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(FW) Apple Jacks Type

By: Flavor West (FW)
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This is a fruity cereal vape combining Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks with a couple other fruits and sweet cream to hopefully act as the milk since that’s the closest thing I have to it right now I think. Again please let me know what you think

This is my first attempt at making a fruity tropical sherbet vape juice.


So peeps Ive been trying too create an apple jacks for awhile and I think that I'm close with this one but I'm gonna drip it first and see how it and see if its worth it too make a bigger bottle and let it steep

this is most definitely a work in progress but let it sit for awhile maybe the apple jacks and cream will come out in a week or 2

I tried Wafflepriest1's A.J.S.M. (Apple Jacks in Strawberry Milk) recipe and found it great, but it didn't quite match the title. While this was explained in the description – it's more of a mixture of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks – I decided to try and make it closer to just Apple Jacks cereal.

Apple Jacks does of course have cinnamon flavor, just not as much as in the original recipe, so CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl is reduced significantly. FW makes an Apple Jacks flavor, but unfortunately all I get from it is a spiced apple cider, with no cereal or bakery notes of any kind. But I've found it to work well in relatively small amounts as part of an Apple Jacks recipe. So it is added in at 2%, and FA Fuji is cut in half to 1.5% to compensate for the extra apple flavor.

I also increased FA Meringue to 1.75%. I use it at 1.5–2% in pretty much any cereal recipe I make, since it mimics the sugary coating of "kids cereals" so damn perfectly. It also helps tie the cereal and milk flavors together.

And since the milk in the original recipe was too low for my taste, I added 1% of FW Hazelnut to thicken it up. This is another flavor that winds up in almost all of my cereal recipes since it works so well in the milk.

This is quite vapeable as a shake and vape, but definitely improves after a few days.

I still think it needs more milk, so that is something I will work on. Perhaps a bit of TFA Bavarian Cream and/or a touch of FA Vienna Cream, but I haven't tested anything yet.

This is a pretty simple and standard Apple Jacks recipe
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fairly close attempt at a remix of popular eliquid, apple cinn muffin is the profile. Similar recipes out there but i made my own adjustments and this version tastes the best to me, of course taste is subjective. Let this sit for a good week and the apple cereal cardboard taste will fade away to pure deliciousness


A baked apple pastry sort of thing.

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