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This stuff is super weird ... and a little bit addictive. Sweet, salty, spicy, sour ... and it annihilates vaper's tongue. Shock your palette and get flavors working right again. Pretty cheap, too.

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(FW) Blood Orange

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: fruit

Used in 509 recipes at an average of 2.053%.


25 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

So I got to try fantasia a e liquid from a company over in Malaysia which for a premium e liquid I was pleasantly surprised so on that basis thought I'd have a bash at a remix, so remember a remix not a 1:1 clone.

Obviously this is a take on Fanta orange we all know what that is so I won't rubbish you with the bullshit. I will tell you though that although it's only 1 profile it did take some negotiation to get this to where I liked it combining a few orange flavours and other little teasers that combined together to create a simple but tasty vape that's juicy, refreshing and icy cold.

So I guess it's time to bore the shit out of you with some info and notes, skip to the recipe if you ain't bothered.

FW blood orange

This is the base of the profile it's an excellent orange that does somewhat need pushing more towards the higher percentages. This works for the top end of a orange drink it's bold authentic and plenty juicy to build upon.

Cap sweet tangerine

This added more sweetness and juice to the blood orange it melds together to combine more authenticity to the orange. Go to high and it starts getting towards a candy but at 2% it's enough.

FA mandarin

By far the most authentic of the 3 so we need this in here it adds some freshness to the orange and more zest we want a refreshing drink here and by adding this it adds that zest and accents the bolder orange flavours.

Tfa Dragonfruit

We all know how good dragonfruit is for blending together fruits it's no exception here it really pops the orange flavours and acts as a emulsifier.

Tfa marshmallow

A little here really calms them citrus notes and takes away any harshness you might detect while smoothing the vape out.

INW cactus

It's a drink for gods sake we want that wet feeling when we drink so it has to be included I detected this in the original juice you get that infamous cactus note.

Cap super sweet

This flavour is in all premium juices so if we're trying to get close then let's not forget premium liquids go to staple ingredient.


A new kid on the block when it comes to cooling effects and this stuff is the shit don't be scared by the 2% it works and is as close to the original liquid in terms of cooling.

That's it mix this up and enjoy love it like I love you xx


Fruity pebbles infused Creamy cheese cake. Metaphor is the star that pulls this cast together. Mix this and you'll be in a state of bliss.
Caution may lead to excessive Vaping due to chasing this amazing flavor. Dripper Drops is not liable for mass juice consumption. This one taste good after 2 days but give it 2 weeks and you'll really be amazed.

Zebra Stripe gum plain and simple. Very authentic profile aside from the fact it doesn't lose flavor in around 20 seconds like the gum.

I give credit to Jimmy the Juiceman, Shurb helped inspire this recipe. While this is not meant to be a sherbet or taste like Shurb, it has a reminiscent sugary sweet sizzle that shares many similarities.

Before I get ahead of myself, I do want to mention that yes, there are several high % flavors and I know that will freak some folks out, but I simply could not achieve what I was going for with any less, trust me I tried(48 times to be exact). Taste is certainly subjective, so Jelly Candy and Salt Water Taffy could probably lowered without major detriment. Super Sweet on the other hand assists the blood orange & pineapple in carrying the sugary sweet sizzle across the tongue in a way I couldn't achieve without it.

This recipe is the culmination of tireless attempts to clone a juice and eventually pulling my hair out, trying some more, then giving up and coming up with something relatively new. It reminds me of throwing back a hand full of jellybeans, but a much bigger punch!

The Grapefruit is a great idea. Only one problem; the taste. The Oro Blanco is a grapefruit hybrid. A cross between a traditional white grapefruit and a pomelo. It has none of the qualities of traditional red-fleshed grapefruit that make you cringe when someone mentions it. It has almost none of the bitterness you would expect, and it's mildly sweet with nice citrus notes. I often had these for breakfast as a kid before hopping on the bus, but it's a fruit I just kind of forgot about as I got older. I chose this because for the most part grapefruit is generally hated and I sought to change that idea.
Inw White Grapefruit was the obvious choice here as it's the only grapefruit flavoring that isn't overly bitter and has a very mild sweetness.
FW Blood Orange was the backing citrus note that this mix needed as it imparts the orange note without tasting like bitter zest.
FA Lime Tahity(cold pressed) takes the brightness to another level and really makes the two fruits come alive.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 1

Best mixed at 70VG/ 30PG.

I'm going for the ultimate summer time profile...obviously you could enhance this recipe with koolada, sour, menthol or eucalyptus..the list is forever but the main profile is a superfruit so beautiful you just want to drink it...I call it a blood mango.

Mango, Orange and raspberry you wont look back...

(FLV) Mango is hands down the best mango flavour to use in a fruit mix, there is just something about it that gives you a perfect rendition of a beautifully 'just ripe' mango ready to eat. in this recipe, the way it dances with the orange will leave you questioning what you think you know about fruits.

(FW) Blood Orange - The first time I tried to make this recipe I used FA Orange - This flavor just did not work for me at all and I found it to be quite harsh with almost a chemical, artificial taste. With (FW) Blood Orange the clouds parted and the Mango and Orange simply fell in love with each other.

(INW) Raspberry - Well what can I say, this flavour in any fruit mix at a low percentage will just add another dimension and not distract you from the main profile. I find that in this recipe the raspberry really helps the mango shine and gives it an almost brighter, tart note...you'll just have to see for yourself.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 1

The idea for this recipe came to me like a bolt of lightning! Ran a couple searches to find something similar and couldn't find any so I had a good feeling. After a little work this blood orange marshmallow was the result. Hope you love it!

From phase three of the 2016 World Mixer's Competition.

This is a bare bones attempt at creating a decadent creme brulee spritzed with fresh squeezed orange and garnished with orange slices. Your palate will crave the actual dessert when you get notes of rich custard, burnt sugar/caramel, and a spritz of orange.

INW Creme Brulee: This ingredient is quite magical. You get a hint of vanilla, a rich custard taste that is sweet, but not overly sweet while also getting this amazing burnt sugar/caramel on top. Typically, I'd keep this ingredient in the 1-2% range in a custard recipe to create some complexity, richness, and to add to the overall custard vibe. It definitely plays well with custards since creme brulee is essentially a custard itself. I wanted this flavor to shine through the CAP Vanilla Custard to distinguish itself from a basic custard so I used it at 3%. Creme Brulee is one of those ingredients that grows on you and keeps you coming back for more due to its complexity and the fact that you can get the sweet custard, rich egginess, and burnt sugar tastes at different levels throughout the vape.

CAP Vanilla Custard V1: This bad boy bullies me into adding it in almost all my recipes for damn good reasons. It's thick, has a great vanilla, and can mesh with nearly anything as long as you know how to use it. At 3.5% I use it as more than just an ingredient to give body to a recipe. It's here to to carry INW Creme Brulee to victory on its highly praised foundation. I needed a bit more of a custard base to complete the creme brulee vibe.

FW Blood Orange: Now, this is the difficult part of the recipe. However, taking a big risk can lead to a great reward. On the other hand, the risk you take can ultimately lead to failure. I needed an orange to take this recipe from "meh just another custard" to "damn this is an original idea that can be built upon and taken to new levels". I wanted the orange to be present, but not to take over the entire profile. This ingredient is extremely difficult to fine tune and dances on the line of taking over and being an accent to others. My selection of FW Blood Orange at 2% adds just enough orange to freshen this recipe up and take it to another level. This flavor is almost a quintessential representation of an actual orange in vape form. It has that sweet, fresh, and juiciness that one would expect from an orange along with this ever so slight rind taste. To me, 2% of this flavor in my recipe portrays what you would get if you blended in the juices of a fresh squeezed orange along with the custard ingredients used in creme brulee. The slight rind taste really reminded me of a dessert garnished with orange slices.

Still working on this but I feel like I'm very close. I got the idea from Propagandas Illuminati. I love that juice but I wanted to put my own spin on it. To me the original illuminati juice is so punch in the mouth sweet and I'm not all about that. So my version is a cookie, with a custard like icing topped with orange, pineapple, and a very small hint of strawberry garnish

The Blood Orange used is FW Blood Orange Natural not the regular one.

Orange Cream is a tricky vape for me because I don't really love orange by itself and a lot of orange vapes can have a wicked throat hit.

This is my attempt to make a deliciously satisfying orange cream thats heavy on the vanilla and has cream for days.

Orange: FA Orange/FW Blood Orange Natural/TPA Orange Cream
This combo creates a juicy, ripe and slightly candy like orange flavor. FA orange is ok under 1% but needs a lot of help... FW Blood Orange Natural provides some sweetness and a more juicy aspect to the orange flavor, but it is also being assisted by both FA orange and TPA orange cream. I am not a huge fan of TPA orange cream but it works here because it provides another layer to the orange, a little bit of bitterness and candy like taste.

Cream: CAP VCv1/FA Madagascar/FW Hazelnut
CAP vanilla custard works as a beautiful base for this. Eggy-ness still works with orange and the vanilla is light so we add FA Vanilla and some Hazelnut just to compliment the mix.

Lastly, I'm still playing with how much Monk Fruit to use. I think its great for this recipe because it rounds out the orange and just sweetens up the entire profile. If you mix this up you could go anywhere from .2-.5%. If you don't have monk fruit use EM at .5-1%. If you have the Monk Fruit thats diluted in VG then use it at .5-1.5%.

Decent shake and vape but as we know vanilla custard needs some time before it can shine.

From @Queuetue : This is the gold standard of scales for the home mixer. Good price, great accuracy and repeatability, bright readable display, fast response, it comes with a cover for storage and it cleans up easily.

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