(DOD) Rhodonite

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This is the One-Shot for the insanely complex raspberry apple macaron recipe Rhodonite

Pick up Rhodonite here:
(US) -- https://diyordie.link/rhodonite-atf
(UK/EU) -- https://diyordie.link/rhodonite-atf-uk

Flavor & Recipe Development Notes:

Don't actually use Rhodonite... I'm using it as a stand in for Cherry Necessary by Zesty Vapes from ECX's Mixer Showcase collection.

Don't actually mix Funfetti and Rhodonite with Coconut and Toasted Marshmallow!

Or do, it would probably be delicious. But I'm using these two tasty one-shots to stand in for two ingredients that aren't in ATF's database: Sugar Cookie Fluff by Ckemist and If You Like Piña Coladas by yours truly, which are now available at ECX's Mixer's Showcase: http://www.ecigexpress.com/shop/diy-e-liquid/one-shot-concentrates/diy-mixer-s-showcase.html

Here's the actual recipe:

ECX Showcase Sugar Cookie Fluff 9.5%
ECX Showcase If You Like Piña Coladas 3%
FA Coconut 1%
TFA Toasted Marshmallow 0.75%

What you get is delicious piña colada cookies! Soft, chewy coconut-scented sugar cookies topped with a thick, fluffy frosting that has a hint of pineapple. Om nom nom. Shameless self-promotion never tasted so good.

If You Like Piña Coladas is a classic island cocktail with fresh pineapple juice, Jamaican rum, and Coco Lopez coconut cream.

Sugar Cookie Fluff is described as "sugar cookies layered with sweet cream and a hint of marshmallow fluff." I found it delivered on that description and kinda reminded me of a vanilla Moon Pie.

FA Coconut is like coconut flakes here, ups the coconut flavor without making the cookie soggy or weird, and TFA Toasted Marshmallow lends a toasty aspect to the coconut flakes while giving the frosting some more sweet, smooth richness.

Flavor Notes