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(DF) Mango

By: Delosi (DF) - Buy Direct

Used in 36 recipes at an average of 4.655%.


8 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A light and flavorful all day vape that is delicious off the shake but even better with a 5 day steep. Mix it up and enjoy

I know, I know "dam bro that's a lot of flavors"
Now that I have said that for you, each one plays an essential role in the glory of this recipe. I created the Mango base with FLV Apricot, Mango, Cantaloupe and DF Mango. Then used it to replace the Strawberries in Wayne's final version of his Boosted remix. After tweaking the percentages I balanced it out perfectly and with a 7 day steep she is delicious. Just mix the shit and enjoy. Thanks KRUCIAL.

This is a fruity cereal vape combining Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks with a couple other fruits and sweet cream to hopefully act as the milk since that’s the closest thing I have to it right now I think. Again please let me know what you think

Attempting to make a sweet tropical fruit 🥭 candy flavor. Let me know what you think

Experimenting with some of my new flavors. Not sure if these percentages are right yet. Let me know what you think

This is very close to the Arizona Mucho Mago. I tried using z bunch if different mangos and none of them sell that almost kool-aid like mango the way that delish does is it for sure my favorite mango and its possible that it might be my favorite concentrate overall and the combo of this and vape trains pineapple juice an that little bit of inw shisha orange is crazy good and spot on accurate go the Arizona mucho mango.

"Shared recipes require a description of at least 10 words." is exactly ten words.

That's crazy ironic.


This is a super syrupy, sweet, and vivid Mango flavor.
Think of "Mango Man" on the shelf of your local vape store, this is probably what it would taste like.

Made on "Live Mixing: Mango Man"

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