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Violet Blueberry meringue top layer, lemon layer underneath. Whipped cream and marshmallow to add to meringue. Slightly floral because of the Parma Violet so you can omit if you do not have or like but it does give it a unique flavor

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"LOCO UNICORN - Cocktail Recipe"

Taking a look at the picture of this lovely looking cup of magic, I knew I had to see if I could do this.
Immediately I begin thumping the flavors that come immediately into mind on ELR. WF Strawberry Gummy, MB Blue Rock Candy, Flavorah Vanilla Marshmallow............

(insert cartoon skid sound effect here)

Hang on a minute, this is a legit cocktail recipe?
Based around this cocktail 🍹

I began research like a wide eyed unicorn does and realize this is far more complex than I thought this was going to be at first, gulp 😲.

This is based around Captain Morgan LocoNut which is made with Caribbean rum and coconut liqueur. Then I see that there is Curaçao which is a blue colored liqueur flavored with the dried peel of the bitter orange laraha. The mind thinks omg I don't even know how to pronounce this, but I need to get down to the liqueur shop and try this.

I thought better than to rush on down to the shops then come home and get plastered on this, as it would only cloud my brain even more.
Rather, I took the route of doing some "hangover free" online flavor research.

With that and a few other fancy sparkles popping off in my head I got to work and mixed the following recipe that I think could be not only my most unique work, but technically my best yet in 4 years of mixing.

While I understand that not everyone will have the flavors here, I highly recommend in getting them all. From a technical aspect there are no subs. Each ingredient here is spectacularly balanced to create what I think here is magical✨.

  • The DV Parma Violet is magical and really brings the sparkles here.
  • The Euro flavors Blue Raspberry is the most rounded, smooth and full flavored version on the market right now in my opinion.
  • The Molinberry Pineapple Lassi has essential notes of flavor that totally fit here.
  • The base milk of OOO Coconut Milk & WF Coconut Rum is linear and is essential to the body of this profile.
  • The SSM Orange Liqueur brings a level of mild complexity yet authentic notes to help emulate the Curaçao liqueur.
  • OOO Powdered Sugar helps to give that fine dusting of magical sweetness overall.

And just like that BOOM !!! ✨🌈🦄
There are unicorn Sparkles off the shake!
A day later I taste again and the rich body of flavor with all the sparkles around the edges are still present. Most of the experience is on the exhale and the lingering notes left on the palette after going on a magical journey through a few clouds is just lovely.
The rum notes are definitely present, not to heavy or not to light. They balance and play well in with the blend of the Blue raspberry and Pineapple Lassi.

This has been a fun mix to create!
I hope you enjoy mixing this as much as I have enjoyed this creative process. Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

Simply mix and enjoy off the shake but allow 3 days for best results!

I enjoy this at 60W on a Single 0.2ohm SST coil on a Recurve RDA.

Seriously if you like a solid recipe that works give it a go!

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

Make your Magic Happen! ✨💖

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Week 9 - The Year of Mixing Challenge on Flavor-Pro's FB Group.

This is a remixed version of a floral fruity tea I had been making for a friend of mine some years ago, but some of the flavors I had used are no longer in production or I've found better flavors since then. So this new version of this tea utilizes a large amount of flavors at very low amounts each. This recipe isn't going to be for everyone, really it's only for us weirdos who like this type of flavor, like me and Kopel. If you are feeling daring and have all of these flavors give it a mix. If you have no idea if you like floral flavors, this could be a bit much of a recipe to get all the flavors for and not know if you like florals.

You can add a touch of sweetener to this if you want to, I personally don't sweeten it beyond the flavorings that are in there. But if I were going to sweeten it I would go rather low with it so it doesn't turn into candy.

Yes you can shake and vape this, but it will be lacking in notes that take longer to steep. I say give this a minimum of 14 days to steep, 21 will have even more of the tea flavors coming through the fruit and the floral notes continue to calm down until it's steep for a full month.

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