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Sweet tangy tangerine and vanilla custard Wonder flavors lemon custard rocks in this recipe gives new dimensions while marshmallow gooey adds some sweet love....

If this is the first time you’re looking at one of my recipes thank you so much for checking me out. These recipes are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. All of the flavors in this recipe are from a limited list of 35 ingredients. Check out my YouTube channel for lots more recipes!

I have tried to create this profile what feels like an infinite number of times. The orange Dreamsicle, sounds simple right? It’s not, at least for me anyway. I get hung up on how every orange flavor taste likes pixie sticks to me. Does anyone else have that issue? I don’t maybe it’s just me. I digress. FW blood orange is really tasty, but it still tastes like candy to me. FA Pear is really good at juicing up fruits so I put it in here in hopes that I could make a more convincing juicy orange out of FA blood orange. It actually worked! (Kind of) it did what FA pear does and add some mild sweetness to the blood orange and rounded out the tart citrus notes. I still get the powdered candy flavor but it’s not nearly as obvious.

Throwing a bunch of vanilla at the orange seems to help too so I’m using LB Vanilla Ice Cream in here at 8% with 2% FLV Vanilla Pudding.

I really wish this flavor stash had a second orange flavor in it so I could back that orange flavor up. I’m afraid it’s going to fade but if I push it any higher this recipe is just going to taste like vanilla pixie stick.

Leave me a comment which orange do you think I should put
in here to boost FW Blood Orange.

Sweeten to Taste.

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I wanted a Rainbow Sherbet for a pod recipe and all of the Rainbow sherbet flavors seemed to missing something so I decided to create my own. Based off of the sherbet base from Developed DIY Blood Orange Sherbet of VT Yoghurt Drink LB Vanilla Ice Cream and VT Fizzy Sherbet. I kept the FW Blood Orange adjusted the % and added VT Shisha Lime and SSA Raspberry Syrup.


Rainbow Sherbet is a delightful frozen citrus cream. For the citrus note I’m pairing FE Lemon with FW Blood Orange and VT Persian Lime. All 3 make a full citrus flavor with all the juicy brightness.

For the cream just 3% FLV Cream for a nice thick cream note. I’ve added a little bit of VT Butter Base to give it some rich velvety texture and make it more like and ice cream.

Sweeten to Taste.

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Submitted to Mixers Club for the month of February 2021: Duets.

What better way to represent this theme than to pay tribute to two of my long time best friends in this community.
This was a total shot in the dark here as I wasn't sure how these two would meld together. These two recipes on their own are outstanding. Two of my favorite recipes, DAAPled Pears by u/FomentLife and Sunshine State by u/eyemakepizza were smashed together to create a delicious union of citrus fruits and mouth-shattering cream. I left out the pear in Foment's mix and only utilized the brilliant creamy base. Sunshine State was used at its fullest here, with no changes. As I vape this, my mind wanders to a strange real-life version of fresh citrus sherbet bathed in a rich vanilla cream. Give this the full week to come together.

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We all now how well passion fruit and orange go together.

Now add some apple to make it a bit more crisp and a touch of carrot and you got yourself a wonderful fruity, exotic and healthy smoothie.

The carrot is a bit floras right after Shake but after a day or 2 it’s blends nicely with the rest

Carrot, Orange & Apple juice.
I've always liked this juice IRL, and I'm very happy with this mix.
it's fresh, sweet, fruity and earthy.
some might want to drop the carrot a bit if they find it too strong but I absolutely love it as is.

tested it in a dual-core fused-clapton in a HV Rebirth RTA

My Nanna passed away 26-4-2015 at 9:44 PM, may God rest her soul, she partly raised me and she (I'm hoping she doesn't mind me telling you all) she was a terrible terrible cook but by god could she make one helluva good orange syrup cake, it's been the 5th Christmas without her and i wanted to make this in memory of her, R.I.P Nanna, not a day goes by that I don't think of you ❤😥


1 drop of cactus pr. 10 ml!

I have a really hard time explain this,l. All the flavors blend really nice together, creating a very unique taste, which to me is really tasty and really addicting.

So what is a Amethyst?

•It’s up to you to decide•

Tested on a Hadaly, Ni80 flattened wire, 3.5 mm, cotton bacon, 35-45 watts.

My Blue Raspberry version of
ENYAWREKLAW's 'Raspberry lime popsicle'.

Use VT Persian lime if you wish, I don't want to order online for VapeTrain flavours where I can substitute it for something else from a b&m store, locally.

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