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Watermelon Fish
purdy good stuff. simple ingredients. Cheap to mix

this is supposed to be a easy watermelon sour patch kid .

I had this recipe private for some time now just released for the developed summertime challenge all the flavors are easy to obtain for the beginner mixer .Water Malone is my choice for watermelon hands down its light and refreshing 😋.. tested on the Hadley rda with fused Clapton's ss 30watts..

This is the One-Shot recipe for the perfectly fresh, juicy, and sweet Water Malone

Pick up Water Malone here:
(USA) -- https://diyordie.link/watermalone-atf
(UK/EU) -- https://diyordie.link/watermalone-atf-uk

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Credit to @enyawreklaw. This is a recipe I created for my wife and it was possible because of the incredible one shot concentrate that is Water-Malone by DIYorDie. It is as it looks. A cool watermelon strawberry profile. She vapes it in the Uwell Nunchaku and she loves it. I occasionally mix up a batch for myself and omit the koolada. This is a SNV.

Summer all day any time using one of my favorite one shots..DIYORDIE Water malone🍉 added a few of my favorite creams 🍦 and to bump up the flavor a notch Purilum watermelon and some holy vanilla 🕊 toss in some nice coolness 🐧 and you get Soft Shapes.


This is a very simple, easy to mix, easy to understand, Watermelon Lemonade.

Made for article:
-> http://nolife.link/watermelon-lemonade


Water Malone from Liquid Barn's Tastemaker Collection. Mixed at the recommended 10%, I liked this quite a bit. I’d heard it was a super authentic juicy yet pulpy watermelon and I had to see for myself. It is that, it tastes like a bold yet realistic sweet fleshy watermelon - but doused with a bit of apple juice. There’s some apple flavor in there and I’m definitely picking that up, both overnight and after steeping for two weeks. It’s like biting into a huge hunk of watermelon... that someone had spilled a little apple juice on. So, natural watermelon with a slight apple off-note. Spilling apple juice on your watermelon is a bit of an odd thing to do, but as off-notes in watermelon flavors go, apple is not a bad one to to have! This solves a lot of the problems many other watermelon flavors have in that it’s realistic not candy and has body but isn’t dry. Very much like biting right into a crispy fresh cut slice of watermelon, except for that little apple taste. It’s refreshing and light like actual watermelon, but with a full fruity mouthfeel and serious depth to it and a lingering sweet watermelon finish. Awesome stuff. I was more interested in how this might work as an ingredient than in having a watermelon one-shot, though. So, I made a fun little recipe with it. What are you going to do with a watermelon that has a hint of apple? Make a Strap-On of course. Wound up dropping it down to 6% to make some room for other flavors while still retaining all of its qualities.

FA Red Touch At first I tried to be fancy and use FA Pazzo Jack - imagine, a recipe made from not one, but two things intended to be one-shots. That was abandoned as soon as the first batch turned out just a bit soapy. I went right back to the tried and true FA Strawberry from the original Strap-On. 3% didn't stand up as well to all that watermelon and apple but 4% does put the Str in Strap-On.

FA Fuji Tried enhancing Water Malone's apple off-note with CAP Double Apple at first but didn't care for the result. It was too much and rather than mess around with concentration levels of that, we're again back to the OG Strap-On's apple.

That's a very funny photoshop, but how does it taste?

It tastes like a well-balanced Strawberry-Apple-Watermelon fruit punch. Like something that you'd expect to find in a Capri Sun pouch. Delicious, sweet, juicy, refreshing. I don't recommend actually shake and vaping it because you might get some harshness from the Fuji, but it needs only an overnight steep to settle down and settle in.

Thanks, D. Keff for the photoshop work.

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