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(FW) Blackberry

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 381 recipes at an average of 2.352%.


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Blackberry Honeysuckle Tobacco all tied to together with a touch of cream and vanilla. Off a shake, this is pretty great, in my opinion (especially given the fact that FLV Cured seems to suffer from fading). It's a slightly floral, creamy, berry-tinged tobacco . . . an excellent way to unwind at the end of long day.


The combination of LB Vanilla Ice Cream and FLV Vanilla Pudding somehow combines to form a lovely rich eggy custard base.

Blackberry and Boysenberrry form a sweet Blackberry Sauce.

Biscuit adds a buttery'ness to the vape with a slight hint of cookie at the back end of the vape.

This is something of a concept recipe. A few people have seen this before, hopefully one of them chimes in.

sweet and tart, dweeb candy, and Bubblegum- la bubble gum is a delicious pink bubble gum, it becomes the canvas,on which we're going to paint this weird-ass candy. Weed candy gets the mix a hard candy shell. Sweet tart ads contrast, sweetness, and the dryness of the concentrate, pairs perfectly with Bubblegum.

Been on a bit of a Blackberry kick lately. It's like Frank's Red Hot sauce I put that shit and everything. Pairs great with the sweet strawberry, add sweetener and boom.

hope you enjoy.

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Spending summers at my grandmother’s house was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. As a city mouse, riding horses, fishing, diving into crystal clear waters of the swimming hole on the other side of the pasture were what I lived for. Most of all I loved picking the blackberries, blueberries and dewberries that grew wild, doing my best not to get stuck or be bitten by the occasional snake hiding in the brush.

I remember running back to her house with purple stains on my face and a T-shirt filled with as berries as I could carry feeling like I’d conquered the world. She’d praise me for my harvest then churn up some of the best homemade ice cream I’ve ever had. My job was to turn the crank on add more rock salt and ice as it slowly melted, which was very serious business. I knew it was almost ready when I smelled the aroma of sugar cookies wafting in the breeze while I labored on the back porch.

Once the cookies cooled enough she’d carefully sandwich a scoop of the berry ice cream we made between two giant sugar cookies then smush it together. We’d both sit on the swing on her porch licking our fingers until every drop was gone. I finished the night catching fire flies and watching for shooting stars until it was time for bed. Before she passed away years later I would bring her blackberry ice cream and sugar cookies when I’d come to visit as an adult. She loved The Golden Girls so we’d enjoy our treat while we watched her favorite show together. This ones for you granny.....miss and love you.

FW Blackberry - this is the best blackberry I’ve found and serves as the main berry flavor in this recipe. It’s dark and sweet, with a very slight tang to it, but somewhat one dimensional.

FA Bilberry - helps sweeten the blackberry a little more and add some depth and weight.

TFA Strawberry Ripe - also adds sweetness and smooths out the blackberry, while giving it brightness and body to make it taste more realistic.

FA Apple Pie - is the secret ingredient to this recipe and is what ties everything together. It adds a baked quality and more texture to the sugar cookie without being too intrusive. FA Fuji could also work, but can be rather strident if too much so cut the percentage down to 0.25% if you’re subbing. I prefer Apple pie though and the additional AP it brings.

FA Vienna Cream, TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - together make the ice cream. If TFA VBIC is too peppery for you try using FW VBIC. You can also sub HS French Vanilla Ice Cream if you don’t have Vienna Cream.or whatever cream you like. I prefer the richness of Vienna cream because it adds more density to the ice cream.

CAP Sugar Cookie - it’s of course creates the sweet sandwich and at 2% adds the right amount of texture. The extra AP in the Apple pie helps it greatly IMO.

It’s good as a SNV, but needs a day or two or three to really shine. Give it a try, it’s quickly become one of my favorite recipes!

I took my Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe and made it into a Blueberry Cheesecake...it is very good,, in fact, maybe better than the strawberry. The blueberry taste Jam-like and the cheesecake is creamy I think the Yogurt plays a big role in giving it the cheesecake flavor, that little tangy bite. Taste to me, like the picture. Love to all...Kitten

Oh. My.
This mix was for lack of better words
A happy accident.. you dont know what velvety is until you taste this after a 10 day steep. I know this seems super simple. Well it is. But my goodness is it good.
Base.. just started with a really simple base
Supporting notes. The strawberry ripe i put in at 2% to really brighten up the black berry. But turns out it just sweetened the black berry and gave it a much more complex flavor. Fuji apple is there because its awesome. Nuff said.

This recipe combines blackberry, blueberry, and fig all tucked in a light flaky graham crust
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg-8oh92TgQ


weekendassignment Watermelon

This is a watermelon mixed with a sweet peach and kissed by a blackberry!

The melon base -
JF watermelon is more on the authentic spectrum, similar to FA but not as dry. It's actually one of my favorites unless I want jolly rancher. If you don't have it, try using FA at 3.5 or FLV at 3%. Now the interesting thing about FLV wild melon is that it helps boost whatever melon it's playing with. If you use honeydew, it'll make it taste more authentic like honeydew. If you mix it with cantaloupe, it makes it pop. This flavor is a true chameleon for melons and just takes this to the next level.

The strawberry ripe is really only there to help give this a more natural juice type sweetness which it does well here without a strawberry flavoring.

The cactus as everyone knows will lend wetness, but it's not why I used it. This is a nice "green" flavor than helps hold this melon down from being pulled too far into candy land by emulating a bit of the rind.

Now the peach, this is such a wonderful peach to mix with other fruits. Honey Peach has a fleshy flavor and that's why I used it here. White peach by FA would be a decent sub at the same %, but JF has a unique sweetness that works great with light fruits so I highly recommend you get it.

The blackberry is here to add a bit of depth which is where I find contrasting a dark Berry with a lighter fruit to work beautifully to it's strength.

This is a nice juicy mix, but it's full enough to satisfy even the custard lovers (like myself). Certified S&V, but settles in real nice after 24-48 hours... Enjoy!

Version 5. Blackberry lemon scone.
Still in progress but I feel it's worth releasing to the public.
A delicate powdery cookie with a blackberry background and pronounced lemon zing! Sweet Jesus we're getting fancy.

FW Blackberry: Why would I use anything else? Tastes like blackberry jam. Doesn't really taste like a fresh blackberry.
OOO Beignets & JF Biscuit: Buttery soft pastry and dry butter biscuit together make a very delicate crumbly cookie flavor. Originally I tried to use FA Cookie and it just wasn't right,
CAP Juicy Lemon: Just a little bit gives it a lemon rind taste which is exactly what I was going for.
FA Meringue: Sweet and creamy feel.
FA Almond: I don't know why I decided to add this, but I'm glad I did. Almonds! They're delicious.
FA Marshmallow: Adds that missing sweetness and mouth feel that I just wasn't getting from Meringue. I may replace Meringue with Powdered Sugar
The %'s may seem oddly strict but every revision just needed a little something extra and this is where I arrived.

I wanted to create that perfect summertime vape that is more on fruity side with a nice a good amount of sweetness while being sour enough to really make the perfect blend of fruit meld together
AR-Blue Rasberry is a nice flavor that has a strong blueberry/ Raspberry profile that has a great amount of tart but also a nice sweetness to it.
Dfs Sour candy is not overly sour but it bring just a little more bite to recipe to make the flavors really pop out.
FW- Green Apple is like a very sour Granny Smith apple this flavor adds some tart and some great flavor to the mix at 1% it works perfectly as you can taste that apple flavor without completely taking over the recipe.
TFA Strawberry ripe adds a nice brightness to the flavor keeping it more of a candy profile while still adding a great fruit note.
TFA Raspberry Sweet is a nice flavor that pushes the Raspberries to thier poentential in this recipe at 1% it really helps to make the recipe shine.
Inw Cheeries is a great flavor that brings in some much needed tartness while putting of a great Spicy authentic cherry to the recipe.
FW blackberry is a very strong flavor but is also really good in flavor and really helps to balance the whole recipe out to really give this recipe s strong nice sour flavor.

Great as a Shake n Vape but best after 3 day steep. If you like your sour a little sweeter like me, add .3% of Cap Supersweet.
(You can substitute with osdiy blue Rasberry slush as well. Also you could use Sour wizard at 1% in place of sour candy. I just prefer this version more.)

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