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(FW) Blood Orange

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: fruit

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Standard orange creamsicle with a tiny blood orange kick. The blood orange gives the orange a slight bitterness. If you do not want that or don't like blood orange, you can omit it.

Mamasan Guava Pop was one of the first juices I ever vaped. I didn't like it at first, but ended up really liking it. I tried cloning it a few times with no success. When I started playing around with a few POG recipes I started getting that taste I was looking for. ENYAWREKLAW's POG Remix recipe was the one I was mixing when I found the flavor I was searching for. Thank you Wayne. I added and subtracted, back and forth. This is what I came up with. I may tweak it a tad in the future, but this is tasty.. These fruits just blended into just what I was looking for. In the end I actually like this one better. I get a little more orange flavor. The juicy lemon brings this one together IMO. Good shake and vape. It really comes together after a few days.

The drink really calls for a different orange but I made it fancy. Feel free to 1 star this if it makes you puke all over yourself and lets you lose your dignity in front of your friends. ;) Oh... by the way this is a cranberry amaretto kiss... And don't worry if you 1 star me I won't complain and throw a fit like an entitled princess ;)

Tropical blend of Mango, Grapefruit and Granadilla

Mango: First version of this had the FLV Mango on it's own, it was almost there but wasn't exactly where I wanted it. The best way I can describe it would be when a Mango ripens but still has some green on the skin. CAP Sweet Mango helps to ripen the fruit up to where I like it the best, when the skin is a riot of sunset yellows and reds but before it becomes overripe and begins to lose its fleshy texture.

Grapefruit: FLV Pink Guava does a good job of masquerading as a Grapefruit. I added a bit of FW Blood Orange to push forward the citrus notes and sweeten up the mix slightly. Not super authentic more like Grapefruit juice.

Granadilla: I used FA Passionfruit which is what it's known as outside of South Africa. Had it higher up initially but found the harshness a little distracting, dialed it down lower to where it still has a presence but without as much throat hit.

Works as a shake and vape, I like it most after a day or two steep.

I took inspiration from a bunch of different "Strawberry Cream" recipes. This is a much darker vape, without being too heavy. It's a dam fine S&V but 4 or 5 days in it's even better. It's very sweet so take out the sweetener if want a less sweet vape. If you mix it leave me a note so I can get better at this mixing thing.

A deliciously delicious orange glazed cookie for the cookie lovers who crave a little departure from the plethora of stock standard cookies out 'there'...

This is a wonderfully rich orange glaze, generously spooned over a hot, oven baked cookie.

The Duck Sauce
INW Shisha Orange has a fabulous sweet Valencia orange syrup profile and gets the nice bittery rind from the goodness of FW Blood orange, forming the base of this thick orange marmalade-type sauce.
INW Marzipan provides the cushion for the glaze with it's unique and natural (bitter) almond profile counterbalanced by the morish sweetness typically found in Marzipan.
LA CCI provides just the right amount tartness and stickyness to bring all the elements together to form a well balanced orange sauce.

The cookie
I went for a tried and tested classic combo - CAP sugar cookie and INW Biscuit - the undisputed Kings of cookies. Period. This is the bed to receive lashings of warm duck sauce and does not detract from the star of the show.

The meringue acts as a bit of a springboard for the glaze and adds a touch of sweetness to the cookie - playing on both sides of the fence in this recipe.

Mix her up and dip her in your tea - you'll be back for more!

7 to 10 day steep for the CCI is play nicely...

Made this for a redditor who wanted something based on this:


I think I hit the nail right on the head. If you want something fruity, calming and lightly floral then look no further.

(can make without the black tea, its good either way)

Description by /u/theamdman on reddit:

"This juice is something different to try, it's nothing like the testosterone filled bottles that caress TFV12 tanks all over the country, but rather something to taste and enjoy a juice that is just pleasant, and not something savory to leave a bland yet powerful taste, instead a flavor that becomes more and more enjoyable, as if it's a fine wine that gets better as your taste buds acquire the caressing of a gentle, tropical hibiscus used to complement an orange stage with hints of black tea putting vocals in the instrumental. It itches an itch that you never even noticed that you had and gives your self a vape that really makes you taste and smell every bit of this nebulous nebula."
Another thing I've noticed is that this juice also seems to be better at a lower power. It's really soft.

// Amaretto Summer Cocktail //

This recipe was made for the DIY Subreddit FOTW posted by ID10-T about Amaretto recipes.

This is not a recipe with many differential layers where you have a base, top note, etc. Instead, all the flavors work toghether with each other to enhance the best they have to offer to the final product.

The Pink Lemonade with the Black Tea makes a syrupy sweet drink base, where the Black Tea act as Dragonfruit or Cactus does in other cases, adding that wet and sweet feeling without earthy notes or blending too much the mix.

FW Almond Amaretto is for me very similar to the liqueur with no alcoholic note and more in the citric side with a subtle almond in the back. The Blood Orange and Peach Juicy pairs with that citric note and adds some sweet fruit to the cocktail.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to play with it and give your most honest opinion and suggestions!!

(English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part)

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