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(FR) Grape Candy

By: Flavor Revolution (FR) - Buy Direct

Used in 29 recipes at an average of 3.802%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A sweet and tart grape candy. Tastes similar to a jolly rancher.

I love those grape juice fruit snacks, you know the ones that look like a bunch of grapes. It's a profile I was working on for a while since I don't see too many grape mixes, and after I played around I realized that it isn't as easy as I thought. Sure, I had some decent mixes but it just wasn't what I envisioned. The grape flavors we have are either too chemical, or they are too far into candy land that they just wouldn't work. When Flavor Revolution (FR) came out at NR I decided to pick it up.

FR Grape Candy- While it's 100% hard candy grape, it didn't have that chemical off note and I knew with a bit of help it was my best chance with all the ones I had. This with TFA Grape Juice made the core of the mix but it was very linier...just grape. While good, it just wasn't there
INW Two Apples- Apples in a grape mix??? Absolutely! Especially in a candy profile that has real juice. Apple juice is probably the most used filler in juices that aren't 100% and it's noticable in these fruit snacks. Not so much that it's an apple and a grape, they just blend perfect. At .25% it's just giving this some dimension and making it interesting.
FA Marshmallow/TFA Vanilla Swirl- This is a solid combo to add some body and volume, it's what is making the recipe chewy so it's not a grape cocktail. This also blends the grape/apple so it's not a grape lollipop dipped in apple juice. TFA marshmallow can't be subbed here. This has too many top note and all that extra EM will bog it down.
FLV Moscato - Now I know this isn't out yet, but its a damn good flavor. When I tested it I knew it would be the missing link for this. At .25% It has this bright a white grape note that pushes this mix to perfection and is really what gives it that grape authenticity.

I'm aware FR is a new brand and most won't have it. Since it's only sold at NR in the US, it cuts the chances down even further.... however, if you like grape you need it in your life.

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