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(DFS) Banana Cream

By: DIY Flavor Shack (DFS) - Buy Direct

Used in 9 recipes at an average of 2.167%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This Recipe has a very nice banana cream taste on the inhale and that crisp apple taste on the exhale. The strawberries really make this re pie pop combined together. Then the watermelon and peach meld the recipe together, giving you a mouthful of flavor that will Have you licking your lips, and cumming back for more and more while making you smile all day long.
Recipe taste great as a Shake and Vape. Give it 5 days steep time and the flavors come together making this recipe outstanding.

So I was messing around with some flavors and came up with this. Wow does this taste so good right off the get go.
The FW Green apple brings a nice tart to the mix. Add in the cloud nine which also has some tart but also a very nice sweetness. Then I wanted this recipe to have some more fruit notes to it so I added some strawberry ripe which is my favorite strawberry, and then some strawberry sweet. Next I wanted to add some white peach as this flavor smells amazing and at .5% it adds a nice peach flavor without completly overpowering the mix. Then I added DFS Banana Cream this flavor is so good and so creamy. I love custards so much that I thought with this fruit blend that FA Custard would be perfect. It has a great custard flavor with a nice lemon back note to it to really make it stand out. Then I added to me the heavenly Shisha vanilla. It's adds such a magical sweet finish to this recipe making it truly blissful. When I think of My version of bliss it's sitting on a tropical island sipping on a nice ilsland drink. Hence the name Blissful Dreams. To me this mix is just that a dream in a bottle where I can escape reality and live in my own paradise.

Key lime Cheescake with Carmel, Graham Cracker and a light creamy banana Finish. Taste great as Shake and Vape. Theses flavor together make this recipe just Awesome. Taste very good the marshmellow gives this a nice a fluffy taste while the caramel add something different to a cheesecake that really makes the flavor burst into yumminy goodness. This flavor is absolute perfection. Recommend at least 2-3 days steep to really meld the Flavors together with this cheesecake.

A very nice sour watermelon and strawberry banana smoothie with a kick of that from the Mango and pomegranate. Great as a Shake and Vape.

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