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(FW) Butter Cream

By: Flavor West (FW)
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A creamy vanilla custard with a good dollop of banana, and a lovely slightly salted peanut butter back note,
Must steep for 2 weeks ish for the peanut butter to mellow, over powering from the off, I've not found a substitute for Hangsen PB, its V Good...
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 👌

You can S&V this one however it does get immensely better after a couple of days! Sweetener is optional on this one guys, I personally like a little sweetness so I added 1 drop (CAP SUPER SWEET) per 15ml.
I’ve been playing around with this recipe for quite some time now and i absolutely LOVE carrot cake so I really had to do this recipe some justice and in my eyes,this shit is tasty af! Please mix it up and leave me your feed back it would be most appreciated if you would also rate my recipe that would be great. 💙


This is a carrot cake recipe, meant to be given to the Carrot Cake Man. An elusive mystical figure who travels around Philadelphia, making lucky patrons happy with his wondrous Carrot cake.

Made on: "Let's Mix: Carrot Cake"

A thick,sweet toffee ice cream.Rum adds a little of a booze note and it is often used in real life ice creams to add body and balance.It can be vaped right out of the shake and doesn't change for about 5-6 days.At that time and for about 2-3 days VT pudding base shows up a little too much and then suddenly it balances again and stays the same..

I have no idea how this is going to turn out. After a steep I will update my results.

This is a simple vanilla dessert, with cookie crust. The FW Butter Cream adds the emulated nuttiness, along with the touch of AP, and the Graham fills out the base layer. Very simple, but is guaranteed to pair perfectly with your Thanksgiving dessert. Whether it's pumpkin, apple, or pecan pie and some espresso, it's meant to sit nicely with no contrasting profiles.

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Ready for the holidays?? I am!! This is my rendition of a southern classic. The Nog Buttercream Cake. Throughout my formulation process I got completely nogged out, but that doesn't make this recipe any less delectable.

CAP Sweet Cream / FW Butter Cream
These two append the icing/moistness to the cake. Butter Cream from FW does an awesome job of thickening bakeries with dense mouthfeel. The two together do a wonderful job of fattening up that unfortunate and slightly thin back-note of FLV Eggnog.

WF Princess Cake / JF Yellow Cake
These two obviously both have the word cake in their titles, so one could reasonably assume it makes up the cake. I went with Princess Cake based on a recommendation from @Shyndo so credit goes to him for that. JF Yellow Cake helps to supply a bit more cake note as I found Princess Cake to be a little on the airy side.

FLV Eggnog
By far the best eggnog concentrate I've dealt with hands down. It's a tad spice forward so we'll need to lift the thin back-note a tad with other contributors.

Add Complexity w/ an Accent
I like to add in right around .5% FW Maple Pecan. At a low % it contributes a light but noticeable nut to the cake, which is of course depicted in the thumbnail. If you're into bakeries with a light nut accent and have it on hand I recommend it's inclusion. Omitted in the main recipe as to be more available.

side note This is a STEEPER. It needs proper time to meld the flavoring, so aging is required. It's actually better after the 21 day mark though I am hesitant to call for a 3 week steep. As with any cream heavy recipe, keep in mind that it's better the longer it has to emulsify.

Have a wicked set of holidays! If you mix this up set it aside for Xmas and enjoy it as it melds together into a beautiful orgy of holiday themed flavors. 💦

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Original rant:

Rationale behind the marriage of rosemary, vanilla, and lemon: From time to time, my wife will simmer a pot of vanilla extract, slices of lemons, and sprigs of rosemary with water to scent the house. It is a delicious smelling aroma . . . and apparently, one of the scents that Williams-Sonoma uses to scent their stores (hence the name). I've always been enthralled by the scent and thought it might make for an interesting vape. Recently, she bought a cool mist aromatherapy diffuser and got amber vanilla, lemon, and rosemary scents to use in it. I found myself drawn to it. The amber vanilla added an almost bakery type aroma to the mixture, and I decided to get some rosemary concentrate to try my hand at this flavor. I got into DIY to scratch the itch for flavors that I could not readily buy . . . and this is something I've been wanting to try for quite some time.

I wanted vanilla to be dominant with lemon and rosemary falling in line behind it. This was not originally intended to be a custard, but I felt lacking the body of a custard really affected this and made it fall flat rather quickly. I knew I wanted it to have that same full-bodied flavor that I was getting from the aroma, so it needed that thick mouth-feel that only a custard can provide. This also helped add to the richness that I was getting from the aroma my wife concocts . . . when she boils water, lemons, rosemary, and vanilla, the scents come together to equal something much greater than the sum of their parts (I suspect it is due to the ingredients slowly cooking in the simmering pot).

The remix:

Variations on a theme. This is a remix of my first shared recipe. This mix seems much more cohesive with flavors layering and settling in together instead of on top of one another. The lemon is a bit more prominent with the rosemary blending in and acting as an earthy accent. This is perfectly sweet without any added sweetener. All in all, I feel like this mix better represents the original scent that inspired it. I used Wayne's combination of FW Butter Cream and French Vanilla with TFA Meringue from his Maple Vanilla. I kept Holy Vanilla and Shisha Rosemary from the original recipe. I used FE Lemon and INW Lemon Cake for the lemon layer and used FA Custard Premium for the custard layer. I used OOO Vanilla Marshmallow to blend the layers together and for its extra hint of vanilla and mouthfeel.

Mixed 60vg/40pg . . . works as a SNV but give it a day and it shines. Enjoy!

This is a Maple Vanilla, where you have this rich, bright vanilla cream-like body, infused with a deep maple flavor and sweetness. It's fucking delicious.
Also, it reminds me a lot of The Duchess, a popular custard by Kings Crest

Made on "Live Mixing: I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j5Qe4EHdj8


So, you can feel how you want about this, but to my knowledge this is the 100% Unicorn Milk. It started with a friend wanting a “clone” of it, so as most people do, I went and used the recipe of ELR. I’ve read through all the comments on there, blah, blah. I’ve mixed it before, and its good, and fairly accurate to the original, my local shop carries it so I tried side by side. But, just like many pointed out, I found that CAP Butter Cream was not out at the time that this recipe would have come out, so I figured I would try my hand on it.

I started my search making some assumptions. I assumed that CWS had the percentages correct, and the only thing wrong was butter cream. So then I thought to myself, maybe its a different butter cream? So I went and got the only other one that would be out at the time, FW. I used it, steeped it for a time, and the cream tasted a little closer but something was still off. I know the vanilla custard is in there, I can taste that anywhere, and sweet strawberry is unique and high enough to know that was in it for sure. The only other things it could be was cheesecake, sweet cream, and the graham cracker. I then made the sweet cream switch to tfa and fw, and neither was close to the original, so I kept it. The presence of NYC is very prevalent in a lot of S&C’s so I kept it, its not “noticeable” that low, but it provides a cream/dept. The last one was the graham cracker. It wasn’t tfa original, and when I tried tfa graham clear, it didn’t taste like the original as well. I went with FW and I felt that it worked.

I told my buddy that I felt I had figured out the changes, and he said “lets see” and called someone up on the phone there in the shop. He told him he had a friend that thinks he figure out UM and the guy said “If he reads off the ELR recipe, I’m just going to hang up”. We read this off and all he did was chuckle some, and said “I wouldn’t change a single thing” Apparently he is someone that had left the company a while ago, that knows the recipes. My buddy is someone I’ve known for years, and feel he wouldn’t just randomly call someone up, especially since I just walked in and said I finished it, and without hesitation called the guy. I feel he wouldn’t lie. So at this point, I feel my mix is spot on with the original, and to the best of my knowledge, was confirmed by an old employee. So the CWS was close, but not close enough as far as I’m concerned. I let my mixes sit a month before ever trying them, so I could compare to bottles that have sat in shops. The custards and creams probably come together at the 2 week mark, but I would say a month to be honest.

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