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(FW) Birthday Cake

By: Flavor West (FW) - Buy Direct

Used in 80 recipes at an average of 2.692%.


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This is a vanilla cupcake with cherry buttercream frosting. The forest fruit and boysenberry add some much needed body and darkness to inw cherries and takes away some of these dreaded cherry off notes. I totally stole this trick from the mixing godfather himself Addy Tuney.

Let this Birthday Cake Milkshake bring all the boys (or girls) to your yard.

I need to give credit to @Freshepies for the Milkshake Base. I tried other bases, but this just works. Layering the LB Vanilla ice cream and Hangsen French Ice Cream to get a nice rich buttery ice cream flavor. Cream milky undertone is to thin the texture of the ice cream to milkshake without sacrificing richness.

FW Birthday Cake is used to give the Birthday cake taste in the milkshake. As a add on concentrate, this works well. It has the cake feel, frosting, and even sprinkles. Using this flavor on its own, would be a bit tricky to build on, but in this recipe, it works well.

To add to the sweetness of the milkshake,, I added some FA Juicy Strawberry and FW Sweetener.

***. Special thanks to Ella Robinson, for introducing me to FW Birthday Cake.
And for being an inspiration for all us female mixers out here. 💕



It's Peepus Christ, crucified on a white chocolate cross. He died for your diabeetus.

Recipe development takes time. Even when batching out different versions at the same time, it takes time to balance the ingredients just the way you want them. So I've shared weekly recipes on FlavorPro's facebook page for the #yearofmixing competition and even won a super fancy pen in one of the random drawings for it, but those recipes were version one and I haven't had time to develop any of them enough to be worthy of posting on ATF. Until now. This one was conceived for FlavorPro's Peeps Week. Mix some up and have it well-steeped in time for Easter!

I used a combination of FLV White Chocolate and FW White Chocolate to get plenty of creamy white chocolately flavor, something I learned from trying the delicious Crazberry Crack recipe by @jbird .

FA Marshmallow, FLV Marshmallow, and FLV Whipped Cream make up Peepus' body, which is broken for you. Take, vape, do this in remembrance of him. FLV Marshmallow and FLV Whipped Cream are so similar, you could really use one of them at 1% instead of both at 0.5%, but the result will either be a little more dry or a little more loose, depending.

Getting something resembling artificially colored granulated sugar coating was harder, but a combination of OoO Powdered Sugar, FW Sweetener, and a little FW Birthday Cake got me as close as felt I needed to go. Peepus will forgive me for it not being perfect as long as it's yummy.

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