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This is a recipe i created for my girlfriend. This version is very good and got nice feedback from friend. Enjoy it

If you find a all day vape menthol bubble gun, this one is for you. Normaly i hate menthol but with heisenberg its different!

I wanted something else besides another candy for some sweetness. This is no doubt the stringy bubble gum we used to chew playing baseball as a kid!

Ok guys so this is a sideways twist on my world famous Spank my monkey bubblegum thought I would twist this one up alil bit and out some strawberry and watermelon in this one seeing that spring is close

This was a recipe I mixed up for a friend of mine craving some grape Dubble Bubble gumballs. I figured I would share it with the world since it came out delicious.

FW Grape and LA Grape, two of the best artificial grape flavors come together to make the perfect grape candy combo. I also added a touch of FLV Grape, which is by far one of the greatest yet most powerful candy grape flavors I’ve ever tried. It really makes the whole grape aspect pop.
FW Bubblegum, one of my favorite bubblegum flavors. Basically, pink Dubble Bubble. This flavor can be a little weird. There isn't much texture nor is there enough mouthfeel imo. People used to mix this flavor at absurd percentages for the full on gumball flavor. IDK how they did 10-12%. The gum flavor is super strong to me. I added the ethyl maltol to soften the edges along with adding that natural sweetness and also added FA Oba Oba to punch up the overall candy profile of the entire mix. It also adds some extra mouth feel so you're almost chewing on some delicious bubblegum.
This stuff is good right out of the gate, but I just suggest giving it a few days to become one with the VG and mellow out a bit. ENJOY!
This is a super simple mix and I know for sure you can take the gumball half and add different fruits to it to makes some other gums. Give that a try sometime, I make a watermelon gum this way too.


So i think I've finished creating my grape candy stone, if you could call it that. It's just a very sweet candied artificial grape, which is what i was going for.

Then the bubblegum... Another pain in arse. Bubble gum concentrates are generally very dry and powdery, so a gain just the one wasn't enough. Fw jawbreaker really helps bring it all together.

I can't recommend or vouch for any substitutions in this recipe, as I've probably tried them all anyway.

If you like any kind of bubble gum, especially grape. You'll love this. Enjoy!

Mango watermelon bubblegum. To me it varies from hit to hit. One hit i will taste mostly mango bubble gum, the next will be mostly watermelon bubble gum, next they blend together. Its very interesting, and very tasty.

This is my first go at a Fruity / Bubblegum mix that does not have a throat hit because of the fruit flavors in it.

One could add 0.25 Cactus for juiciness, I did not have Cactus to play with so I left it out in the Recipe.

I get a delightfully fruity taste from this, I just need to get it juicier.
But all in all, I am pleased with the taste of this.

Who in the Crap said that bubblegum flavors aren't the beez kneez???

This one is!!!!
And if you liked any commercial bubble gum flavors, then you'll love this DIY'ers example of what a bubblegum flavor should taste like!!!
I'm not tootin' my own horn; I speak the truth, folks!

Inw peach is the peach to have , and strawberry ripe complements strawberry sweet by JF so well. Followed by this minimal amount of sweetener necessary to mimick the powdered sugar when you unwrap the piece and plop it in your mouth. Sour (malic acid) only adds depth and that sour'ish effect that gets your beak slightly puckered, and your mouth salivating for more.

Decided to start a fight during Listen To This With Yanchunis when ol CenCalVape said fruit recipes were boring. Tried to coax him into a live mix off but he displayed true cowardice, so I still went with it. My dude DrunkLord aka Jerry aka Barry aka Dairy aka Mary suggested a dragonfruit recipe, so that's what we got here. Something like a dragonfruit/pineapple bubble gum. I'm not going to give crazy notes on this because, well, this was a bullshit five minute off the top mix.

However, it's pretty decent if you're looking for a new shake and vape fruit recipe. That Juicy Fruit bubble gum flavour is up front here, but the body of the mix has some nice tropical and pineapple notes, and that strawberry candy sweetness comes in on the back end.

It's been a minute since I've enjoyed a simple fruit mix, so I'm happy. Give it a mix and keep fucking up.

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