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This is my take on the Tahitian treat soda......grew up drinking tons of this stuff. It all started when I tried the Beetlejuice flavor and this soda immediately popped into my head. So I mixed up some Beetlejuice and citrus soda and then realized that the fruit punch was not dark enough so I added some forest fruit to darken it a little. This gave me what I was looking for as far as fruit blend but it was missing something. So I added a little country apple to brighten things up a bit. The Apple helped out a lot and with a little added sweetener it was pretty close to my vision.

Tested on a entheon/hadeon 3mm SS316 3*28x38 tri core fused Clapton, 6 wraps @ 40w

I hear the call of the waves crashing along the beaches and I had to do something to satisfy the call...


My attempt at creating one of those recipes that changes it's flavor profile depending on how you vape it. Wattage, airflow, and hardware will dictate the specific nuances of this recipe that will be apparent.

FW BEETLE JUICE / VT FIZZY SHERBET - Holy shit, what a combination. If you want something strange, balanced, and indescribable, this mix of flavors creates something beautiful. The Beetle Juice at 2% is giving just the right amount of "fuck everything, throw all the fruits in the bottle" base. There's enough body for this to work on it's own. Adding Fizzy Sherbet at 3% gives us added candy, added brightness, and the right amount of fizzy suggestion to make something awesome. Removing TPA Dragonfruit helps let these two flavors shine, without muting any of those "tip of the tongue" flavors that you know exist, but can't quite define.

TPA GRAPE JUICE / CAP HIBISCUS - I knew I still wanted that back end exhale of grape candy, and letting these two flavors play together gives us just that. The hibiscus is working nicely to add a blend of red sweetness to the mix overall, while preventing the grape from overpowering that exhale. Here, we get the suggestion of a grape exhale, but the candies from the body and inhale still dance on the tongue, only giving the grape enough spotlight for you to know it's there. TPA Grape Juice is a great flavor, but it's finicky. Be careful, high percentages are great to create a strong grape profile from the jump, but when you go low with it, you can truly force it into the background. 0.75% is perfect in this application, but I'd suggest going to 0.5% or lower if you are playing with some more subtle flavors.

FA OBA OBA - While removing all dragonfruits from the mix, we now allow Oba Oba to truly do it's thing. The citrus notes from this flavor play nicely with the tropical parts of Fizzy Sherbet, while adding some brightness and punch to the Beetle Juice. Also, that suggestion of chewy candy that Oba Oba has really helps prevent this mix from being a beverage, but doesn't stand out enough to TRULY be a chewy candy profile. More ambiguity, more success.

FA LIME TAHITY COLD PRESS / FLV PINK GUAVA - If you haven't tried pushing FA LTCP to higher percentages, please give it a try sometime. You get some nice lime flavor, but it doesn't assault your tastebuds like using a few drops of INW Lime. There is some great suggestions of bitter lime zest, but overall, you're getting a sweet lime candy. Finally, I thought that adding a small amount of FLV Pink Guava would just really awaken this mix, and it does. I've had trouble using this flavor in the past, it tends to just make everything muted and you only get this smack to the face of guava. But here, in low percentages, you know it's there without only tasting it. I've noted it's more potent in the beginning of the experience, but steps down as soon as you get a full inhale. So it's brightening up all those ambiguous fruit notes quite nicely, while also creating a subtle bitterness on the exhale to reset your palate on long sessions with this recipe.


Vaping this mix at lower wattage gives the Beetle Juice a lot more room to shine, where the overall profile feels more like a rainbow sherbet mix, sans the true ice cream mouthfeel. It's fruity and sweet, with just the right amount of brightness. Vaping it higher accentuates the Pink Guava, bringing out more tropical notes from the Fizzy Sherbet and LTCP. When you close off the airflow a bit, you pick up more of the berry nuances, pink guava on the back of the tongue, and grape exhale. Wide open airflow is like a tropical fruit juice with pop rocks hidden in the mix.

I think this was a success. Now, I'm very fucking tired. But here we are. Hopefully, my insanity will bring you some benefit. I hope you enjoy this mix, but if you don't that's cool too. This is Amorphous, an attempt at my more recent "white whale" of creating a strange mix that changes as you vape, and never truly gives up it's identity. For me, it feels like a 90% success. If I go back to this, I will try to add a bit more potency to the flavor, as a whole. But for now, it's quite strong, changes like I want based on vaping specifications, and is one of my favorite mixes of 2019.

Trying to create a flavor changing mix. Notes available on reddit shortly.

Saskatoon Berry frozen treat.
For the menthol lovers out there that get no recipe love from the community! It’s sweet, jammy and a little tart! It’s a deep red berry blend!! It’s Cold!! Enjoy on a hot summer day!!!
Optional to boost the menthol up to 3% lol 😂 yes 3% is where I like FA Menthol ❄️
You can also leave the menthol out and add 0.5% To 1% Sweetener of choice.


A little test in creating something that isn't based on anything else, just working with a mess of bright and full flavoured concentrates. Furthermore, this is one of the best recipes I've created that has a real sense of customization to it. Change percentages, add other things, omit certain things, and you'll be left with something good because of how accepting and versatile FW Beetle Juice can be. I implore you to create your own versions of this and share it, I'd love to see what you can make.

FW Beetle Juice - I've used this one a lot before, but usually as an accent to give other fruits a boost. Here, I'm using it as one of the main profiles, because it's a rather complex standalone that ALMOST doesn't need help to be tasty for a new mixer. However, Beetle Juice is crazy with the top note, where you get a whole lot of punch to the tastebuds, but not a lot of lingering body. This is sweet as hell, with the main flavours noticed being some sweet pineapple, maybe a little bit of generalized citrus, and maybe a touch of grape. However, I've seen countless reviews that suggest cherry, orange, and lime. Hence this being the cheat code needed for CaptainCannibal's SHURB clone, an epic saga of a man losing grip with reality over the span of over a year (I believe). Anyway, this is the type of concentrate that no one can really explain correctly, as it has so much going on, that you as the user just need to try it and formulate your own opinion. However, it's damn good, and worth having if you like fruit vapes. For me, as I said, it works wonderfully as our base for this fruit disaster I've created.

TPA Dragonfruit - given that I pick up a lot of sweet pineapple in FW Beetle Juice, using TPA Dragonfruit at 3% just made sense. For dragonfruit shares a lot of the same flavour volatile components to other pineapple concentrates on the market, this allows that pineapple note to become almost more of a super sweet, candied pineapple. TPA Dragonfruit is also used here to act as an emulsifier for the other fruits seen. We already know how well this works to brighten up the strawberries in a mix, and here, it's brightening up everything, and helping Beetle Juice have more body to it.

CAP Juicy Orange / FA Lime Tahity Cold Press - with all of the sweetness going on, we need some counterpoint of citrus that will prevent this from becoming too cloying, however, using the correct citrus is key, as we don't want to make this a tart recipe, but just give some relief from all the sugary goodness. CAP Juicy Orange is perfect for this, as it's got a lot of brightness and the slightest underlying tartness that you get from a typical navel orange. I've used this concentrate whenever I want to create a true orange juice base, and it works perfect here to give that added bit of sweetness, but more importantly, a much needed punch of orange/citrus tang. Paired with just a touch of FA Lime Tahiti CP, we're getting just the slightest hint of lime on the back end, and it helps round out all of the sweetness you get hit with on the top. LTCP is quite versatile, as well. In low doses, you can achieve a nice lime zest/splash of lime juice note, while when you bring it to higher percentages, you get a bit more of a candied lime type of flavour. Play around with this one, see what you like.

CAP Sweet Strawberry - giving us some more juicy/candied accents here, CAP Sweet Strawberry fully rounds out this recipe that's better called a fucked up science experiment of fruits. We aren't getting too much strawberry flavour that is noticeable, instead we're getting just more body that allows this recipe to stand on it's own, even though it isn't trying to be anything in particular. Sweet Strawberry can be used at high percentages to get a true strawberry flavour, but when it's used lower, it adds candied fruit elements and an added touch of sugar. Paired with the pineapple notes, citrus notes, and general mess of candy going on here, CAP Sweet Strawberry just blends it all together, and adds just a kiss of mascerated strawberry flavour.

CAP Super Sweet - OPTIONAL AS FUCK MY DUDE. You already know how I feel about sweeteners, but if you don't, let me educate you. Sweeteners do not fix a recipe. They do not make a shit recipe suddenly taste good. If you don't already have a good recipe, then don't even touch sweetener. Any sweetener is only going to make a good recipe taste slightly better, and here, we get just that. I don't really know if I'm using exactly 0.25%, but I'm mainly adding 2 drops per 30 ml, and just that little bit gives the most pleasant "sugar-lips" accent at the tail end of the vape. You don't need it, however, I think it really does amplify the flavours of this mix.

So that's it. This recipe is great on a shake, and changes over time. I had one bottle sit for over a week, and to be honest, it doesn't taste as good after a week. So mix it in small batches, enjoy it immediately, and move on. After about a week, I was getting a lot of medicinal grape/cherry notes from the FW Beetle Juice that kind of negated a lot of the bright sweetness you get from the shake.

Like I said, mix up your own versions of this. It's very user-friendly, and I truly believe that unless you tried to make this some sort of tobacco or floral profile, you really can't fuck it up. But y'all motherfuckers love to make shit difficult, so maybe you can.


I can't quite remember which ATF recipe ID10-T said that TPA Dragonfruit kinda tastes like the essence of a white gummy bear, but it got my gears going...I single flavor tested this stuff up to 15% and was like...yeah...this shit is like licking a bag of melted white gummy bears...I knew off the top that I was gonna be settling at 5% Dragonfruit as my main note.

What can I possibly add to this to make it stand out?

Well, I need a base. Grabbed some TPA Gummy Candy and while it was a decent texturizer, it didn't quite give that chewy feeling I was going for. CAP Jelly Candy really gave me that chew that I was looking for, but needed a little help. Along comes, CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream to perfectly round out the chewiness of the exhale. Almost there, but not quite.

This isn't juicy enough...So, I grabbed some INW Cactus. That shit can make anything juicy. Started it at 1% and while that was juicy, I didn't get that mouth-watering sensation that I associate with eating gummy bears. Bumped it to 2, yes 2%, and got exactly what I wanted.

Now, here's the kicker.

Unfortunately, you can't just go into a store (at least not around here) and grab a bag containing only white gummy bears. The rest of those little fuckers are coming along for the ride. But at this point, I'm already 4 flavors into the mix and I don't want to add 4-5 more individual flavors to give the background notes of the rest of the gummy bears in the bag. In comes FW Beetle Juice. I haven't used this stuff since I made 500mL of Shurb v4 months ago. But I remember it tasting like a bunch of different fruits. Almost like it was created just to be a fruit melody background. I get a little bit of rasberry and something reminiscent of a tropical juice. I added it at 2% right away and boy...it kinda fights with TPA Dragonfruit for the star of the show. It's like eating 5 white gummy bears with 1 of each of the other flavors in the bag.

June 2017 Recipe Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/6ei80w/june_2017_recipe_thread/djt5lyh/?context=10000

*Recently tested with a lowered percentage of FW Beetle Juice and added INW Pineapple @ 1.5%. The Pineapple is definitely a prominent tropical note, but the Dragonfruit is still the star of the show.

Settling on what you currently see above. The pineapple and dragon fruit is a delicious blend at the top while cherries, raspberries, and blackberries play in the background.


With the warm weather fast approaching, I decided it was time to drift away from the cream and bakery recipes I had been working on. MadLad Lemonade is a simple, summertime lemonade that works well on it's own, but has loads of versatility to add whatever extra fruit flavours you may want. Great as a shake and vape, give it 2-3 days to bring out the unique flavours sitting underneath LA Lemonade. As always, flavour notes below.

LA Lemonade - the obvious choice for the lemonade base. This shit is just delicious. After a few days, the flavour starts to mellow out, and you are left with a very pleasant lemonade that is equal parts sweet and tart. Also, a pretty versatile concentrate, you can lower the percentage to get the lemonade to sit as an accent note. At 4.25, it holds up to the steep and keeps melding with the other flavours.

FW Beetle Juice - HUGE shouts out to CaptainCannibal for his tireless work on his SHURB clone over the years. In his latest iterations, he noted that Beetle Juice was the missing ingredient. I had never tried this concentrate until now, but holy shit is it tasty. I typically have an aversion to concentrates that are meant to be a mix of flavours, because I typically would rather build up a complex flavour from scratch. But FW Beetle Juice is one of the rare exceptions to the rule. This shit is fruity, candy sweet, and imparts a slight mouthfeel reminiscent of sherbet. It adds a smoothness to the recipe that I can't get enough of. After 2 days of steeping, this flavour punches its way to the front and brings amazing notes of orange, sweet lime, and maybe even a touch of strawberry. I'd say you could do without if you don't have it, and just build those notes from other concentrates, but there is something magical about Beetle Juice, and it plays SO well in this recipe. 10/10, this is gonna be a new staple in my mixes.

INW Cactus / FA Oba Oba - FINALLY, after a year of being told I need it for my fruit mixes, I have INW Cactus. Now, I don't believe it fully lives up to the hype surrounding it. While I do like it, and I do feel it brings a nice wetness to the fruits, I still hold FA Pear is the go to for that kind of emulsification. However, in this recipe, it works better than FA Pear. There aren't any off notes, and it just helps boost all of the other flavours in a way that pear just wasn't doing. FA Oba Oba is here to play with FW Beetle Juice. It pushes that mouthfeel a little further, and imparts a bit more citrus note to the mix, as a whole. These two are some must-haves if you're trying to do some citrus emulsification in your recipes.

CAP Lemon Lime - I initially used FA Lemon Sicily to brighten up LA Lemonade, but it just wasn't doing what I wanted. Enter CAP Lemon Lime. In here, it helps the lemonade note hold up to the steep, while also adding a little touch of carbonation on the back end. It's not EXACTLY like carbonated lemonade, but that's not what I wanted. It just makes the lemonade feel even more refreshing and bright in a way that LS wasn't.

FA Polar Blast - honestly, the TPA Koolada killer. Y'all know I like to add menthol to almost all of my fruit mixes. And I had been using Koolada for years. Polar Blast is "just better" -Shyndo 2017. It doesn't impart ANY flavour at all, there are no weird off notes when mixed with other concentrates, and it is actually a lot less harsh than Koolada is. This shit is great, and helps the lemonade feel cold. Mixing this with the CAP Lemon Lime really creates the feel that you're sipping on some freshly made lemonade.

So there ya go. I was gonna save this for my 1v1 with Vurve, but I didn't want to wait any longer to drop it. Mix it up, and play with different fruits to make it your own. Cheers.


A clone of Shurb by Jimmy the Juice Man. Great fresh, best after one or two days.

All relevant notes can be found on Reddit -


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