(DF) Huckleberry

By: Delosi (DF) - Buy Direct

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A smooth Fruity after dinner drink vape with a hint of peppermint, the Flavor monk G&T sets in nicely with this mix, i incorporated two watermelons to round this recipe out..i truly enjoyed this recipe and working with the FlavorMonks brand finally .... what im feeling with it :

The FlavorMonks Gin and Tonic on hand check and smell: it taste very much like a Gin and Tonic esp the gin , this is probably the lightest of the set of gins from FlavorMonks...
in this mix it sits on the exhale allowing the fruit to come thru on the inhale, the Cap Cool Mint is there in the middle floating around ..
the Huckleberry and Watermelon combo complemented each other well in this mix they sit side by side and give this unlikely fruit medley a great taste, the mix is not overly sweet and is a very pleasant and enjoyable even with the addition of the FLV Sweetness. 3 to 5 days steep or more upto you....

I was bored today and decided to dig through my box of flavors and see what I could throw together. I had so many different strawberry and banana flavors that I had ordered during sales and tossed in the flavor box but none were sounding appetizing. Once I found the Delosi huckleberry I knew what to do. Surely I couldn't go wrong with some SA Doughnut AKA Beignet, some custard, french vanilla and a fruit. But based on the notes I had read for SA Doughnuts and RF Deep Fried Twinkie I knew the two had to meet. The SA Doughnut and the RF Deep Fried Twinkie give me that greasy doughy sweet dense doughnut flavor and texture I love so much. The TPA Vanilla Custard (my CAP VC1 is still packed away somewhere) and CAP French Vanilla create the creme filling and the Delosi Huckleberry give it a nice sweet huckleberry note that is just delightful. Surprisingly great as a shake and vape and will only improve with at least 5 days of steeping.

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