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(FW) Blueberry

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Started with Silky's Gonzo, and substituted Blueberry Juicy Ripe for the candy flavor to add a realistic blueberry note, and substituting OOO Milky since I don't have FA Milk.

I haven't stopped vaping it since I made it so I'm posting it for others to enjoy. Credit to Silky for most of this.

Good as an SnV but the mouthfeel is noticeably "denser" after a day's steep, almost like a blueberry donut. Haven't been able to let it sit for longer than that so YMMV with longer steep times!

Sweet & Gummy Blueberry Candy, all with 3 simple concentrates.

Talking with a few people on the DIY EJuice Discord, particularly @Foment_life - I have decided to take a dive at a second version of my Blueberry Gummy Candy. Packing a nice candied blueberry punch with a full gummy mouthfeel, I find this a perfect ADV. SnV Certified - Just like last time!

I'm only going to note changes I have done, if you want to view the original flavour notes head to v1.

FW Blueberry - I replaced TFA Blueberry Candy with this, per recommendation from foment, and wow it really makes this recipe pop in the blueberry aspect without taking away any of the candy. This takes the blueberry from tasting more like a hard candy blueberry into a more fluffy and full sweet blueberry that I really think improves this recipe a ton. Thanks fo!

CAP Jelly Candy - Nothing too special, I just upped this concentrate by .5%. This helps support the gummy feeling just a bit more, especially since the blueberries are a bit more heavy handed now. Definitely always my go to for a gummy additive.

I think this recipe is finally done (This will probably come back to bite me in my ass but hey). I will be making a pod adaptation for this soon now that its finalized. :)

You like blueberries? Try this lavish blueberry milk. Enjoy.

madfre live on fresh o3 havent mixed it yet but was requested for the stream will update after mixed

A fairly simple flavor profile of blueberry and pomegranate. Thanks ediblemalfunction for the blueberry trinity used in this recipe.

Flavor Choices

The blueberry

as described above the blueberry trinity was implemented. A very good combo of 3 different blueberry flavorings.

Blueberry FW
Blueberry Extra TFA
Bilberry FA

My original version of this didn't have Bilberry FA in it, which was also good in its own right. I just wanted to try it with the bilberry added in and percentages adjusted.


Pretty simple, I just used TFA's Pom for this. Tasty stuff at 2-3% range. I like the subtle almost "sourness" this flavor gives, yet I wouldn't say floral, but I could see it becoming floral at higher percentages.

This is a recipe that aims to do what I did with Blue Mango, except with a banana.

Great mix give it a try u won't regret it

Great mix give it a try u won't regret it

This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: NaChef, Max Savage, Graham, and Folkart.
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A really easy to mix blueberry yogurt, simple and delicious.

Flavor Notes