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(FW) Bavarian Cream

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 1889 recipes at an average of 1.963%.


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A very bright strawberry with variety of creams to tone down the strawberry as it steeps.

The combo of Strawberries and dragonfruit is my strawberry stone. A well rounded strawberry that stays bright and sweet that is great balance between an authentic and candy strawberry. Initially it is very strawberry forward but after a week or two the creams start to tone down the strawberry.

Cheesecakes used to add thickness and mouth feel and further emphasize the other creams. I made the decision to use creams rather than vbic for the cream note as I wanted to not add vanilla which for my pallete can further mute strawberry as it steeps.

I suppose my creams could also be considered a stone as well.


Steep 2-3 days but if you're patient and wait a week the vanilla really comes out.



Butter, Biscuit and Sugar cookie
These three ingredients come together in a fantastic sugar cookie base.

Cap sugar cookie has a nice moistness to it, and inw biscuit combines with the sugar cookie to dry it out just slightly, giving you the perception of a nicely baked outer crust.

Throw in some butter to add weight and let's face it deliciousness, who doesn't like butter!!!

Secondary Note

Vienna cream and Fresh Cream
Along with the sweetness from the sugar cookie these two come together to give you a fantastic frosting perception. I feel like you're eating the cookie covered in buttercream.

Vienna cream also helps accent the slightly nutty Bakery notes in both biscuit and sugar cookie.

Supporting Cast

Hazelnut does so many things here along with adding to the Nutty notes, it also has an extremely creamy quality boosting the creams along with accenting everything else.


If you don't have TFA butter you can substitute out for CAP vanilla custard, still adds weight and gives you more of a vanilla wafer cookie.


I'm really enjoying this as a shake and Vape. Couple days down the road the creams start to pop, and the hazelnut really comes through.

Delicious Fruit Loop cereal bar

My attempt (successful IMO) at a sweet strawberry and cream custard. I like the natural taste of ripe strawberry a tad bit more than red touch strawberry hence the use of both. If and when I get some inw strawberry shisha in stock i will try subbing that only or subbing it for the red touch strawberry. A combo of creams used as most of the strawberries and cream recipes I have tried lack some depth that I want. I also wanted that sweet taste that many of the major labels have but without using a bunch of sweetener to accomplish it. And of course I had to have some custard in there for flavor and mouth feel/thickness. This continues to get better every day it is allowed to steep. If you don't have holy vanilla you could just bump cap vanilla custard up to 3-4%. I used gelato instead of the common vbic as some people experience a pepper taste to vbic. Dragonfruit used as recommended to brighten the strawberry note so it's not completely drowned by the custard and cream. Marshmallow and meringue to add sweetness and texture as well.

My personal favorite ADV. It has a vibrant apple with spicy background note.


Just delicious, upfront taste of pomegranate and a finish of rich custard

One of my more popular flavors.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 6.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 50 / 100

Smooth rich cream with a moderate butter flavor, and light egg flavor. Light vanilla, and a very heavy Dairy Flavour, and very sweet.

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