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In my search for a Hawaiian Punch recipe, I took another approach - I searched for what moms were making in the kitchen for their kids. After only a couple of minor revisions, I must say that if this juice was a woman, I'd put a ring on it :)

Note: Apricot and Passion Fruit are from unlisted vendor Flavor Artists (substitutions should be fine)

Since I started doing DiY, there's only one premium flavor I've really missed, and that's Blue Dot Vapor's Dots Custard. It is a vanilla custard with an undertone of orange, and just a hint of graham cracker. After some experimenting, I think I've got it. It may not be as sweet as the juice I've ordered hundreds of ml of, but the flavor profile is bang-on. As a custard flavor, this sucker needs a good steep.

Based on a recipe from HeadlessMami on Reddit, adjusted for more modern flavors and gear.
Like cosmopolitans? Then you'll like this cocktail vape for the summer! Cranberry, Citrus, and a little bit of bubbly.

Mixed for the Blood Orange episode of Noted

An old recipe I created back when I was first doing DIY in 2016. Rebalanced a bit for Noted, bit not quite finished.
It's a peach bellini inspired vape. Champagne with peach, and a twist of citrus to give it some depth.

I plan to tweak it by swapping out the lemon to a better one in the future, with maybe some other tweaks for v2 (better peach, maybe coolant?)

Champagne Blood Orange Crème Brûlée screams for many Valentine's Day. That seems to be a popular dessert, from the vibrant and slightly bitter red blood orange to the bubbly in a rich creme brulee!

That was the starting point to recreate this as an enjoyable vape.
First recipes with a combination of the INW Cream Brulee and Custard didn't provide enough room for the champagne. The idea of a 1-2-3 recipe came to my mind after putting the recipe to rest for several weeks.

The VTA Blood Orange Champagne combines an artificial mediocre blood orange with delicious bubbly champagne. The champagne has the right level of the body, sweetness, and high notes to sit tastefully on a Creme Brulee.
FW Blood Orange at 1% completes the fruit with the right hint of bitterness and bends the blood orange of VTA in the right direction.
For the Cream Brulee, less is more and 2% bring the right balance to the mix.



A Blood Orange Sour Bourbon is exactly what I was longing for these hot days. This was the starting point to recreate this as an enjoyable vape.

FW Blood Orange brings the full fruit with the right strong bitterness to it but was on its own a bit overwhelming in providing the Blood Orange as the main note in a reasonable percentage to stand the other flavors. Adding FA Blood Orange in a 2:1 ratio helped in that direction.

For the Sour, I had a look on several bartender blogs and found multiple ratios of Lime or Lemon with straight sugar syrup. The TPA Key Lime with the CAP Super Sweet does the trick in the mix and complements the Blood Orange main note nicely.

The Bourbon was with a mix of TPA Kentucky Bourbon and FLV Bourbon a solid well-known combination to start with. The TPA Toasted Marshmallow added a hint of smoky notes with the advantage of really mellowing all the flavors together and increasing the mouthfeel.


This is a Sour Patch/Zotz mix up
I was trying to put TPA Blood Orange but it only came up as TPA Orange Blood - Italy.
This is pretty damn good off the shake. If you like candy Vapes go for it.

This is a Sour Patch/Zotz mix up
I was trying to put TPA Blood Orange but it only came up as TPA Orange Blood - Italy.
This is pretty damn good off the shake. If you like candy Vapes go for it.

"Orange Cream (WF)" en mi opinión es una buena crema de naranja en general y como "main note", pero necesita un poco de ayuda.
Por este mismo motivo añado "Blood Orange (FW)"+"Sweet Tangerine (CAP)" para acentuar la naranja, ya que soy más de frutas que de postres y para mi gusto queda mejor así.
"Garden Mint (SSA)" es para mi la mejor menta "natural" que he probado y la pongo en esta receta para dar la ilusión de esa hoja de menta...
"Ginger Root (VT)" siguiendo la receta original de Crema de Naranja, aquí casi resulta inapreciable pero aporta complejidad a la receta, te invito a que hagas la prueba con y sin gengibre y luego me dices en los comentarios...
El resto de aromas complementan el postre o la crema, que a mi me gusta suave y de fondo.
He añadido Super Sweet y creo que se acerca más a los estandares comerciales de esa manera, pero podría prescindir de el aquí.
WS-23 para ese postre recien salido del frigorífico...

Está bueno después de mezclarlo pero te estarás perdiendo los detalles si no lo dejas macerar al menos 5 días. Yo personalmente lo dejo 7 días mínimo y va mejorando hasta los 20 días o así, luego mantiene muy bien las propiedades sin llegar a mejorar demasiado trás esos 20 días.


So J2O is a non alcoholic range of fruit drinks popular at bars and clubs in the British Isles (and Chicago for some reason) for designated drivers and teetotalers. The orange one is a very rich, and very sweet blended drink and my personal favourite, after a few variations and some help from the subreddit's Discord I think I have got pretty close to the profile I want.

FW Blood Orange/FA Mandarin/SSA Nectarine - This makes up the main orange component. Blood Orange for the main fresh juice body with FA Mandarin supporting the other two and filling in the blank notes. SSA Nectarine is the star and hits the perfect top note of the orange profile I'm looking for. Tried a few other subs and combos but this one hits the right chord.

CNV Passion Fruit - Beautiful flavour; this pairs with the SSA really well and the two compliment each other. This helps a lot as the original drink has the Orange and Passion Fruit notes very much blended together.

INW Cactus/TPA Marshmallow/CAP Super Sweet - In the original drink the fruit is sweet and then has added sugar on top, hence the marshmallow and super sweet. The marshmallow also helps to bring all the fruit together and let them get to know each other. Cactus to wet things up and turn it closer to a drink profile.

Give it a go and I hope you like it!

Image by Matty Ring @ Flickr used under CC Attribution

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