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(DF) Whipped Cream

By: Delosi (DF) - Buy Direct

Used in 8 recipes at an average of 1.313%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Tropical yogurt base with passionfruit accent. Whipped cream added for smoothness and body. Needs to steep a few days for the yogurt to mellow.

Ice cream with caramel layers and chunks of gingerbread. Topped with whipped cream. You can sub the whipped cream for a brand you have, the rest are necessary as they are listed

Lightly floral acai cheesecake with whipped cream. (you can sub Delosi whipped cream with a brand of your choosing)

Blueberry custard, pretty simple. I used the Delosi flavors because I wanted to see how they were and I heard DF cake batter is fantastic. I also used the WF blueberry Jam because it's new.

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