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(FW) Bavarian Cream

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 1874 recipes at an average of 1.964%.


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Inspired by the "Feeling Peachy" recipe by /u/grant_hatcher of reddit. (https://redd.it/5azrq8) With his permission, I made a couple tweaks and posted it here.

I'm typically not a huge peach fan, but this mix of fruits blends together very well to make a very nice authentic peach flavor and irresistible cream combo. The peach flavor becomes smooth and relatively mellow after a 5 day steep.


A delicious RY4 rendition in cream pie form. Indulge your senses as you inhale this caramel/butterscotch, graham, vanilla whipped cream pie with an RY4 bite!

TFA RY4 Double: My choice for the light tobacco note was obvious. I have every RY4 brand imaginable...but I always come "home" to TFAs RY4 Double. This is due to its stronger caramel note and its light yet biting tobacco back note. I never did get much vanilla from this flavor, but vanilla swirl will solve that issue as you read on.

CAP CDS: My mix seemed kind of one-dimensional in a way that's hard to articulate. This very scant amount of CDS added a bit more accent to the tobacco note in the RY4 Double. It kind of hits you on the back of the tongue. Don't worry if you don't like cinnamon vapes. It's positively not utilized in order to be prominent. It's only used as an accent. And very necessary in order for the mix to "POP" the way it's intended! One can argue that this concentrate is performing double duty on the down low, as it brings out the graham in Lucky Shot to a mouth-watering degree.

FW Bavarian Cream, TFA Caramel Candy & FW Butterscotch Natural: Every great RY4 eliquid I've ever fallen in love with adds Bavarian Cream. It adds an almost light... bitter(?) and heavy quality that seems to enhance caramels and butterscotch to a more "soft-cracked" state. Marrying these three ingredients together makes the perfect caramel-butterscotch in my opinion.

FW White Chocolate & TFA Vanilla Swirl: This luscious combination of white chocolate & creamy Vanilla Swirl is added for a thicker/creamy vanilla mouth feel. I find I've been using TFA Vanilla Swirl in anything from creams to milks. It's just that versatile. And when combined with the perfect complement flavor, it can't be beat! I tried all manner of whipped cream concentrates here but they just couldn't hold up against the bold caramel/butterscotch. So I had to make my own whipped cream topping from scratch

OSDIY Lucky Shot: Yep. This time, I saved the best for last. I purchased this on a whim and immediately went back online to buy a 120ml. It's just that good. However, I find that as a single flavor the taste becomes a bit "tangy" for my liking. It's described, on OSDIY's website, as a smooth and complex mixture of graham cracker, heavy vanilla and caramel notes. And trust me, it lives up to its' description! Absolutely GORGEOUS flavor!

This definitely kicks butt at 75VG

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Respect mixers, they are not your ticket to success...They are your friends.


Strawberry cheesecake with lce cream


Saline Solution: 1 drop per 10ml
Acetyl Pyrizine: 1 drop per 10ml

This's the discontinued PB Cereal recipe that Charlie Noble posted on their blog. Mixed some up, tasted like the bomb diggity(Also, I had almost all the flavors, which almost never happens), and figured I'd throw it up here for you fine ladies and gents.

The blog post didn't give any sort of steeping time. I'd recommend a week, just to be safe, but it's also pretty fly as a shake-n-vape.

Reddit thread;

Original blog post here;

A sweet & savory side dish for your holiday smorgasbord.



11.6% Flavoring

1 week steep recommended(for full creamy flavor)

Tasty on 2nd day, however.

A very tasty variation on one of my more popular recipes. Replacing coconut with German flavors toffee, if you do not have this flavoring I highly recommend it. Its a great toffee flavor with that little alcohol kick. Steep time on this one is going to be 2 weeks minimum of course you can go longer need to give it the creams time.


Super long steep on this one takes a good two weeks before the peanut butter really balances out. The combination of peanut butter works really well to provide a creamy peanut butter cookies. Make sure you shake your peanut butter very very well before you use it one of those flavorings that likes to separate.

A spin off of my Grape Ice Cream Cone recipe.

I backed the Koolada down to 0.5% here to let some of the blueberry taste shine through. It can be omitted if you prefer, but I feel it adds to the ice cream.

Steep overnight, develops a bit more after 5-7 days.


This recipe needs a good week before the skunky coffee calms down and you can taste the sugar cookie behind it. All of the cream and this does a great job of balancing out the coffee along with the sweet cookie makes this a enjoyable Coffee vape.


Great as a shake and vape 2-3 days out and the cream realy starts to pop.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 6.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 50 / 100

Smooth rich cream with a moderate butter flavor, and light egg flavor. Light vanilla, and a very heavy Dairy Flavour, and very sweet.

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