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So this is my remix of developed Blueberry champagne. I love me some good champagne vape, and in this I used my current champagne base which is white grapefruit, moscato, citrus soda and ws-5.
I don’t know how many actually use ws5, but it is perfect for a carbonated sensation. Ws 5 are hitting you in the mouth instead of the throat like ws23.

Sour lemon is there to pop the blueberry and huckleberry to add some depth to the blueberry, making it less candy.


A simple Blueberry that's smooth and I keep going back to this so I shared it with you.

Please let me know if this is out there already.

“Blueberry shortbread cookie with icing” A really good blueberry vape.everything mixes together so well in this recipe.gotta make a big batch

Boo Berry Doughnut//Cream Filled.

TFA Crunchy Berry Cereal for the base flavor.

FW Blueberry to make it more boo (blue).

CAP Cereal 27 for some extra cereal crunch and darkness.

FA Zeppola for body and over-all darkness

WF Glazed Doughnut/Crispy Wafer for the main body.

WF Bavarian Cream because it envelopes the cereal part more than CNV Vanilla Pudding.


I know I've got a lot of cheesecake in my book but I just love Cheesecake. I decided to use LOVE in this recipe as I feel it would be nice and something different.
Love gives it that nice creamy feel just to help out the Vienna cream. I feel using blueberry Jam gives it a bit more punch.
Give it a go, I like it.


fist attempt to mix a vitamin water XXX juice. I've mixed this a few times and am happy with the mix. This is SNV able but does get better with a few days steep.


For everyone who likes a nice sweet treat now and again I present Blue Candy!

I would go over all the flavors, but they are pretty self explanatory here.

The only one I will mention is the Blue Dwarf (INW). I was disappointed in this flavor at first, but it plays into this recipe perfectly at 0.50%. It is a strong flavor so if you get it and decide to use it in any other recipes, I definitely would not go over the 0.50% I have used here.

It is a candy so of course I added the Super Sweet.

Enjoy! (Shake and Vape Friendly although I do recommend a few days steeping for everything to come together a little better)

Happy Mixing and Happy Vaping!

CV :)

I'm honestly not even sure where to begin on this. Lately I've just been throwing things at the wall to see what sticks and I think this one sorta stuck. I've been wanting to use blueberries more and this is what happened on my first attempt in ages. It's very candy. If you like sweet, give it a shot. Sweetener is optional, I put it in there by default but I think it may be just fine without it.


This is my favorite blue raspberry recipe so far. FYI, I actually used central vapors Blueberry in this recipe and it turnout

Okay guys i am canadian and the belgium waffle listed as LB is actually a house line from vancouver island DIY aka ejuices.ca and the ooo blueberry cream was actually van island DIY's blueberry ice cream i did my best to sub in other flavours to hope yall can replicate this is my best recipe to date

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