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(FW) Blue Raspberry

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 266 recipes at an average of 4.399%.


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I have been holding off on releasing this recipe till Chef's finally got some stock back in of the intriguing yet delicious "Crystal Blue" by Decadent Vapours. Finally that time has come!
I have always liked the idea of creating something that also kinda replicates a visual experience in flavour.

This is what is known as a "symphonic sensory" experience.

Picture this, you enter a dangerous glacier cavern but take that risk of entering into it to experience something unique but special.
To help you get the picture take a look at this short 3min Vid:

This has been my inspiration of creation as I introduce to you,

A delectable vape that is unique, special & beautiful.
A little cool but refreshing. Some subtle sweetness with comforting and familiar back notes of flavour that keep this from becoming just another cool vape.

There is so much beautiful complexity in DV Crystal Blue and is an amazing flavour to build off once you get past the blue color.
It offers fruit's kissed with a little anise that just works & I don't like anise.
I wanted to work on delivering some additional freshness to this recipe and Cap lemon lime certainly delivered that.
To enhance the feeling of being surrounded in a Blue Ice Cave, while also feeling comfortable and fresh, I lend to the familiarity of those commercial blue candy notes that are inherent in the FW Blue Raspberry and contrast it with RF Blueberry Lemonade Slushie & FW Blue Ice with the right balance and restraint to avoid a collapse. To add a little extra element to this amazing cool experience the FLV Ice offers another subtle dimension to the slight yet pleasant coolness in this profile.
I would recommend this to anyone that even detests a menthol, or cool vape of any description because it is unlike any other, this is an experience!

Are you ready to go straight ahead?

Enjoy the Iceberg experience & let me know how you enjoyed it in the comments below.

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

"Together, Let's Discover!!!"

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IMO this is a very pleasant and enjoyable vape on a single coil RDA at 60W with a SST single coil at 0.2 ohm

Steep Time 3 Days for best results.

Nice blue candy wow so original lol i have messed with this mix for quite awhile and must say im happy with this one.


IMPORTANT: CAP Lemon Lime's gravity (g per ml) by default is way above what it should be. If you mix by weight, mix CAP Lemon Lime as 1g = 1ml.

CAP Super Sweet is optional.

VapeWild doesn't add cooling, but 2 drops per 30ml of WS-23 works well if you're into that.

No steep required, shake and vape!

A blue raspberry lemonade at heart, but with an "electric" kick from the Koolada and Peppermint. Sweet and refreshing at the same time. I have to give credit to my fiance for the addition of the Koolada and Peppermint to give it the kick.

This started as a clone of Fitzcelli by VPN. Then I felt like I could do it better, and if you like lime, then I think I've done just that.

7 months, over 50 recipe' s made, hundreds of single flavor testing. This is the only juice my hubby will vape. He said he would only vape it if it was spot on. None of the remixes out there are even close. To my surprise chubby bubble doesn't have any bubble gum flavoring in it. I believe the boysenberry gives it a bubblegum feel.

I realized after single flavor testing, chubby is made with FW flavors.

Fw Blue razz- kind of an unusual blue razz flavor to me very difficult to describe. More of a bright sweet raspberry with a very candy feel.

Fw Cotton candy- self explanatory. Adds sweetness from within.

FW raspberry- this raspberry has slight floral notes. It is more of a candy raspberry flavor bright but not sweet.

FW Boysenberry- I believe this adds a boost to the raspberry while adding a berry bubble gum flavor.

If you don't like sweetner don't add it. This is a remix of a commercial juice so guess what lots of sweetner.

Remember those candy sticks you diped in the candy power. Well this is the blue power. All comments welcome. Enjoy.

I've been working on this recipe for the last month and a half, I feel it's really close to the original and delicious as it is. I used fw blue raspberry because I know it's definitely in the original, I used the harvest berry to tone down the blue raspberry and add a BlackBerry type of note. The citrus punch I thought was the best citrus for this type of recipe as I was looking for a light citrus note not something thats gonna dominate the mix. And finally cap super sweet was definitely needed in this mix to give that commercial type taste and it brings everything together, without the sweetener this recipe wouldn't work. This is the type of recipe that tastes better and better as it steeps, when the mix turns a light yellow thats when its ready.

A Blue Raspeberry Bubble Gum Remix ! Mix this one up leave your feedback !! Thanks SK!!!!! #Remix


If I am struck with blindness later in life, and had to describe what blue tasted like? This is what it tastes like to me. This is just your simple Blue Jelly Candy recipe, that is not so flavor excessive percentage wise, and is a quick and ready shake and vape for someone on the go.

FLV Boysenberry - This is one of my personal favorites out of my repertoire to use in mixing. It can be used in simple recipes, it can be used in complex recipes. In this one, it's the main squeeze, and this is mainly what you'll be tasting.

FW Blue Raspberry - Including myself, a lot of DIY mixers aren't too fond of this flavor, and I have struggled using this as main profiles, and in other mixes in general. But I used this one as more of an enhancer with the Boysenberry, and it works rather well in my opinion at the 1% that it's set at.

CAP Jelly Candy - Another one of my personal favorites to use in my collection, CAP's Jelly Candy provides a gummy flavor, that brightens alot of fruits in recipes, and doesn't take away from your main fruit profiles. I wouldn't go any higher than 2.5%

RF Sour Gummy - Well, I don't have RF Sour Gummy in particular, I have the repackaged RF, North West Sour Gummy, that is VG based. I've used this flavor mainly like how others use TFA's Marshmallow as more of a mouth feel, and to give the flavor more girth. If you have RF Sour Gummy, I would probably do half the percentage of my North West percentage since RF's PG liquid should be more potent.

FA Kiwi - I used Kiwi in this, just to add more brightness, and to give it more of a summer feel to the profile. Probably wouldn't use this any higher than 1%, unless you have a different profile you want to achieve

CAP Super Sweet - I used 3 drops per 15ml of Super Sweet because well, this is a candy recipe. So it only makes sense. But could get away without using Sweetener if that isn't up your alley

Flavor Notes