(FW) Blueberry Graham Waffle

By: Flavor West (FW)
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A bakery recipe with blueberries.My goal was to take the berry taste from complex flavours,instead of using a straight blueberry flavour,which i find that most of them are overpowering

So i made this mix about a year ago decided to share it .(If you would like to make it slightly creamier use maybe some [FA] meringue at 0.5% or Vapetrains cheesecake at 0.5% I personally used Vapewilds say, cheesecake at 0.5% and it’s surprisingly good ) It’s Blueberry Waffles STUFFED with creamy cream cheese , And some blueberry syrup to top it off. My girl loves this recipe . I know most people probably don’t have vape wild concentrates so if you don’t i suggest you go pick up there say cheesecake it’s pretty good like i said . also there kiwi is lit . I bought them like the first time i started mixing .


Just absolutely on point. I’ve made a crap ton of waffle recipes but none like this. This is a one shot. Blows any blueberry pancake waffle recipe completely out of the water. My customers love this recipe they just love it. Blueberry graham waffle lacks in the waffle so I backed it up with the Belgian waffle and biscuit. Obviously the blueberry from fw is more of a candied blueberry witch fits here because as soon as you dump maple syrup on a real blueberry you’ve got candied blueberries. And the whip cream just tops it off and it’s supposed to be sweet but really it’s not that sweet. It’s just right. You can literally taste the separate layers in this recipe. I will be supersizing my 10 ml bottle of blueberry graham waffle by flavor west. You could use either maple syrups fa or tfa there both great

This is my first mix I have posted I've been mixing for adopt 6 months stalking on reddit and diyordie wed site just been in the back learning as I can
I went with FW blueberry graham waffle as my foundation and used the others to kinda back it up as I felt it needed lots of help

My take on a fresh baked Blueberry Muffin. This is the first version of this recipe and I feel it came out absolutely wonderful! Feel free to tweak to your liking! I am a fairly new mixer (4 months) so if you enjoy this recipe please rate and share with your friends!

Steep Time: Is good right away but even better if left at least 24hrs. For full out flavor steep 5-10 days.

FLV Blueberry Muffin and FA Bilberry are the stars of the mix and adds a wonderful slightly cooked Blueberry flavor to the mix. FA Bilberry adds a dark blueberry flavor and helps keep the blueberry from washing out through the steep.

Tpa Blueberry Extra is used to add backbone to the blueberry in flv Blueberry muffin and round out the blueberry a touch.

FW Blueberry Graham Waffle is used to add even more Blueberry goodness and also to add a bit of baked flavor to the bready notes.

Tpa Brown sugar is used to add to that dark bready baked profile I was looking for and is just excellent in bakeries in general!

FW Yellow Cake is the main bread body for the muffin

CAP cake Batter is used to add more of a cakey mouthfeel and texture to the mix

FA Cookie is used to complete and round out the muffin body and is an excellent playmate with FLV Blueberry Muffin

CAP Golden Butter is there because who eats a fresh baked Blueberry muffin without butter!?

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream is used to add a touch of creaminess to the entire mix and just works.

CAP Super Sweet is used at 3/4 of a percent to sweeten the mix. I prefer sweet juices but you can omit this one if you want.

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