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This stuff is super weird ... and a little bit addictive. Sweet, salty, spicy, sour ... and it annihilates vaper's tongue. Shock your palette and get flavors working right again. Pretty cheap, too.

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(FW) Blood Orange

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: fruit

Used in 876 recipes at an average of 2.128%.


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Another blind attempt at one of Grimmgreen's juices. This is based on Rainbow Sherbet in the Dark. This will definitely undergo some tweaking in the future, but it's good as is too. In the current format the Lime and Ice Cream base are too dominant. Since I made this I had the original, and that is more orange dominant with what tastes like FW blood orange.

The gelato is in this just for the eggy flavor it brings which I like. It will probably be dropped because the meringue should carry the egg white/sugar needs.


I've never actually had a POG juice (beverage or vape) so I relied on some friends to guide me. After a few iterations, this seems to be pretty settled as the final recipe. My friends say the balance is good and that it's pretty similar to Naked 100's. I'm certainly enjoying it.

CAP Sweet Tangerine is so spot on for powdered orange drink just adding the freshness of FW Blood Orange (the best orange) made for a solid orange juice base. FA Passionfruit seems to be the best from reviews, I went with CAP Sweet Guava over FLV Pink Guava because it tastes more ripe and doesn't have the earthy note of the FLV. Then I just needed TPA Dragonfruit to blend it all together and INW Cactus for some extra juiciness.


Lets be real. We've talked about it on BLND and Beginner Blending. I'll stop being lazy.
It's Sweet Tarts. True to the name.
It's easily the most authentic profile I have ever made, down to the chalkiness.
It's just an amazing candy vape, and is spot on Sweet Tarts.

All image rights go to http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Sweet-Tarts/


this is the only commercial juice i have ever liked, and have not been able to get close till now. Pretty spot on at least to me.

In response to the recent spotlight on INW Shisha Punch in Ep. 1 of the new "Noted" podcast on the DIYorDIE Network, methinks another Shisha Punch offering is due.

"A fantastic treat for those summer nights, and pairs perfectly with an adult beverage."

INW Shisha Punch is an incredible, spicy, yet fragrant and satisfying blend. It is usually the cornerstone of any recipe it joins, as it is highly potent and hard to subdue. Thus, we use it here at a careful 0.3%. Shisha Punch also blends famously well with the oily, zesty nature of FW Blood Orange, used here at 2.5%. Once again, the two are joined successfully for a light mulled-orange spice.

Here, we blend the subtly-spiced orange base together with the fragrant fruit combo of the amazing FLV Persimmon, and our old reliable pal, TFA Pear. A simple recipe sure to set your olfactory system right again. (A great cure for olfactory fatigue, a.k.a: Vaper's Tongue, as well)

Works great as a shake-and-vape. Allow 48 hours for the Shisha Punch to back down a bit for a nice balance.

I do hope you enjoy!

(INW Shisha Punch also works best as a dilution. When using a 10% dilution, one can add more to a given recipe. This achieves a higher accuracy with a flavoring where ONE SINGLE extra drop can be the difference between awesome and offensive.)

(The 0.3% noted here is the full-strength, non-diluted commercial flavoring.)

This recipe is very delicious! A nice sweet fruity summertime mix.
Good as a shake and vape, but obviously gets better as the creams come thru.

I have gone back and forth with cap lemon lime and fa lime Tahiti.
but definitely prefer the lime Tahiti in this recipe

TPA Sweet Raspberry at 3% adds the just the right amount of Raspberry with enough sweetness
CAP Sweet Tangerine & FW Blood Orange create a tasty orange flavor in this recipe
FA Lime Tahiti at .5" gives the lime flavor without overpowering the mix..

Inw Shisha vanilla adds a nice vanilla flavor reminiscent of a sherbet

TPA Vanilla bean gelato And cap vanilla whipped cream to attemp a sherbet feel

I have added .25% super sweet as it really does help brighten the flavors

Thanks for taking the time!

Shake and vape certified.

I never really delve into the world of tropical treats and I had some flavours that I was yet to try. I was hoping for a juicy tropical punch with a bit of a creamy back end, did some research and then put this together and was surprised. It's yummy delicious.

It's a sweet juicy orange juice, subtle pineapple with hint of coconut and a slight and very faint bit of strawberry, the strawberry is admittedly a little lost, however, I don't want to remove it as I like what this is. Then on the exhale its less orange and a bit more cream. Then when you've finished your exhale, you get this faint banana around your mouth with some coconut sat at the back. All round, I like it and you might too!

SUBBING - the only one I can think of is switching Red Touch for TFA Strawberry Ripe/Strawberry but maybe drop it to just 2%. I haven't tried it though and I don't really like the concept of subbing ingredients (BOOOOOOO!).


Papaya is upfront, with Banana layered in to reduce any pepper note from the Papaya and to thicken. Mango dialed in at just the right level to sit in the middle. Fresh Cream as a thickener. Blood Orange pairs with the Hypnotic Myst sits in the background to provide a muddled orange w/floral notes that can be tasted on the exhale.


A sweet, sour, tart and cool Allday Summervape.

Lemonade as Base, Blood Orange, Lime Tahity and Ruby Red Grapefruit as Citruselements, Strawberry Shisha and Raspberry Sweet as the pink Part.

Sweetener and Koolada to Taste.

(Edit): lowered Ruby Red to 1.5 and Lemonade to 2.5, Kudos to Krucial for the tweaking Tips :)

Enjoy :)

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