumed that CWS had the percentages correct, and the only thing wrong was butter cream. So then I thought to myself, maybe its a different butter cream? So I went and got the only other one that would be out at the time, FW. I used it, steeped it for a time, and the cream tasted a little closer but something was still off. I know the vanilla custard is in there, I can taste that anywhere, and sweet strawberry is unique and high enough to know that was in it for sure. The only other things it could be was cheesecake, sweet cream, and the graham cracker. I then made the sweet cream switch to tfa and fw, and neither was close to the original, so I kept it. The presence of NYC is very prevalent in a lot of S&C’s so I kept it, its not “noticeable” that low, but it provides a cream/dept. The last one was the graham cracker. It wasn’t tfa original, and when I tried tfa graham clear, it didn’t taste like the original as well. I went with FW and I felt that it worked.

I told my buddy that I felt I had figured out the changes, and he said “lets see” and called someone up on the phone there in the shop. He told him he had a friend that thinks he figure out UM and the guy said “If he reads off the ELR recipe, I’m just going to hang up”. We read this off and all he did was chuckle some, and said “I wouldn’t change a single thing” Apparently he is someone that had left the company a while ago, that knows the recipes. My buddy is someone I’ve known for years, and feel he wouldn’t just randomly call someone up, especially since I just walked in and said I finished it, and without hesitation called the guy. I feel he wouldn’t lie. So at this point, I feel my mix is spot on with the original, and to the best of my knowledge, was confirmed by an old employee. So the CWS was close, but not close enough as far as I’m concerned. I let my mixes sit a month before ever trying them, so I could compare to bottles that have sat in shops. The custards and creams probably come together at the 2 week mark, but I would say a month to be honest.

Almost all the apple pie recipes i have vaped were a huge dissapointment for me.so i decided to mix my own.i know that he trend these days is to deal with a small number of concentrates using higher percentages.i have these concentrates so i figured "why the hell not?"
If anyone decides to mix it i have to say that this is a full bakery taste pie with a light essence of apple.if someone wants more apple he hould raise the two apples inw up to 1.3% but not any higher than that.enjoy!

Blueberry jam with creamy buttery toast . Blueberry jam only at 2.5% you can bump it up if you want. Acetyl parazine ONLY .15 gms in 60 ml . So 7.5 for 30 ml

This is my best try at GWAR Jizmoglobin by Mt. Baker Vapor , The flavor profile is "A creamy blueberry blend with notes of nut and custard."

This is the very first recipe I ever made. A real sweet fruity flavor, This could definitely be a all day vape. Making you salivate and waiting more. The worst part about this flavor is waiting for your addy to cool down so you can take another vape. (FA) kiwi as the main flavor. You can shake and vape but I recommend putting it in hot water for 20 minutes. Its still a work in progress. I'm never happy. I blame my wife. Bahahaha!


Yes, I know. Another lemon vape, sue me. Anyway, Glas pound cake was one of my adv's and I sought to not necessarily clone it, but attempt the profile and spin it a bit to my taste. As I've vaped quite a few bottles of this stuff so far I think it's safe to say I did a good job in pleasing myself (insert your favorite joke here). wouldnt really try this one as a shake n' vape as the yellow cake really doesn't come out to play until day three.

JF Juicy Lemon: I use this lemon for just about everything; one of my favorite flavors. It's very bright with just the right amount of tartness to really stand out in a mix.
FA Meringue: Useful here in the aspect that it offers a very light baked note without making the mix too "dark." It adds to the sweetness and helps out with the glaze.
Cap Golden Butter: Don't know about you, but I make my poundcake with as much butter as I can so this flavor only makes sense. Yellow cake by itself is not exactly poundcake consistency so the butter helps in changing that.
FW Butter Cream: Used in a small percentage here for the lemon icing. It's sweet and one of the better icings available in my opinion for that sweetness.
JF Yellow Cake: Beautiful yellow cake flavor. Every bit as good as FW, but minus the sucrose. Fits very well here and frees the other ingredients to add the sweetness.
Tfa Cheesecake (graham crust): Added here in a small percentage to help along with turning the yellow cake into something more dense and moist. I first was using Cap NY, but I think this one was the way to go as it's a bit more subdued in flavor and only used for texture.

Testing out a new recipe. Notes to come once I have had a chance to steep. 10-14-16 tried after 3 days steep. Not bad. Needs more time to steep.

This is a new flavor guys and one of the most delicious fruits in the Caribbean and South America IMO. I'm going to give this a shot and see what I can come up with and what results do I get. I'll be updating to you guys as soon I get some results. I have lots of good feelings about really good recipes out of this flavor. Some of the characteristics of the guanabana is that pair very well with sour flavors such as pineapple, lime, passion and others. Also is very versatil to mix, such as shakes, custards, bakery and what ever you want to do with it. I decided to take the long route first for some reasons, flavors wise. This is so popular in my country that you can find it anywhere and I'm super happy to have it now in a vape version. Remember this is a 1st version recipe and is up to you if you want to wait for my results or give it your self a shot at it. Comments and opinions are always welcome.

Mix at 80 VG/ 20 PG

Shooting for a a nice creamy Strawberry Banana salt water taffy like we had as kids down the Shore.

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