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This is the One-Shot for the decadent and rich birthday cake, covered with sweet vanilla icing, topped with sprinkles recipe Funfetti OG

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Flavor & Recipe Development Notes:

Don't actually mix Funfetti and Rhodonite with Coconut and Toasted Marshmallow!

Or do, it would probably be delicious. But I'm using these two tasty one-shots to stand in for two ingredients that aren't in ATF's database: Sugar Cookie Fluff by Ckemist and If You Like Piña Coladas by yours truly, which are now available at ECX's Mixer's Showcase: http://www.ecigexpress.com/shop/diy-e-liquid/one-shot-concentrates/diy-mixer-s-showcase.html

Here's the actual recipe:

ECX Showcase Sugar Cookie Fluff 9.5%
ECX Showcase If You Like Piña Coladas 3%
FA Coconut 1%
TFA Toasted Marshmallow 0.75%

What you get is delicious piña colada cookies! Soft, chewy coconut-scented sugar cookies topped with a thick, fluffy frosting that has a hint of pineapple. Om nom nom. Shameless self-promotion never tasted so good.

If You Like Piña Coladas is a classic island cocktail with fresh pineapple juice, Jamaican rum, and Coco Lopez coconut cream.

Sugar Cookie Fluff is described as "sugar cookies layered with sweet cream and a hint of marshmallow fluff." I found it delivered on that description and kinda reminded me of a vanilla Moon Pie.

FA Coconut is like coconut flakes here, ups the coconut flavor without making the cookie soggy or weird, and TFA Toasted Marshmallow lends a toasty aspect to the coconut flakes while giving the frosting some more sweet, smooth richness.

Flavor Notes