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(FW) Blackberry

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Developed Pie. Blueberry Pie.

(This is Corrected as the first version transposed an earlier version of this recipe and the percentages were way way off).
Nothing fancy, delicious buttery pie crust around blueberries and blackberries with some lemon thrown in to heighten the flavor experience.

This started life as a clone of Pale Whale's Vixen's Kiss, I think I got pretty close but I think I like this better anyway. The commercial version of this juice has been around since at least 2015 so I know they didn't use VT Sweet Cream or VSO Blueberry. Speaking of which, I am using VSO Blueberry and NOT Hangsen Blueberry as indicated in the recipe - VSO isn't in the database. If you need to sub out the Blueberry, I think HS, INW, or FW Blueberry could work - I even believe that they probably originally used INW Blueberry as its been around forever and has staying power - stay away from TFAs Blueberries because of the fade factor.

This does just okay as an SNV - I mean its not offensive or anything - it really needs at least a 3 day steep imo. Also you may want to use CAP Sweet Cream - I just happen to be out of it at the moment. I mix all my recipes @ Max VG.

Just a delicious summer vape inspired by all mixers and Sigur Ros

blackcurrant backed up by a sweet honeydew.

Blackcurrant layer:

Cap sweet currant is the main flavour for our blackcurrant.
FW blackberry to add a slightly candy note.
Fa blackcurrant is purely here to bend the sweet currant into more of a darker flavour.

Tpa honeydew II is alot easier to work with than tpa honeydew.
At 1.5 its sits in the background but blends beautifully with the blackcurrant.

Cap super sweet, just because I like that little extra sweetness

Ostruzina is Czech for blackberry. This is my version of blackberry jam with butter and toast. I haven't seen anyone use FE Sweet Bread Crust yet so, I thought I'd try it out.

I LOVE Boysenberry...especially the SMUCKERS Boysenberry Syrup...so when I first bought Dinner Lady's Blackberry Crumble I was in heaven, it taste so much like that Smuckers Syrup to me I can't get enough. This is my first trial, it is definitely not exact BUT I can tell I am on to something. Got to get the Crumble down and the Buttery flavor but the fruit is very close with the one FLV Boysenberry. I will be trying to perfect it over these next few weeks of Quarantine...God Bless Everyone...Love to all...Kim Still a very good Boysenberry Cream right now but I can make it better.

A simple yet delicious cheescake word word word word done

A quick shake and vape blackberry custard with graham cracker. Sweeten to taste.

I've been vaping variations of this particular mix for quite a while now, a quick out the door recipe that has has a sweet dark berry with a rich buttery eggy custard.*-9+.30


Well it's been almost a year since I crafted this recipe for the Vegas show. We were told liquid barn, and Chef flavors, we're going to carry all of the recipes as one shots, and so I have been sitting on it. Pretty clear that's not going to happen šŸ˜… hope you guys enjoy I really think this is one of the finest recipes I have crafted. It is missing the honeydew if your honeydew fan a little bit of FLV honeydew will probably do the trick. I was happy with it the way it was and so....

madE some major changes. As my aroma collection has grown from under 50 to over 300 and my tastes have matured so has my ability to mix. Not saying Iā€™m a great mixer only that I enjoy my batches much more hope you all do as well.

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