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(FW) Blood Orange

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: custard

Used in 1178 recipes at an average of 2.164%.
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Do to the flu I cant taste shit but I didn't want to vape straight menthol, so I developed this little recipe.
I can't really tell if its absolute garbage but I'm fairly confident on my mixing skills
IF YOU ARE NOT SICK LOWER THE MENTHOL DOWN TO 0.75 - 1 (adjust to taste)

The koolada might be overkill but as I said, I cant taste anything and it helps with my congestion so you could drop that as well.

Version 2 for Shitty Development with Coke. Not a success. Learning opportunity.

An Alabama Slammer is a cocktail made with amaretto, Southern Comfort, sloe gin, and orange juice.

This recipe is inspired by the drink. Its ingredients are made just like the beverage and need approx. 1-2 wk steep. Its been so cold and snowy here lately and this bring a little summer back in the middle of the cold WI winter!!


Made for the #IcanMakeItBetter Challenge on Fresh03's show. Chose an older recipe on ELR that was highly rated, and tried to make it a little more modern and to my tastes

Oranges have been grown since ancient times and originated in Southeast Asia.

I got given a bottle of Cosmic Fog Euphoria and the juice was ok but I really liked the flavor profile and I thought I'd have a go at my own version.
This juice is orange, lemon, berry crunch cereal and cream.

Some people say that this one is better than the original , one thing is 100% , that is not 100% clone of the original,maybe a next batch will come closer to the original but is near 85-90% qaccurate clone ..youe feedback would be 100% usefull for me !

steep time 25-30 days

A recipe I wanted to make based on Harambe, may that gentle giant rest in peace. It started out with banana's, and blood orange. I then had to figure out a way to tie those together, as they really don't mesh very well. I added the banana cream/cream to help emulsify everything together, and the hazelnut to be the tie in ingredient between the two. Enjoy!

Love me some Lemonade, but was looking to make a flavor that I hadn't tasted before. This recipe initially began as POG lemonade and after few versions it grew into something different. Enjoy, Hope you all like it. Feedback as more than welcome.

FW Lemonade ( is my Lemonade of choice swap out yours)

Orange is a mix FW Blood Orange is to add the tart notes to the orange and the Lemonade. CAP is to fill the Orange out.
INW Shisha Orange And Hibiscus are both to add a syrupiness and peel note to make it more like a beverage.

TFA Honeysuckle for the sweet light floral note, but also to try and keep the throat harshness down (it replaced FA PassionFruit)

CAP Sweet Guava adds the tropical note to the lemonade and tartness.

Flavor Notes

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