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(CC) Salted Caramel

By: Chef's Choice (CC) - Buy Direct

Used in 18 recipes at an average of 3.117%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

I was hoping to get this done with just one concentrate but taking the hard cracked toffee too high resulted in too much coffee, I tried FW salted caramel and it was too rough by the time I got it high enough for the same caramel taste so I chose chefs choice/CCW and it worked out perfectly, there was a slight fresh cream/milk note in the original so I added 1% fresh cream. The 1st revision I made had 2% super sweet in it but the sweetness was at the front and in the original it came after the coffee/caramel so I reduced the super sweet to 0.75 and added the marshmallow which seems to layer the sweetener in the same way as the original does. This is 95% there if I fucked with the %’s a bit more I could get it 100% but it would be fiddly and so much of this clone/remix game comes down to perception and you can’t please everyone but I’m happy enough to put it out there and say “can you do better?” :)

I know there is probably some difference in concentrates between the original and the remix but it’s that close why be picky 😆

So the first thing you should know that this was my brothers recipe and I think that it's one of the best apple pie recipe I have ever vap I posted this because this is what Help me stop smoking...ps if you're wondering if passed away

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