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A very nice sweet and tarty watermelon candy like flavor. Very well balanced flavor great for the summer. Very good for those that like watermelon vapes.
Purilum watermelon is the most candy like watermelon I've tasted with a great amount of sweetness.
FW green apple is great as an accent to add flavor and tartness. Used in low percents as it's very strong and can overpower the recipe.
The cranberry adds a nice tartness as well but brings a unique flavor too the recipe , making it different from other recipes.
The red touch adds some strawberry notes with some brightness to make the recipe great. Good as a Shake n vape.


A Remix of ANML's: Carnage for #REMIXMONTH
Head here for full video on the development - > http://diyordievaping.com/livemixing

I wanted to create that perfect summertime vape that is more on fruity side with a nice a good amount of sweetness while being sour enough to really make the perfect blend of fruit meld together
AR-Blue Rasberry is a nice flavor that has a strong blueberry/ Raspberry profile that has a great amount of tart but also a nice sweetness to it.
Dfs Sour candy is not overly sour but it bring just a little more bite to recipe to make the flavors really pop out.
FW- Green Apple is like a very sour Granny Smith apple this flavor adds some tart and some great flavor to the mix at 1% it works perfectly as you can taste that apple flavor without completely taking over the recipe.
TFA Strawberry ripe adds a nice brightness to the flavor keeping it more of a candy profile while still adding a great fruit note.
TFA Raspberry Sweet is a nice flavor that pushes the Raspberries to thier poentential in this recipe at 1% it really helps to make the recipe shine.
Inw Cheeries is a great flavor that brings in some much needed tartness while putting of a great Spicy authentic cherry to the recipe.
FW blackberry is a very strong flavor but is also really good in flavor and really helps to balance the whole recipe out to really give this recipe s strong nice sour flavor.

Great as a Shake n Vape but best after 3 day steep. If you like your sour a little sweeter like me, add .3% of Cap Supersweet.
(You can substitute with osdiy blue Rasberry slush as well. Also you could use Sour wizard at 1% in place of sour candy. I just prefer this version more.)

A nice sweet and tarty fruit combo. These fruits blend so well together to create and outstanding mouthful of greatness. You can leave in the Cap super sweet which gives off some powerful sweetness or just take it out and enjoy the flavors blended together without being overly sweet.

So I was messing around with some flavors and came up with this. Wow does this taste so good right off the get go.
The FW Green apple brings a nice tart to the mix. Add in the cloud nine which also has some tart but also a very nice sweetness. Then I wanted this recipe to have some more fruit notes to it so I added some strawberry ripe which is my favorite strawberry, and then some strawberry sweet. Next I wanted to add some white peach as this flavor smells amazing and at .5% it adds a nice peach flavor without completly overpowering the mix. Then I added DFS Banana Cream this flavor is so good and so creamy. I love custards so much that I thought with this fruit blend that FA Custard would be perfect. It has a great custard flavor with a nice lemon back note to it to really make it stand out. Then I added to me the heavenly Shisha vanilla. It's adds such a magical sweet finish to this recipe making it truly blissful. When I think of My version of bliss it's sitting on a tropical island sipping on a nice ilsland drink. Hence the name Blissful Dreams. To me this mix is just that a dream in a bottle where I can escape reality and live in my own paradise.


A very simple recipe. That is an awesome ADV great mix of a tart fruit blend . This mix is The perfect blend of sweet and sour and is so simple to make and tastes so good as a Shake and Vape. No need for any steep time, can substitute pomegranate with TFA.

This flavor has the perfect amount of sweet mixed in with nice sour notes. The green apple and watermelon really bring in the sourness and the Cloud nine really blends it together well. Great as a Shake and Vape. I really enjoy this vape with a nice Flavored beer ( Sam Adams Cherry wheat, Leinkugels Grapefruit Shandy or a Hoppy IPA like Laguanitas) really if you like a nice sour Candy your going to love this.


Ok guys straight to the point here, I'm going for two Authenic/Orginal Apples here !! .. Green and Red apple slices !! On the inhale you get the Red apple and on the exhale, you get the green apple ! Fa stark apple for the up front red apple note and the fw green apple for the back end note, Inw two apples here to bridge the Gap between the two apples .. Very smooth and it tastes like fucking "apples" !!!! ... Apples which is a (fruit) and that's what I'm going for here is a fruit Vape, simply fruit !!! .. We all no what apples taste like right ??!??! Well if you don't, here ya go !.... Thanks for the great competition ! Much Love ..


The Apple cinnamion waffle with sweet strawberry sryup drizzled on top !! Multiple fresh Apple's cinnamion waffle with some good sweet strawberry sryup to top it off ! Ripe strawberry and sweet strawberry work great together here at these percentages imo ! And the Fuji works great off the green apple by flavor west here ! With a little Ethyl maltol to sweeten up the waffle ! This all works well for me ! Mix a 70vg 30 pg .. Best after one week.. My apple cinnamon waffle with some strawberry sryup !!!..

A very nice Green Apple Kiwi Yogurt. Mixed at 70VG/30PG. Suggest 10-14 days steep time.

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By: mlNikon Score: 75 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 5 days Difficulty: 20 / 100

Very bright, tart sweet green apple, candyish

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