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(FW) Blood Orange

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: fruit

Used in 1069 recipes at an average of 2.138%.


58 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Yep another fruit ring.... its pretty good I'm in week one of a steep I think it can go to two weeks . give it a try

Mixed up for the DMC cinnamon challenge.

This is a satisfying and rich coffee cake infused with flecks of burnt orange and cinnamon, drizzled with a thick vanilla frosting...

The FW Coffee Cake is an unsung hero in the FW stable and provides the base and body for this simple, yet complex brew. The warmth of the cinnamon in the dense coffee cake is accented by the undisputed king of cinnamons, FLV Rich cinnamon. This addition takes this luxurious cake to the next level without detracting from its essence, if used low... one drop per 30ml is plenty.

The Blood orange is a perfect and natural pairing for cinnamon and works beautifully here. It cuts the sweetness of the cake and adds sophistication. The orange is not the star of the show and is used to compliment the cinnamon, not the other way around.

I opted for FLV Frosting as the finishing touch as it adds a sweet, almost fluffy, vanilla frosting. CCI has the potential to clash with the flavours here and I opted for this, more ‘natural’ icing.

Ps. the coffee cake contains no coffee...


So this project have had some twists and turns, from too much creams to none. From having a touch of raspberry to none.

I've landed on the holy trinity of strawberries (by ID10-T), plus a duo of blood oranges, FA's blood orange is more like a juicy orange, more than the sharp orange you would expect a blood orange to be.

Trying to pop the fruits with some lemon (those were the ones I had in my arsenal, so why not a small 0.1 of each).

The idea behind oba oba, circus cotton candy and toasted marshmallow were to add some sweetness to the fruits, and at the same time try to bevel the edges of the blood orange.

This third edit has been mixed at 20 pg 80 vg (3mg/ml).


A creamy and fruity mix. A little sour/lemon taste from Greek yogurt and lemon sicily.

Cookies filled with orange cream, hazelnuts and coconut. Needs good steeping.

A refreshing , creamy citrus mix made of oranges, key limes, tangerines and blood oranges.

It is fall and time for some warm, fresh out of the oven cranberry and orange muffins! I added a touch of soho to warm up the mix and give it a bit of caramel flavor. Don't be scared, it tastes NOTHING like tobacco. If anyone would know its me (I can't stand any hint of tobacco). Fw blood orange is the perfect warm, earthy orange flavor to use in this perfect muffin base of flv lembas bread and flv pound cake. Lembas bread will be available from BCF in a couple of days. Give this a few days to a week to steep. The cranberry comes out a little more and the breads get more, well, bready.

A Papaya Orange tropical menthol

Can add .5% Koolada if desired

Standard orange creamsicle with a tiny blood orange kick. The blood orange gives the orange a slight bitterness. If you do not want that or don't like blood orange, you can omit it.

Mamasan Guava Pop was one of the first juices I ever vaped. I didn't like it at first, but ended up really liking it. I tried cloning it a few times with no success. When I started playing around with a few POG recipes I started getting that taste I was looking for. ENYAWREKLAW's POG Remix recipe was the one I was mixing when I found the flavor I was searching for. Thank you Wayne. I added and subtracted, back and forth. This is what I came up with. I may tweak it a tad in the future, but this is tasty.. These fruits just blended into just what I was looking for. In the end I actually like this one better. I get a little more orange flavor. The juicy lemon brings this one together IMO. Good shake and vape. It really comes together after a few days.

Flavor Notes

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